Black Quartz Mixtape #004

The fourth trip comes from DJ Fabio Bianco, who plays a part at Vienna based tape label Goldgelb Records. Tearing at the edges of jazz, funk, new wave, minimal, you’ll get one hour of dub in all its facets! An exclusive track from Goldgelb initiator Akrüül is hidden in the last third of the mix.

As always, download for subscribers only!

Black Quartz Mixtape #003

Abby Lee Tee is a DJ, producer, sound artist, and one of the leading figures in Linz, Austria’s nightlife, where he’s in charge of a monthly club night called “The Future Sound”. Today he shares with us a one hour mix of an amazing 43 pieces, on which he shows his love for soundscapes, field recordings, beats, experimental & electronic music.

Recently, he worked on a tape of field recordings, titled “Imaginery Friends I“, available through UK based label Czaska Records in early December.01. Fred Jüssi – Black Woodpecker
02. Serb – Moat Shore
03. Meitei – Sankai
04. Ricci Rucker & Mike Boo – Cosmophonicphonofunktopolis
05. Sonia Levy – Skjálfandi
06. Carlo Giustini – Eden
07. Dym Quell Holo – Hand With One Mind
08. Gibraltar – Jejunum Two
09. Ogris Debris – Next Life (The Reboot Joy Confession´s Blodge Remake)
10. Dabrye & MF Doom – Air (fLako & Robot Koch Remix)
11. Medaphoar – Nightlife (instrumental)
12. Alain Goraguer – Le Bracelet
13. D-Styles – The Murder Faktory
14. Antiehdas – Whatever (feat. Coco Bechamel)
15. Misel Quitno – Seams Of The Days (Part Three)
16. Sandra Boss – Luft (A1)
17. Red Brut – Garde
18. The East Flatbush Project – Tried By 12 (instrumental)
19. Abby Lee Tee – Simulacrum VI
20. Pete Rock – Collectors Item (instrumental)
21. Nas – The World Is Yours (edit)
22. The Ahmad Jamal Trio – I Love Music
23. Fred Jüssi – Tengmalms Owl
24. D-Styles – Hamburgers & Chocolate Icecream
25. Ricci Rucker & Mike Boo – Listen (feat. D-Styles)
26. Prefuse 73 – Hairy Faces
27. Dj Excess – Mud Bubbles (Abby´s Scratch Break)
28. Dorian Concept – You Give And Give
29. Ricci Rucker & Mike Boo – Homeless In New York
30. Alain Goraguer – Meditation Des Enfants
31. Σ – Struktur III
32. Maria W Horn – Fides Minus
33. Grouphums – Weathered (Side B)
34. X.Y.R. – Purple Sunset
35. K-lone – Clouds
36. Bambooman – Manatee
37. Bambooman – Ricochet (Matthew Herbert Remix)
38. Pascäal – Windows / Doorways
39. Serb – 334th Hurdle
40. Gibraltar – Jejunum Two
41. Meitei – Tsukumo
42. Abby Lee Tee – Quarreling Coots And Booming Bitterns At Avalon Marshes (reimagined)
43. Olivia Block – Dissolution (A2)

As always, download for subscribers only!

Gilles Peterson chats with Goldie

Following the year that marked the 20th anniversary of Goldie’s debut Timeless (Spotify) and in the wake of new material ahead, Gilles Peterson sits down with the Metalheadz founder to chat about past, present and future. The interview starts exploring the early musical influences, before heading over to more interesting topics such as meeting (and learning from) Marc Mac and Dego, his thoughts on producers such as Flying Lotus or Burial, the differences between the drum & bass and the broken beat scene, and –inevitably– the making of “Timeless” and the orchestral reinterpretation by the Heritage Orchestra last summer (see video below!) Over two hours of talk and music, leaving you with the wish for more!

Volume 20 – mixed by Abby Lee Tee

For the most observant of our long-time readers the name Abby Lee Tee might ring a bell. The Austrian producer hailing from the city of Linz has been making beats for a couple of years and most recently released an album title “By accident” with guest spots by Mieux, Affine-signed Wandl and Ritornell-collaborator Mimu Merz. What follows is an interview with the man, spiced up with snippets from his new record and lastly his guestmix.

First of all, can you start by introducing yourself?

