Parra: Short for Paranoid…

Chris Read made this mini-documentary on Parra, Amsterdam’s most famous street artist, who you might know for his crazy shirts, his artwork for Rednose Distrikt and Stones Throw or the books we’ve mentioned here and there.

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Slept on Mixtapes

One of the good things about every year’s best-of-mania is that you can actually find some stuff you slept on before. In my case these were a couple of mixtapes I’d like to share with you.

From the head of Aus Music comes a nice selection of house music, the 80 minutes long Within Matter Mix by Will Saul (just in case: alternate link).

And from there it’s not far to Scuba‘s guestmix for Brazilian platform Tranquera. A bit of house and techno, some dubstep and everything in between.

Dutch artist Parra is doing some mixes every now and then, always a bit different from what we usually write about, but never disappointing – like his latest for Red Light Radio.

The last one isn’t exactly something I slept on, but I haven’t mentioned it either. Put together by Breakbot for all you lovers out there: Valentine Mix for Dazed Digital.

Parra – a book full of it

Book Cover

A year after The Of Best Book came out, Parra returns with an all new publication.

For those unfamiliar with his work, Parra is an Amsterdam-based artist best known for his hand-drawn typography, his awkward character creations and his unique humour. Apart from running the clothing label Rockwell, he designed an exclusive collection for LA’s Stones Throw label.

The new book showcases some of his work on 80 pages and can now be ordered from the Rockwell shop.

Weekly Bits 12/2009

We’ve already been blessed with quite some mixtapes this week, but there are some more to follow in this post.

What is good music? This website of the same name compiled tracks from Daz-I-Kue, Rich Medina, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Peven Everett, Erik Rico, King Britt and many others on their Spring Sampler 2009. What makes this one special is that it allows  you  not only to listen to the tracks online, but also to download all of them for free in MP3 format.

My favourite podcast this week came from Robotronic Radio. The show is called The Depot and in their eighth edition they not only feature Dorian Concept (including an interview), but also play a nice selection of electronic music from wonky hip hop to dubstep.

Which brings me to the more prominent Deviation show on BBC Radio 1, which also featured Dorian Concept. Benji talks with Dorian about his album When Planets Explode, his live performances and future plans. You can listen to that on the BBC iPlayer for the next couple of days or with some luck you can find a download of the show.

I know there are quite some Parra fans out there. For owners of an iPhone, there’s a free app called Parra Plays. That’s a collection of three casual games (including Memorize and a Simon clone) featuring Parra‘s artwork.

From Ben Westbeech comes this house mixtape, which he has posted via Twitter.  So did Alex Phountzi of Bugz in the Attic with the Greenmoney Showcase, a mix that’s  more on the broken tip.

Flage Tits Mixtape from Parra Soundsystem

As a follow-up to the previous article about Parra, I want to mention the Flage Tits Mixtape from the Parra Soundsystem.


Parra Soundsystem are Parra, Mr.Wix, Tom Trago, MC Lyrical Tie and Gee. Their mixtape has been available since December already, but I only discovered it during research for my previous article. It features an obscure selection of music, old and new, including languages I never heard before.

Also, there’s this video about Parra, his drawings, his shirts, his music. If you like it, make sure to check out the other videos from Arkitip.

Parra – The Of Best Book

Amsterdam’s Parra is known for his unique illustrations, especially his use of color and typography. You have most likely seen his t-shirts for Rockwell and Stones Throw, his cover designs for Rednose Distrikt, or maybe his skateboards.

The Of Best Book

An underground star in Amsterdam where kids search the streets to tear down his club posters, Parra’s work is treasured by a generation of design fanatics. Living with his painter/sculptor father, he grew up surrounded by colours, oil paint, wood, weird looking pictures & Rubenesque paintings. Almost entirely self taught, Parra’s minimal colour palette, beautiful hand-drawn typography & esoteric character creation are reminiscent of screen printed poster designs of the 1960s & ’70s. –

Well, there is now a small book available with some of his best designs, you can pre-order your copy at Turntable Lab.

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Update Streetwear Today has an interview with Parra in their last issue of 2008!