Moonstarr – Beats from the Vault Vol. 1

Holiday give-away from Public Transit Records, label-head Kevin Moon aka Moonstarr has put together this mixtape featuring “beats from the past, present and a sneak peak into the future”. Or in other words, it’s all music from Kevin and his label-mates, including lots of unreleased material.

Moonstarr – Beats from the Vault Vol. 1 (download)
01. Scarborough RT
02. Bossano *
03. More Or Les – Tension Remix *
04. My Place *
05. Novo w/ Voice Fantasy Pt1 accapella *
06. Fantasy Remix Demo
07. Electronics *
08. Hav’em feat. Tony Ezzy
09. Dust
10. 5 Deeze – It’s About Time (Remix Instrumental)
11. Head Bangers *
12. Rima Green Remix – Just Breaks *
13. Break It Down
14. ILL Beats *
15. Big Boppa *
16. Step Up Demo
17. Dutty Bizness w/ Sarah Linhares’ Step Up*
18. Jigga What *
19. Meet Me For Dinner *
20. Take Me Away *
21. Kyoto Jazz Massive – Mystery Mashup feat. Bembe Segue *
22. Middlefield – Incoming Remix
23. July Black Remix *
24. Voice Nu Skool Remix *
25. Zero DB – Remix *
26. Povo Remix
27. LAL Feb. Demo
28. Kentaro Remix *

* Unreleased / Works in progress

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Moonstarr – Farfisa 45

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Kevin Moon’s Montreal-based label Public Transit has put out its first 7″, a collaboration between Moonstarr and organist Tony Ezzy.

Moonstarr teams up with Montreal’s funkiest musician Tony Ezzy on PTRs first 7inch 45 rpm! Farfisa 45 is guaranteed to heat up any dance floor. The songs pay homage to great Brazilian organists like Walter Wanderley and Ed Lincon. Featuring dirty drum breaks and samples played by Moonstarr and jazzy Farfisa Organ work by Tony Ezzy.

While doing some research on the record, I stumbled across three different release dates. However, the record should also be available in most recordshops by now, I spotted it at Juno and Rush Hour.

You know you support this best when you buy directly from the label, Public Transit sells it for unbeatable $3.5!

If you don’t call a record-player your own, you can get a Farfisa 45 from digital stores worldwide, including big players like iTunes or Amazon.

Sarah Linhares – Messages from the Future EP

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

A wonderful new release on Public Transit Records comes from Sarah Linhares, Montreal based singer and participant of the Red Bull Music Academy. She was previously featured on Moonstarr’s album Instrumentals Forever and is currently working her debut album Messages from the Future, which is set for release this autumn.01. Step Up
02. It’s All True
03. No Question
04. Step Up (909 Mix)

The tracks were produced by PTR head Moonstarr, Aklimatize and Camplaix. Sarah’s soulful vocals can easily be compared with the likes of Kissey Asplund, Amalia or even Erykah Badu. On the EP you will find diverse styles between hip-hop and brokenbeat. It was hard to pick a favourite tune, but I decided to put up It’s All True, which was produced in a Dilla-esque style by Portuguese beatmaker Camplaix. Make sure you check out the 909 Mix of Step Up as well, it’s my second favourite on the EP.

You can get this fine release directly from Public Transit Recordings, but if it’s more convenient you can also get it on iTunes.

Dec 10, 2009 Moonstarr is giving away three versions of the track “Step Up”, including the previously unavailable instrumental!

Resident Advisor Podcast by Moonstarr

Kevin Moon aka Moonstarr will be playing at the Resident Advisor party this year’s MUTEK, hence he was asked to do a mix for the latest RA Podcast. If you like Moonstarr’s music, go and get this selection of bossa flavoured music, oldskool hip-hop and broken beat! As usual, Resident Advisor provides a brief interview with the DJ.

Public Transit Downloads

As reported, the new Moonstarr album is currently available exclusively on Dancetracks and It will be available elsewhere on December 9. Until then, Public Transit has some tracks to give-away for free.

Public Transit Recordings

If you’re a devoted reader of my blog, you probably know Broken Bossa already, previously available on the free Next Stop compilation and the opening track for the new album. Break It Down is the second track available from the album, an uptempo tune with Brazilian vocals – also featured Instrumentals Forever. But there’s even more! Moonstarr made a remix of Everyday in February by LAL, a track from their 2008 album Deportation.

Later this week, I will publish my review of the album – so please stay tuned!

Instrumentals Forever?

I did my homework when my copy of Moonstarr‘s upcoming album arrived from Japan. Depending on the sources, Instrumentals Forever should have been released in the rest of the world on November 11 or 18. However, there is no information about the release (or its delay) on the Public Transit website or on Kevin Moon‘s MySpace page. Instead  the free mixtape from Think Twice has been announced, though it has been available for download for several weeks already (and I didn’t find it worthy to mention it). So, I will hold back my little review until the album becomes available outside of Japan (nervous?). Let me just say this: if you liked (and still like)  Dupont, you will like the new album as well. Once I hear news, I will keep you posted.

Nov 22, 2008 I got an official confirmation that the album will be released on iTunes December 9 (Dancetracks Digital will follow), and that a vinyl version is planned to follow (thanks Sarah!)

Nov 25, 2008 For the next two weeks, you can buy the album exclusively on Dancetracks

Moonstarr – Instrumentals Forever

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

The speculations came up with the release of Public Transit‘s Next Stop, whether there was a new Moonstarr album in the pipeline. As blog-reader Lay-far pointed out, there will indeed be a release on November 11th (official announcement) or October 22nd (Dusty Groove). I had to do little investigation to find out, that the follow-up to 2002’s Dupont is already available in Japan through P-Vine.01. Broken Bossa
02. Interlude 1
03. Clappy
04. Break It Down
05. Tigerfunk (feat. LAL & Guests)
06. Interlude 2
07. Get Outside
08. String Theory
09. Interlude 3
10. Who’s Bitin’ Who?
11. Fucked Up (feat. Fineprint & Sarah)
12. Interlude 4
13. Crazy Jazz
14. Interlude 5
15. Climax
16. Planets Collide (feat. Lotus Jai Nitai)
17. Love Call

Sup People!

Very excited to announce that I’m dropping a full length album in Japan August 22 2008 on PVINE. World wide release will be November 11th on Public Transit Recordings!!! Advance sales via

‘Instrumentals Forever’ 12 tracks 5 interludes. Appearances from Fineprint, Lotus Jai Nitai, LAL, Sarah Linhares. Styles are from the classic moonstarr era. EXPECT dirty breaks, butter loops, broken technessss etc…

Keep checking back here or for free previews and updates.

PEACE – Moonstarr

You may have noticed, the first track Broken Bossa was already featured on PTR’s free compilation. As I’m looking forward to get my hands on this, I can hopefully provide a full review in near future.

Nov 4, 2008 The album will indeed come out on November 11, unless you want to order the pricey Japan import. The bad news is, that it sounds pretty much like the old album – the good news, that it doesn’t matter at all 😉