I’m a musician (producer & DJ) living in Linz, a tiny town in Austria, despite being the country’s third-biggest city. Beside any kind of sound, records and odd instruments, I’m also in love with silence, visual arts, books, my cats & otters.

I always like to ask about two key moments: do you remember the first time that you responded to music and when was it clear to get involved in makingmusic?

One of my first memories concerning music is my mum listening to Santana’s Black Magic Woman. Also, my older brother used to listen to some nice jazz records back then. Later on I got in touch with hip hop, mainly through skateboarding, radio and music television. Soon after I bought my first turntables and became part of the hip hop group Hinterland, leading from there to music production and a growing interest in other genres.

Tell us about an ordinary day in your hometown, Linz. What’s the city like?

As it’s not the biggest city (about 200k inhabitants), there’s not too much distraction, which makes it a good place to work for me. But for it’s size, Linz also got a remarkably big (independent) art scene, nearly everyone knows each other after some years of living here and you see a lot of different people (from different genres) collaborating with each other. While you can enjoy the river Danube’s beaches and the woods just minutes away from the centre, it’s also only a short hop of a bit more than an hour by train to vienna. And I still find interesting music at the local (second-hand) record stores.

You run a night called “the future sound”, how did this come up and who’s playing at your parties?

Starting point was a night called “The Future Sound of Vienna” in 2010 with Dorian Concept. After that my friend F!no and I teamed up to continue cultivating this kind of sound with a monthly club night, which we’ve been doing for more than 5 years now, hosting artists such as Prefuse 73, Dimlite, Jeremy Ellis, Shigeto, Nosaj Thing, Floating Points, Flako and Julian Sartorius.

Your album “by accident” was just released. Tell us about the process and what it’s about.

While working on the album for the last 1.5 years I bought and tried to work with a lot of acoustic instruments. Besides, I’ve always been into field recordings. After using at least a couple of samples back in the days, I’m now completely stuck into using my own sounds only. The title “by accident” also refers to the more or less randomly layered field recordings, building the foundation of most of the tracks. Also, I’m pretty happy about the lovely collaborations with Wandl, Mimu, Mieux and GC (the latter being responsible for mix and mastering), plus the perfectly fitting visual concept (artwork, video, A/V-show) by System Jaquelinde!

And what’s next in music, is there any new work coming up?

Besides gigs and guestmixes, I’m back into making remixes , but really looking forward to use all the sounds I recorded during the last months preparing the release. And there’s a “by accident” remix-album in the making.

Lastly, tell us about the mix you recorded.

It’s a pretty wild mixture of stuff which inspired me while producing “by accident”, focusing on the more ambient and weird kind of records.

Subscribe (iTunes)01. Julian Sartorius – Tscholi
02. Kutin / Kindlinger / Kubisch / Godoy – Introspection
03. Sun Ra – Atlantis
04. Brainticket – Era Of Technology
05. Shaolin Afronauts – Abyssinian Suite Part 1
06. Slow Riffs – Gong Bath
07. Jar Moff – Commercial Mouth
08. Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin – Instrumental Tourist
09. Toju Kae – Buscheli
10. Mischmeister M – My Brain Is Mashed Eggs
11. Julian Sartorius – Huli
12. Abby Lee Tee – Efeu
13. LV – Quick Return
14. Holden – Self-playing Schmaltz
15. Flako – Gone (reprise)
16. White Noise – Love Without Sound
17. Dimlite – Zoo In Fluttering Red Pt. 1
18. Tim Hecker – Amps, Drugs, Harmonium
19. LV – Carillon
20. Ages – Chances (Abby Lee Tee Remix)
21. Zanshin – Esmeralda The Swift
22. Downliners Sekt – Hors Phase
23. Rolf Liebermann – Les Echanges
24. E.S.T. – Contorted
25. Sculpture – Unhitch Your Program
26. Soft Machine – Out-bloody-rageous
27. Fred Jüssi – Lahemaa Lindude Hääli
28. David Fanshawe – Tarka The Otter O.S.T.
29. Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo – Untitled (Afrojazz)
30. Stereokonzert Der Vogelstimmen – ?
31. Alfred Klapper – Hirschbrunft
32. Dimlite – Stromausfall (interlude)
33. Electric Egypt – Kundalini
34. Prefuse 73 – The Last

You can stream the full Abby Lee Tee album on his Bandcamp page, find more of his music on SoundCloud, and if you want to stay up-to-date, follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

Resident Advisor Podcast by Anthony Naples

RA.455 Anthony Naples

Anthony released his debut album Body Pill this week, a record I haven’t listened to enough to make up my mind yet. What I did enjoy tremendously is his guestmix for the Resident Advisor podcast series. Music from Led Zeppelin, Tim Hecker, Terry Riley, into a proper selection of house and techno.

