What Difference Does It Make?

Whether you’re a musician or a fan of music, you’ve likely heard about the Red Bull Music Academy and all the greatness that comes out of it. Already in their 15th year, they are celebrating this milestone with the release of a free documentary directed by Ralf Schmerberg. Featuring interviews with a cast including Erykah Badu, Brian Eno, Philip Glass, Flying Lotus, James Murphy and many (many!) more, you will be able to watch it in its full glory on the RBMA15 website. At the point of this writing, the countdown is at T minus 26 hours!

February 18, 2014 Replaced the trailer with the full documentary!

Sounds Like… BadBadNotGood

Some time last weekend I came across the Sounds Like… Tokimonsta – and then I decided to not write about. Nah, but from there on I came across the first episode of that series, which was centered around Canadian jazz band BadBadNotGood who got to visit Bootsy Collins in his studio.

“Sounds Like…” is a series of videos by the Red Bull Music Academy, who also celebrate their 15 anniversary this year with a new book and I’m sure there’s more to come!

What Is The Red Bull Music Academy?

It’s needless to say that every young musician dreams about going to the Red Bull Music Academy once in his lifetime, but I think it doesn’t stop there. There are actually people who wish they were doing music so they could go or who wish there was a RBMA for different crafts but music.

In 2012, the academy will stop in New York City and here’s a little video explaining you what it’s about.

Applications are open now, but before you fill out your form you might want to take another look at How To Apply For The Red Bull Music Academy.

Best of luck!

RBMA Lecture: Scuba

Finally, the Red Bull Music Academy unlocked the lecture I wanted to post the other day: it’s Gerd Janson in conversation with Hotflush founder Scuba.

As usual, you can expect a talk about Scuba‘s influences, his early attempts at making music, setting up the label and so forth.

RBMA Lecture: Pearson Sound

Actually I wanted to check whether the Scuba lecture was online already, but then I came across this one with Benji B talking to David Kennedy aka Pearson Sound. I’m only halfway through and I got to say it’s an extremely nice one to watch, because David has some good stories to share and he tells them in the most likeable way.

RBMA’s archive of new lectures is growing quickly, you can check some of them on their Vimeo page – hopefully the one with Scuba will follow soon!

Update The Scuba lecture is available as well, not sure whether I overlooked it previously

RBMA Lecture: Erykah Badu

As I’m still catching up after some days abroad, here’s the lecture with Erykah Badu at this year’s Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid. You might have seen snippets before, but this is the full session of her talking to Now-Again‘s Eothen “Egon” Alapatt.

More and more sessions are coming in, you might have seen the Paul Riser, Carsten Nicolai and Addison Groove lectures before. To stay up to date, you best subscribe to the RBMA channel on Vimeo or keep visiting that site.

Weekly Bits 6/2011

With the new Ghostpoet album available now on Brownswood, the label made the full thing available for stream via Spinner.

Since we posted the video on How To Apply For The Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo, several other videos have popped up. Hear more words of wisdom from Recloose, Teebs, Mwëslee or Braiden. What’s Really Good also has one with Lunice and Put Me On It is giving some extra advice to all future applications.

Belgian R&S Records continues putting out quality music, their latest 12-inch sport remixes from Bullion and Space Dimension Controller for Detroit legends Model 500.

Also available on vinyl are the magnificent Scientist dubs of Scientist Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space, released on Pinch’s Tectonic label.

When Floating Points recommends a mixtape, you better listen up. The Gospel According to Budgie is the mix in question and will only be available for a limited time!

Legowelt did a megamix for the forthcoming Virgo Four Resurrection boxset on Rush Hour, Ahu gives a preview to Turkey’s Sunsplash Festival and 8bitch made a new mix for Surefire Sound. For some harder sounds, you might want to get this mix from Titonton & Charles Noel aka Black & Blue

Lastly, here’s a free download from Hotflush founder Scuba, an older track that never made it on a release.

