Onra – Second Chance

Looks like Monsieur Onra is giving away an outtake from his Deep In The Night EP released on Fool’s Gold last summer. You can download this “unreleased r’n’b shit” from his SoundCloud page, always a good source for one or the other treat.

Daedelus – Live & Interview

Only a couple of days ago I featured One O’Clock’s interview with James Pants, today they posted a new one with LA’s Daedelus.

He talks about performing live, his new Archimedes audio-visual show, and running a label.

If you have the time, take a moment and check out other features by NWMA/One O’Clock on Vimeo. They are more interview sessions like the one above with Kelpe, Anti Pop Consortium or Slugabed, and live material of Taylor McFerrin or Actress.

James Pants Live & Interview

French website One O’Clock posted this video interview with James Pants, spiced up with snippets from his concert at Paris’ Trabendo. As you should know, James is a magnificent guy so watching this is a must.

(via Green Tea Session)

Dimlite & Julian Sartorius – Live at New Morning

Back in September 2011, Parisians Sonotown invited Dimlite alongside drummer Julian Sartorious to play at the city’s New Morning club.

In the clip above you hear them playing New, Better Pain (free download!) and No Lights Still Rock.

One O’clock interviews Gaslamp Killer

Nice video interview with The Gaslamp Killer, I especially liked the part when he talk about meeting Flying Lotus for the first time at an MF Doom show in LA.

He also talks about how he got the name Gaslamp Killer (you might’ve heard this before) and his love for hip hop music.

Flying Lotus at Warp20

Apart from the previously mentioned box-set, Warp Records is celebrating its 20th anniversary in a handful of cities around the globe. The first stop was made in the French capital back in May. Here is some official footage from the Flying Lotus gig at Cité de la Musique.

Four months later, another Warp20 party took place at Terminal 5 in New York City, here’s another video from the night.

For more footage, please visit Warp’s mini-website on Babelgum, where you also have the chance to buy tickets for the remaining events in London, Berlin and Tokyo.

VERSUS at Cité de la Musique

When I wrote Carl Craig presents Tribe, I remembered another of his performances in Paris together with Les Siècles orchestra and pianist Francesco Tristano. Together they performed some of Carl Craig’s classics at Cité de la Musique.

This all took place around the time when Craig put out the Recomposed album with Moritz von Oswald (who plays a small part in this). Here’s the full video-recording from the evening.

Luckily, I also came across this audio-recording of the concert. For those who want to listen to it on their stereo, iPod or whatever you prefer.

CEO Carl Craig outlines his vision…

The arrival of the 69 box-set and the Carl Craig presents TRIBE concert got me listening to a lot of classic Planet E material. I didn’t know the label had a page on Vimeo, so here are some videos I found.

This video is a joke, of course. It was filmed after Planet E signed a deal with distributor Caroline. Carl Craig outlines his visions of how to take over the world and you get to see footage of Detroit with music from the label playing in the background. Makes me wonder how Carl managed not to laugh once in this!

Another video captures moments of his performance at Centre Pompidou in Paris. Carl was supported by Wendell Harrison of Tribe (saxophone & clarinet), Mad Mike of Underground Resistance (keyboards) and Kelvin Sholar (keyboards). Two tracks from that recording are available on 12-inch through Planet E.

Carl Craig presents Tribe at Jazz à la Villette

It’s been a while since I have written about Carl Craig and Tribe, but only today I stumbled across this video on the lovely Beyondjazz blog.

This concert was recorded a couple of days ago at Jazz à la Villette in Paris. The band on stage: Marcus Belgrave (trumpet), Doug Hammond (saxophone, clarinet), Phil Ranelin (trombone), Kelvin Sholar (piano), Damon Warmack (bass), Jamel Brown (percussion), Wendell Harrison (saxophone, clarinet) and Carl Craig (knobs).

Tribe’s new album Rebirth, which was produced by Carl Craig, is already available on iTunes. A physical release will follow on October 6th on the Planet E sublabel Community Projects.

Sept 16, 2009 Guess what, I just stumbled across a recording of the concert!