Press play and read the interview on the RA website, where you can also grab the download.

Weekend Mixtapes #47

New York’s FaltyDL is about to release his second album on Ninja Tune in less than a month. As always, this goes hand in hand with a promo mixtape like the one above.

Detroit’s Kyle Hall last record came out on Hyperdub, but his 30-minute long Wavey Baby mix was probably made just for fun.

This week’s Solid Steel show has two exciting guest mixers, the first half was put together by one of my favourite producers last year, Keysound’s Logos. It almost feels like Cologne’s Damiano von Erckert puts out mixes on a weekly basis, and so the second half of the show belongs to him.

Let’s end this week’s selection with two mixes broadcasted on LA’s Dublab radio. Tom Chasteen put together an hour long Scientist Tribute Mix, and John Tejada plays a special live hardware set.

Weekend Mixtapes #41

I started this post on November 21st, but never got around to publish it. It has grown in numbers of mixes since then and just would like to get this out quickly, before I forget (or the mixes go offline!)

Welcome to the Room #38 /w Funkineven
Congenial Blue Mix by Larry Gus
Spectral Sounds Vol. 003 by Lay Far
Vondelife by Vondelpark
Our World by Nicolas Jaar (a tribute to John Lennon)
The Trilogy Tapes on NTS Live 12.12.13
The Do!! You!!! Breakfast Show /w Floating Points
Hessle Audio Best of 2013 part 1 (direct link!)

Also, let’s not forget our last podcast, available for stream and download!

Volume 18 – mixed by biblo

It’s been a while since our last podcast, but the connection between this and the previous one are tighter than the 9 months gap might suggest. We stay in Turkey and we’re happy to have another female guestmixer: Istanbul-based producer, DJ and radio programmer biblo.

Having been in love with music for as long as she remembers, biblo started playing in several bands before turning towards solo production. Now in her seventh year as biblo, she can look back at a RBMA participation and three albums released on several labels. I first stumbled across her music through Brazilian producer Pazes, before picking up her last record Moved–a record that gets better the more it wears out, as the crackles are a complement to her eerie sounds.

A new album is set for a release in early 2014, followed by several remixes for befriended producers, and–hopefully—a collaborative album with ambient producer Wolf Maps.

Asked about her podcast, biblo calls it an “organically evolving mix which can be listened and enjoyed while working, sleeping, travelling, reading, mourning and making love. For all those quiet but condensed, focused moments in life.”

Download | Subscribe (iTunes)

01. John Coltrane – Psalm
02. Slow Walkers – Precession
03. Ricardo Donoso – Reflection & Rotation
04. Roll the Dice – Calling All Workers
05. Oneohtrix Point Never – He She
06. [ B O L T ] – Song 2 (biblo Remix)
07. Huerco S – ‘Iińzhiid
08. JK Flesh / Prurient – I Understand You
09. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Roam the Milky Way (feat. Ekin Fil)
10. Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom – Rise
11. Roly Porter – Giant
12. Pyramids/Horseback – A Throne Without a King pt. 2

You can find biblo in all corners of her internet, I’d start by checking out her SoundCloud and Bandcamp profiles, needless to say she also has a Facebook page. You can tune into her radio show every Sunday on 12.00 EEST (GMT+2) or listen to previous shows on Mixcloud. And lastly: If you enjoyed the mix above, make sure to check out her contributions for RBMA Radio as well!

FACT Mix by Mark Pritchard

We have mentioned several mixtape with an early jungle vibe in our last Weekend Mixtapes, now extraordinary producer Mark Pritchard makes his own addition by looking back at his influences from the early nineties.