How To Apply For The Red Bull Music Academy

The Red Bull Music Academy is easily the best thing that could happen to all up and coming musicians. While I had the pleasure to join it as a visitor last year, I was kinda sad for not being a musician myself. Imagine meeting likeminded people from all over the world, being locked in a building with all the music equipment you dream of, and getting lectures from some of the most acclaimed musicians in the world.

Well, the time has come to apply for the next edition of RBMA, which is going to take place in Tokyo this year. The video above is meant to give you some advice on the application process, but it also gives some impressions of what you can expect there.

So good luck to all of you who are applying. I’d love to visit again, but I don’t think it will happen. Here comes my sadness again!

Various Assets London 2010

Various Assets London 2010

Cover Artwork

Just like every year, the Red Bull Music Academy has compiled tracks from this years’ alumni of the academy in London. I’m not sure if these were available for public download before, but I’m especially glad about this one.

Among the artists are two contributors to our podcast, Germany’s Swede:art and Moscow’s Dza, but also 00Genesis, Tokimonsta, Kid Kanevil, Daisuke Tanabe, and collaborators such as James Pants, Hudson Mohawke or Modeselektor.

1-01. Flava D – Ragga Run
1-02. Robin Hannibal & Jullian Gomes – I Need Your Love
1-03. J-Wow & Sui Zhen – River Song
1-04. Marco Passarani & Jullian Gomes – Walking Down Tooley Street
1-05. 00Genesis feat. Oddisee – Jackin4beats pt.1
1-06. Hudson Mohawke, Robin Hannibal & Myele Manzanza – Ain’t Nobody Like You
1-07. Lucrecia Dalt & James Pants – Too Much Light
1-08. Chester Lone Ranger – Boogie Dreams
1-09. James Pants & Lucrecia Dalt – A Breezy Slide Into Hell
1-10. ANGO feat. Katy B – Fireworks
1-11. Poirier feat. Hasan Hujairi – Loop 1
1-12. Space Dimension Controller – Hazeygalacticwonkafunk
1-13. 00Genesis feat. Tranquill – Jackin4beats pt.2
1-14. Andras Fox, Sui Zhen & James Pants – Touch-N-Talk
1-15. Osborne, Modeselektor, ANGO, Akshun, AD Bourke & Vlad Caia – Jacob Has Arrived
1-16. TOKiMONSTA, Lunice & Swede:art – Alpenglow
1-17. A Lone Boy, An Oud, A Theremin & A Funky Dread – T M 2
1-18. Clinic & Sui Zhen – Tell Me Once
1-19. Bala – London Mantra
1-20. Kidkanevil feat. Oddisee – Jackin4beats pt. 3

2-01. Kool Clap & Venice – Vitamine
2-02. McHenry, Nascimbeni, Manzanza, Schneidewind, Katy B & Infestus – The Song
2-03. Jackmaster, Mau’lin, Markur & Tony Nwachukwu – UK Hunky
2-04. Lunice – Strahl
2-05. Master MP6-60 & Robin Hannibal – Rocking All Night
2-06. TokiMONSTA feat. Andreya Triana & Oddisee – Jackin4beats pt. 4
2-07. B. Bravo & Robin Hannibal – What’s It Gonna Be?
2-08. DâM-FunK – I Need 2 Know (Demo Version)
2-09. Sergej Fresh, Tutu Sweeney, Andras Fox, DJ Klem & Sui Zhen – Told Me
2-10. Lucrecia Dalt & Hasan Hujairi – Mimbre
2-11. 00Genesis – Endless Ocean
2-12. Homeless Inc, Juan Son & Jakob Schneidewind – Solo
2-13. 00Genesis feat. Tranquill – Jackin4beats pt. 5
2-14. Tony Nwachukwu & Tutu Sweeney – Breathin’
2-15. Daisuke Tanabe feat. May Roosevelt – Cka3ka
2-16. Amenta & J-Wow – Like That
2-17. DZA feat. AD Bourke – Endless Wishes
2-18. Flava D – It’s So Hard
2-19. Biel Nascimbeni & Juan Son – Cucaracha Madness Mix
2-20. Minus – Calling Number
2-21. Hasan Hujairi & May Roosevelt – Improvisation No. 136253892

Check out the three tracks I picked for you, or just grab the entire thing from the RBMA website.

