Some Record Covers… part 2

About a week ago, I showcased some of my favourite record covers this year. At the time I also asked Belgian musician, designer and shop owner Dynooo for his opinion on the matter. The reason I picked him was simple: the artwork for his own Gum Dragon EP impressed me a lot and I’ve been a huge fan of his delivery post articles for his Mac Fly shop.

I credited the artwork where possible, among the designers above are Wallzo (Hot Chip), Laura Brothers (Warp 2010), Chris Johanson (Quasi) and Maya Hayuk (BFlecha).

A selection off his favourite all-time record covers comes from Nitzan Hermon, London based designer, the founder of Save Vinyl and head of Fine Art Recordings.

Find out more about the artists: Build founder Michael C. Place (Warp10+2), C100 Purple Haze (Funkstörung), Machine (I:Cube), photographer Dan Holdsworth (Jacen Solo), Non-Format (Motohiro Nakashima) or Oliver Kartak (K&D).

Some Record Covers… part 1

Always interested in the artwork that packages the music, I have collected some record covers I particularly liked in the first half of 2010. These are not necessarily records I listen to or write about, in fact I’ve included some I’m not even familiar with, stuff I came across through newsletters and some other websites. Most of them came out this year, with some exceptions from 2009.

As you can see, I’m fully backing current trends like triangles, pattern-based designs or symmetric compositions.

Some of the artists responsible for the artwork shown above: Andy Gilmore (Warp), Erosie (3024), GiveUpArt (Tempa, Rinse, Apple Pips), Optigram (Hyperdub), Donal Thornton (Onra), Future Classic Design (Future Classic), James Joyce and of course The Designers Republic. If you can help with those I missed, please leave a comment.

Watch out for the second part of this post, in which Dynooo (Mac Fly) and Nitzan Hermon (Fine Art Recordings) pick their favourites.

Wallifornia Soul

The guys behind LDBK Radio and the Laid Back blog outclassed themselves with their latest project. Wallifornia Soul is a documentary about Jean Roger, a crate digger from Wallonia talking about his life – a journey around the globe driven by his love for music.

Once watched, I’m sure you also want to listen to JR’s set recorded for LDBK.

The Archive

New York based director Sean Dunne filmed a documentary about Paul Mawhinne, owner of the biggest record collection in the world. Paul has been collecting and trading records for the last 40 years, now owning a total of 1M albums and another 1.5M singles. To give you some more impressing numbers, his oldest record dates back to 1881. The Library of Congress estimated, that only 17% of the music on these records (from between 1948 to 1966) is available to buy on a CD today. Unfortunately, Paul’s health condition forces him to let go of his collection, which is believed to be worth about $50M. In resignation he is willing to give it away for about $3M – which still hasn’t attracted any serious buyer.

If it hadn’t been Daz (from Bugz in the Attic) visiting Paul’s shop Record-Rama in Pittsburgh (and writing about it on Facebook), I would’ve probably missed this documentary, which was already all over the media a couple of months ago.