01. Public Enemy – Countdown To Armageddon
02. Hijack – Hold No Hostage
03. Silver Bullet – 20 Seconds To Comply
04. Hardnoise – Untitled
05. Think Tank – Hack One
06. Success N Effect – Bass Kickin’ Beats – (Lukeedit)
07. Frankie Bones – Janets Revenge
08. DJ Mink – Can U Relate
09. Renegade Soundwave – Phantom
10. Unique 3 – The Theme
11. Yage – Coda Coma
12. Underkut – Both Ends
13. 4 Hero – Mr Kirks Nightmare
14. 2 Kilo’s – Mohamed’s Mind
15. Genaside 2 – Death of The Kamikazee
16. Pal Joey – Dance Beats
17. Ital Rockers – Ital’s Anthem (Trebledown-Bassup Mix)
18. Shut Up And Dance – 18″ Speaker
19. Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Babylon
20. Reel 2 Reel – We Are Ie
21. Nightmares on Wax – Aftermath
22. JC001 & Dj D Zire – Favourite Breaks
23. SL2 – Dj Take Control
24. Ragga Twins – Spliff Head
25. Break the Limits – Paranoise
26. Shut up and Dance – The Green Man
27. The Last Emperor Soundtrack – Rain – Mark Pritchard Reedit (Excerpt)
28- Satin Storm – Satin Storm 1999
29- The House Crew – Keep the Fire Burning
30- Nicolette – The Dove Song
31. Masters At Work – Justa Lil Dope

Once your download is finished, FACT’s recent interview with Mr. Pritchard and this rundown on some of his best productions should be your next stops.

October 29, 2013 Part two is now also available, adding another 25 tracks from 1991-92!

Resident Advisor Podcast by Machinedrum

I don’t recall when we last highlighted a mix from Resident Advisor‘s podcast series, but the latest from Machinedrum is a worthy one. Tracks old and new from the man himself, including his previously mentioned FSOL remix. Recommended listen!01. Machinedrum – Rise N Fall
02. Machinedrum – The Palace
03. Machinedrum – Show Ur Love
04. Future Sound of London – Ill Flower (Machinedrum Remix)
05. Machinedrum – Knowfuture
06. Skeptical – Eyes Down
07. Om Unit – Deep Sea Pyramid
08. System – Sound Man
09. Tek 9 – Spring
10. Rob & Goldie – Shadow
11. Dwarde – Algid
12. Tessela – Hackney Parrot (Sam Binga Crackney Parrot Refix)
13. Ital Tek – BB
14. Jon Convex – With You (Kid Drama’s Autonomic Mix)
15. Instra:mental & dBridge – White Snares
16. Naibu – Just Like You (Fracture’s Astrophonica Remix)
17. AMIT – Human Warfare (Machinedrum Remix)
18. FIS – Love Drama Stress (Machinedrum Edit)
19. Machinedrum – Overtime

As always, make sure to download the mix before reading the interview.

Mixtape Monday #32

Just a quick fix of mixtapes I enjoyed over the last couple of weeks.

Following Prefuse73’s XLR8R podcast, he and his Sons of the Morning-partner Teebs put together another one for Self-Titled magazine.

When I’m not listening to the Hessle Audio radio show on, I’m more than happy to track down other mixes by Ben UFO and company. The Essential Mix is still a big deal and—annoying as Pete Tong’s flat introductions are—you might want to grab this new one featuring Ben.

Safe House USA added the fourth edition of their Stay the Night series and it’s been nicely put together by Night Slug’s Girl Unit. Meanwhile, Fantastic Mr Fox did that for oki-ni.

If you heard that new track by Burial and Four Tet, you might want to download the Rinse show were the rip is taken from.

With all the hype about yet-another Grand Theft Auto, I’m sure you listened to Flylo FM already. Otherwise, here you go!

And lastly, I’d like to sneak my revised version of last year’s Colectivo Futuro podcast. Music for autumn!

Weekend Mixtapes #39

It’s been a good week (and month) for mixtapes, shall we start with our selection for the weekend?

Ben UFO’s and Pearson Sound’s show on Rinse FM is one of the few I make an effort to listen to on a regular basis. While I recommend tuning in every Thursday, let me highlight the show from August 8th (might go offline soon!)

To keep the uptempo vibes, check out another Boiler Room session from Nutriot Podcast contributor Gerry Read, who is about to release another of those fine 12-inches on Fourth Wave.

