Weekend Mixtapes

There are some classic MoMA PS1 mixes that I still listen to every no and then, like those by Prefuse 73 or FaltyDL. The latest edition comes from London’s Om Unit and it has all it takes to become another classic.

As warm-up for this year’s Dimensions Festival, Aus Music’s Midland has done a mix for the XLR8R Podcast.

Following his brilliant mixtape for our own podcast, London’s K15 has come up with a new one. On X/O he once again proves his knowledge across genres – recommended download!

Restless Soul’s Phil Asher plays house and techno classics made in the city of Detroit.

I said it before and you probably know by now: Boiler Roomis always worth a visit, but I’d like to highlight Shlohmo‘s DJ mix from the LA edition some weeks back.

And lastly, an insane 12-hour mixtape I came across via Gilles Peterson‘s blog: Black Classical takes us on a journey through 57 years of Spiritual Jazz. No typo – 12 hours!

Weekly Bits 41/2011

As John Cale is about to release a new album on Domino, he talked to The Quietus about Stockhausen, Velvet Underground, Warhol and the present day.

In all quietness, I’ve added the second part of Erykah Badu‘s Out My Mind Movement video to the original post. Thought I’d let you know!

The King Midas Sound mix for FACT Magazine is one of those that stayed on my iPod since it came out two years ago. Glad they are back with a new one for Dummy Mag.

More recommended mixtapes are Mixmag’s Mix of the Week by Brighton based Greymatter, and Throwing Snow‘s exclusive mix for Dazed Digital.

I’ve kept my favourite finding to end this post: Mikuś Musik uploaded some truly classic radioshows, all of them aired around the year 2000. These include 4hero sitting in for Gilles Peterson, Phil Asher talking to Dominic Jacobson about the first Modaji LP (!), and shows from IG Culture, Patrick Forge and Kirk Degiorgio. You need each and every one of these shows!

Gilles Peterson Podcast with Phil Asher

I’ve decided against writing a review of the Phlash & Friends album, basically because I wouldn’t know how to do it. It’s what everybody would expect a house album from Phil Asher would sound like, and I mean this in a good sense. So, while most of you might have got a copy of it, here’s another chance to listen to somef of the tracks.


Following the radio session with Benji B on the BBC, Gilles Peterson met with Phil in his Brownswood Basement to record his latest podcast. But even if you have heard all of the music before, the interesting side of this are certainly the interview sections. Recommended!

Weekly Bits 7/2009

From now on I’m going to summarize some of the news that I did not cover in a full article. These weekly bits might not be a regular thing, but should be posted on weekends. So, let’s start with week 7 of 2009.

Orin Walters from Bugz in the Attic, otherwise known as Afronaught, did an interview for souledup.com. It’s a good read, focusing on the beginnings of his music production, the Co-Op parties and the current state of the West London scene.

The latest show of Deviation had special guest Phil Asher talking about the Phlash & Friends album. You can still listen to the show on the BBC iPlayer for the next couple of days, or grab the full show (or just the Phil Asher part) for your iPod.

Also, the launch party for the album will take place next Wednesday at London’s East Village. The night features singers Zansika, Shea Soul and Sandra Nkake, DJs include Zed Bias, Bopstar and Afronaught, the entry is free! If you need a taste, why don’t you rewind this video.

Phlash & Friends Instore Session

Here is a little snippet from the Phlash & Friends session, which took place two days ago at the BM Soho record store. Phil Asher on the decks with vocal support by Shea Soul, one of the singers on the album.

Feb 9, 2009 If you have been here yesterday, let me tell you that I replaced the first video with this new one! It features Shea singing the tracks Time (album only) and Runnin.

Phlash & Friends – Deep Electronic Sound

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

The much anticipated new album from Phil Asher can now be ordered from Juno, the CD version that is. First reviews have been spotted on souledup.com and Basic Soul, where you can also read an in-depth interview with Phil.01. Deep Electronic Sound
02. Do It Up (feat. Om’Mas)
03. Excitation (feat. Sandra Nkake)
04. Look at what you’ve done (feat. Fyza)
05. Minefield
06. Minotaur (feat. Rich Medina)
07. Jungle Orchidz (feat. Alma Horton)
08. Runnin’ (feat. Shea Soul)
09. Time (feat. Shea Soul)
10. Think About It (feat. Zansika)
There will be a release party taking place at London’s East Village on February 18th. The event not only features DJs Benji B, Afronaught or Zed Bias, but also singers Sandra Nkake, Shea Soul and Zansika (all featured on the album).

Update Phlash & Friends are playing live in-store at BM Soho tomorrow!

Feb 7, 2009 There’s also a Phlash & Friends mixtape for download (via Creaminal)

Dec 2, 2009 Deep Electronic Sound is now available on vinyl, but only in very limited quantities

Phlash & Friends album in February

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

More details about Phlash & Friends, the upcoming album project from Restless Soul‘s Phil Asher. Besides the name Deep Electronic Sound and the cover artwork, here is also a first look at the tracklist.01. Deep Electronic Sound
02. Do It Up (feat. Om’Mas)
03. Excitation (feat. Sandra Nkake)
04. Look at what you’ve done (feat. Fyza)*
05. Minefield
06. Minotaur (feat. Rich Medina)*
07. Jungle Orchidz (feat. Alma Horton)
08. Runnin’ (feat. Shea Soul)*
09. Time (feat. Shea Soul)
10. Think About It (feat. Zansika)

* remixed version, not appearing on the actual LP

The album is expected to be released in early February on Italian label Archive. It will only be available on CD and as digital download, the latter featuring five additional tracks, probably remixes from the already available 12-inches.

Update: Rush Hour has snippets and more info on the album

Snippets from the Phlash & Friends LP

Restless Soul’s Phil Asher has posted a video with snippets from his upcoming longplayer on Archive records. All the tracks are presented on a video of photographic footage from Phlash’s harddrive.