Weekly Bits 11/2010

With the RBMA in London being over, the academy’s daily newspaper is now available for the public. You can download all 24 issues as PDF files.

Also from the RBMA website are these two videos from the Brainfeeder Sessions, they capture moments from Gaslamp Killer‘s DJ set and Dorian Concept‘s live-show. For the latter I also got a download link for you.

From SpineTV comes a documentary about London’s Eglo label, the home to Floating Points, Fatima and Funkineven. You might also want to check out the brand new Soul Glo music video.

I was about to post you snippets of Erykah Badu’s upcoming album, but they have been removed in the meantime. You can still win a print of the album’s artwork or download the leaked track Strawberry Incense.

Another anticipated album is finally in stores: F’s Energy Distortion is available on CD and digital. Vinyl lovers have to get it split over three EPs.

There are also a couple of mixtapes you might want to check out. FACT Magazine’s latest podcast was put together by Bristol dubstep producer Peverelist. Berlin’s Robot Koch did a mix for Electronic Beats Radio and Demus of 2 Banks of 4 is featured on the latest OFFtrack radio-show.

Swede:art – When Beauty Hurts

Having completed his two weeks at the Red Bull Music Academy in London, German producer Swede:art is ready to share a first result with you.

His debut album is expected to drop on Tokyo Dawn Records later this year, until then you can check his mixtape for Error Broadcast or give his podcast another play.

Carl Craig at The Royal Festival Hall

Here is an excerpt from the concert by Carl Craig, Moritz von Oswald and Francesco Tristano at London’s Royal Festival Hall.

For more of this, you can listen to the entire concert on RBMA Radio!

Dimlite Brainfeeder Session London

Taken from the Brainfeeder Session, the RBMA Radio has started posting the live-sets from the night, including this from Dimlite. The Swiss producer plays material from the new Prismic Tops EP and All City’s 7×7 compilation.

2010 © Red Bull Music Academy

You can listen to his set on RBMA Radio or download it for your iPod. More photos from the night can be found on the RBMA website.

RBMA interviews Carl Craig

Here is an interview with Carl Craig recorded at the ongoing Red Bull Music Academy in London.

Carl talks about playing in bands, how he met Juan Atkins and explains the difference between house and techno music. More videos from the RBMA can be found here.

Weekly Bits 7/2010

If you like the music featured on this blog and you’ve been out in London, you know Plastic People as the first address for underground music. Be it the FWD parties, Tony Nwachukwu’s CDR events or IG Culture’s CoOp club, they all take (or in the latter case took) place at the same address in Shoreditch. It now seems Plastic People’s license is currently reviewed by the London Police, threatened to close its doors forever. To stay updated on the events and to learn how you can help, join this group on Facebook.

This is what happens, when you try to ignore Valentine’s Days and any related links passed to you on Twitter: I completely overlooked Hudson Mohawke‘s slow jams mix for LuckyMe.

Stumbled across a couple of interviews this week. No Depression’s Jay Hayes had the rare opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Betty Davis. The Okayplayer forum collected questions for Dego of 4hero and 2000Black fame, you can read it on his blog. While we’re at 4hero, let me also mention Knowledge Mag’s Week In The Life of 4hero with Marc Mac.

Lots of videos from the London Red Bull Music Academy are there to discover on their YouTube page. One of the highlights is the concert of Henrik Schwarz & Bugge Wesseltoft at the Royal Festival Hall.

The all new Armchair Dancefloor mix features a guest-spot from Blue Daisy, one of the names to look out for in this year.

Another free download is taken from the highly recommended Mind Over Matter Remixes from Greymatter. You can grab the TRG Remix of “Believe In Something” from his SoundCloud page.

And lastly, I read this article on FACT Magazine with great interest: Basic Channel‘s Mark Ernestus is about to launch a new label called Dug Out, specialized in reissues of classic reggae records.