Following releases on Rush Hour and the Actress-operated Werkdiscs, check out Moiré‘s most excellent FACT mix from earlier this week.

Our Twitter followers might have noticed us going all crazy about the last Mr Beatnick radio show on NTS Live. He himself called it his best show all year, so make sure to take a good listen!

Los Angeles’ Julia Holter released her debut on Domino Records this week. On that occasion, she was asked to put to a very special mix called People Dreaming In Church.

And lastly, don’t sleep on Alexander Nut‘s show from last Saturday (PS: he’ll be live in about an hour or 12.00 GMT)

Marcos Valle in the Brownswood Basement

Marcos Valle in the Brownswood Basement

You probably remember this video of Marcos Valle playing live in the Brownswood Basement, Gilles Peterson‘s own treasure chamber. That wasn’t all of it, as a 2-hour podcast with Marcos in conversation has been revealed today!Intro medley:

Marcos Valle – Ele e Ela
Marcos Valle – On Line
Marcos Valle – Batucada Surgiu
Marcos Valle – Batucada (Batucada Surgin)
Marcos Valle – Estrela
Marcos Valle – Que Bandeira
Marcos Valle – Wanda Vidal
Marcos Valle – Mentira
Marcos Valle – Samba de Verao
Marcos Valle – Crickets Sing For Anamaria

Marcos Valle – E Vem O Sol
Marcos Valle – Vem
Luiz Gonzaga – Sertanejo do Norte
Marcos Valle – Sonho de Maria
Tamba Trio – Sonho de Maria
Luiz Eca – O Homem Entre o Mar e a Terra
Marcos Valle – She Told Me, She Told Me
Joao Gilberto & Stan Getz – Vivo Sonhando
Antonio Carlos Jobim – Matita Perê
Sarah Vaughan – Something
Elis Regina – Preciso Aprender a Ser So
Marcos Valle – Democústico
Chicago – Life It What It Is
Leon Ware – Rockin’ You Eternally
Marcos Valle – A Vantage de Rever Voce (Rockin’ You)
Marcos Valle – Estrela
Marcos Valle – Crickets Sing For Anamaria
Marcos Valle – Freio Aerodinamico
Jay-Z – Thankyou

You can stream or download the entire session over on the Worldwide website.

BRC.02 – Two Hungry Ghosts

The BlogRollCall is a new series in which we close ranks with other blogs we like. When we started this site, it was common practice to feature like-minded blogs in what is known as a blogroll or to link back to content found there. This sense of community is disappearing more and more these days, as blogs become trademarks of their own, competing with one another for their readership. We don’t like that development, we think it’s bullshit to cannibalize one another when the main goal should be promoting good music – not ego!

Part two in this series comes from anonymous UK duo Two Hungry Ghosts, notorious for their online bootlegs, cassette mixtapes and their love for the visual underground cultures.

Press play and read on below for the interview!

Subscribe (iTunes)01. X Minus 4 Minutes (Intro)
02. Men at Amps – Blaq Cougar
03. Erick Sermon featuring Redman – Freak Out
04. Jeru The Damaja – Physical Stamina
05. The Crooklyn Dodgers – Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers (Vocal)
06. The Crooklyn Dodgers – Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers (Instrumental)
07. The Names JJ (Skit)
08. Canibus featuring Rakim – I’ll Buss ‘Em U Punish ‘Em (Remix)
09. Marco Polo featuring Lil Fame Of M.O.P – Fame For President
10. Dennis Farnon – South Bound
11. Ambush (Skit)
12. Ramsey Lewis – Ode
13. Ennio Morricone – Requiem Per Un Operaio
14. I Tell You I Saw Them (Skit)
15. Goblin – Blind Concert (Edit)
16. Babylon (Skit)
17. Ayala – Lull
18. Lee Scratch Perry – Upsetting Dub
19. Boska – Pictures (Edit)
20. Zomby – Florence
21. Tek9 – Pushing Back (Remix)
22. Nas & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – As We Enter (Edit)

Who’s behind Two Hungry Ghosts and what was the motivation to start a blog?

