Nochexxx – Thrusters

If you were impressed by their videos for Lukid, Paul White or The Heliocentrics, wait until you’ve seen the latest work from animation house Plastic Horse – it’s bonkers. More short film than music video, it’s already their second collaboration with UK-based Nochexxx. The music is a cross-section through their new album Thrusters, which is available now via Ramp Recordings.

Update You can stream the entire album over at XLR8R and grab a free download.

(via Sonic Router)

Mixtape Monday #26

I was gonna dedicate this post to the new Ossie mixtape alone, but with no playlist available and some other quality tapes around I revived that old Mixtape Monday.

So Ossie will be playing Room 3 at Fabric next Friday, and as if we could ever forget Set The Tone, the London producer came up with a very nice mixtape. Download, play, then read the Q&A.

Just like last year, Amsterdam based label Rush Hour put out a mix of their best releases of 2011. Incidently there’s also a compilation of the same name and it’s available now (thanks Green Tea Session!)

Having put out quality house music all throughout the year, Wolf Music can hardly be called a secret anymore. I’ve featured some of their mixtapes before, their latest comes from label head Matt and is available here!

More than three years ago, I’ve posted a video about this Blakai tune and it’s a shame that one never came out. I’m going to wait some more, but first I’ll hear what Mark Force put on his new mix.

Like with the Ossie set above, RAMP Recording‘s Tom Kerridge did a Fabric mix the other week. Kinda forgot about it, but luckily it’s still around.

And lastly, listen to Benji B’s Deviation String Quartet, recorded in October on the London Eye (remember the video?)

TOKiMONSTA – Cosmic Intoxication EP

Cover Artwork

The much anticipated debut EP from LA’s TOKiMONSTA is finally in sight. Titled “Cosmic Intoxication” it will drop on RAMP Recordings later this month.01. Playing With Toys
02. Doing It My Way
03. Smoke & Mirrors
04. Aching Nodes
05. Line To Dot
06. Glaring Lights
07. Let Me Trick You (digital exclusive)

You might remember the last track, which was previously available on 12-inch on the same label – hence it’s only part of the digital download.

Below you can listen to a mini-mix giving you an excellent preview to the EP.

According to TOKiMONSTA the EP will be out on April 29th, Juno lists the (digital release) with a release-date of April 19th.

Apr 16, 2010 Juno now has copies in stock, so does Rush Hour. You can also get it as download.

RAMP Guestmix for Knowledge

With new music coming from Sbtrkt & Sampha, Tokimonsta, Ras G and FaltyDL, RAMP Recordings is one of the labels to look out for in 2010. Knowledge Mag spoke with label founder Tom Kerridge about the label’s philosophy and added a guestmix featuring lots of music from forthcoming releases.01. Shortstuff Minimix
02. SBTRKT & Sampha – Break Off
03. Skweee Tooth Minimix
04. becoming Real – Fast Motion
05. FaltyDL – Hip Love (The xx Remix)
06. Tokimonsta – Cosmic Intoxication EP Minimix
07. P.U.D.G.E. – Idiot Box LP Minimix
08. Maxmillion Dunbar – Cool Water LP Minimix
09. Clouds – Cannibal Generals

Both the interview and the download for the mix can be found here.

Zomby – One Foot Ahead Of The Other EP

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Following last year’s acid-soaked rave album Where Were U In ’92? and his dubstep 12-inches on Hyperdub and Ramp Recordings, London’s anonymous producer Zomby keeps on twisting the genres on his latest output.

What can I say? I remember myself sitting in front of my Commodore 64, listening to a game’s music for hours. Or connecting my Gameboy to the stereo, because this tiny gadget could produce some damn fine sounds. There were countless chiptune-inspired tunes in the 00’s, but it only started getting interesting when people began using those sounds for different kinds of music. Harmonic 313, Joker or Hayzee were among the first to got me excited again.

And now, it’s Zomby who delivers this fireworks of 8-bit sounds, 4/4 beats and deep basslines. I’m still wondering why it took a second listen to get into this, because now I’m loving it. If this was Super Mario, then Pumpkinhead’s Revenge and Bubble Bobble are the fillers, like those ghost worlds nobody really likes. Right? But the rest of the levels are pretty stunning! You have the underwater world with Godzilla, lots of tricky platform jumping in Mescaline Cola or Polka Dot, and finally an end boss to defeat in Helter Skelter. Once you saved the princess, you sit back and read the credits accompanied by Firefly Finale.

Or something like this! Maybe you better listen to those snippets anyway.A1. One Foot Ahead Of The Other
A2. Helter Skelter
B1. Pumpkinhead’s Revenge
B2. Polka Dot
C1. Godzilla
C2. Expert Tuition
D1. Bubble Bubble
D2. Mescaline Cola
D3. Firefly Finale

The white-sleeve promos are selling quickly, but you can grab still them at Juno or Sounds of the Universe. In September the final product in its beautiful artwork will be available, including a CD version.