The motivation behind the blog is to support a diverse range of artists and DJs in gaining more exposure and helping them attract a new audience. The site is for all those people that have contributed tracks, mixes or artwork since we began in 2011. When we moved over to Blogspot earlier this year we decided to delete a lot of the old posts and focus purely on exclusive downloads and streams. We could of quite easily changed the name at that time to “The Army of Ghosts” as there are so many people contributing content to the site now. Different heads but with the same goal.

The way the posts are designed is with a huge emphasis on the track/mix alongside original artwork. Minimal words with the musical content delivering the impact afterall its about the artists and their creations, not us.

What do you usually write about and can you highlight some of your features?

Posts are normally quite short with the actual song/mix being the main emphasis. We are lucky enough to be able to post free downloads and exclusive streams from artists around the world in a variety of different styles. We have put this little set together for you and your readers to have a better understanding of what the site is about.

The site changed alot with the switch to Blogspot. We may post less now but the quality control is much higher so its centered around quality rather than quantity. We have also been busy recently working on a range of different projects for the site and are aiming to put out our first Beat Tape entitled “Holy Ghost Power”. Its based around a series of one minute loops and skits inspired by the work of Mattic and Frayker. We put a lot of work into everything we do for the blog and hopefully that shows in the posts.

[As for the feature,] the Timeline LP that features an unreleased song from Manix (Marc Mac of 4hero), it’s a compilation of twenty tracks that demonstrate how drum and bass changed during the 90’s. The love and support from that created the Remix EP of which we are very proud and thankful to the artists who participated, the Gremlinz remix probably being one of the best things we have put out.

We now post in three different catergories: Timeline: retro 90’s inspired DnB. Digital Sevens: funk, hip hop and jazz – and the Subway Series: house, electronica and techno.

Further to this we do mixes for Samurai FM and have an image archive over on our Tumblr. We are also working towards a monthly stream over on our Mixlr. More details on that to follow.

Can you recommend us any blogs you’re reading?

Being honest, not many. There are some that are doing a great job of writing about their chosen genre or helping to expose new music, art or film but reading other peoples opinions or seeing what is currently considered cool isn’t really what the site is about.

Personally we would much rather stick on Rinse, Jungletrain, a Soundcloud stream or watch a Boiler Room set whilst going through images on Tumblr than actually read blogs.

It goes without saying that Colectivo Futuro, King Friday, Fraykers Revenge and [censored] all get checked but your readers probably already know about them so if you check anyone new as a result of reading this it should be Mattic, Frayker, Infest, Double O, Code, Scape, Omni Music and the rest of the growing Army Of Ghosts.

And lastly, can you tell us a bit about the mix you put together for us?

Its really a homage to the radio shows and mixtapes of the 1990’s. Having access to Kiss FM and European radio shows streaming via satellite TV in the UK there was always an open door to brand new underground music from around the world long before the internet and Podcasts. Kiss shows like the legendary Solid Steel and Paul

Thomas’ “Chill Out Zone” as well as the Jazzanova and Pressure Drop shows on Sputnik delivered an eclectic mix of new and cutting edge music each week.

Labels like Mo Wax and Ninja also focused on putting out a wide range of music at that time which still sound as good today as they did in the 90’s and the blog shares that same desire to support great timeless music from a variery of genres.

The mix covers everything from classic hip hop, funk and jazz breaks, dub to drum and bass all squeezed into a single side of a faux C90.

Apart from their website, you can find the Two Hungry Ghosts on Twitter, SoundCloud or Tumblr.

Weekend Mixtapes #36

Digger’s Digest out of Paris made a great french jazz mix for the Jazz Meet Radio Show by Nik Weston, pure vibes. I definitely need more of this in my life.

Similar to this, Gilles Peterson made a mix of his favourite british jazz funk records for Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel Radio. Still not enough of Mr. Peterson, you could listen to Majestic Mood’s new Groove Merchants radio show which has a nice little interview with him.

Cologne’s Damiano von Erckert did the latest mix for Radio Juicy. Playing Sun Ra next to Omar S is always appreciated.

And in case you missed it -which would be hard to believe- FunkinEven did this week’s mix for Resident Advisor. Proper house music with some nice exclusives.

Tetsuo throws in two more mixes, Bullion‘s latest on the Boiler Room mix and James Murphy playing at the DFA 12th anniversary party.

Have a great weekend!