Lone – Restless City

Lone’s Airglow Fires is a hard one to beat when it comes to choosing favourites from his last album Reality Testing (though I don’t really associate the track with the album, since it was first released a year earlier already!). However, “Restless City” is another favourite and it just received a video from the ever amazing Ruffmercy, the Bristol-based video artist (or artists?) responsible for many great videos.

“Reality Testing” came out in June this year on R&S Records.

Paul White – Where You Gonna Go?

If you count in the video for the Paul White-produced ODB, then this isn’t the first encounter between the London beatmaker and video artist Ruffmercy. But this is just me obsessing about the footnotes, maybe. What’s more important, we got another new song from the forthcoming R&S debut by Paul White. And I have to say now I’m more curious than ever to hear what he has come up with, it’s very different for sure.

Titled “Shaker Notes”, the album will be available on September 29, 2014. Pre-orders available directly from the label.

Paul White – Honey Cats

It’s the sad truth that there aren’t many producers taking risks. Once a certain level of success has been reached, innovation often falls by the wayside. But let’s not be unfair towards the struggling artist, the truth is also that we all love our comfort zones, don’t we? Rather than complaining we should give an extra-praise those artists who go out and try something new. Take acclaimed beat-maker Paul White for instance. Following a streak of exciting records within the hip hop domain, he reached a new level of success through his collaborations with Guilty Simpson and more recently Danny Brown. Excitingly, this is where the London-based producer is trying out something else, for it seems his new album on R&S Records could be his take on the blues. The track you can hear above is a first taster from this record and it’s Paul himself taking over the mic this time, sounding somewhere between Damo Suzuki and Thom Yorke. Oh my, who would have expected this?

Titled “Shaker Notes”, the new album will be out on September 29, 2014.

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Lone – Begin To Begin

You got to hear the a-side the other day, now Matthew Cutler shares the second track from the new Lone EP on R&S Records. Titled Airglow Fires, the new record will be out on July 9 and you can pre-order your’s from Boomkat or iTunes.

Lone – Airglow Fires

Matt Cutler has always been exploring sounds of the past, but his forthcoming single as Lone brings together quite a couple of flavours from the past. Melodic as ever, Airglow Fires might be a new personal favourite from the Mancunian producer. It will be backed up by another track on the flipside and the whole package will be out on July 9th via R&S. Very exciting music coming your way!

Vondelpark – California Analog Dream (Bullion Remix)

As we’re awaiting Vondelpark‘s new album Seabed on R&S Records, their label mate Bullion gives us a glimpse of what we can expect to hear on the record. If this dreamy song is indicator, then you can expect the Londoners venture further embracing pop sensitivies. The album will be released on April 1st, 2013 and you can pre-order on Rough Trade or iTunes.

Space Dimension Controller – Welcome to Mikrosector-50

The title track from the forthcoming album by Space Dimension Controller sounds like an amalgamation of everything you could’ve expected to hear on the Electrifying Mojo‘s radio show, one half Prince and another half Juan Atkins, aptly classified as “galactic funk.” If that doesn’t tell you anything, maybe that more recent Jimmy Edgar record is a better reference point. The new SDC album is only two weeks away, R&S Records will release Welcome to Mikrosector-50 on March 4th!

Lone – Crystal Caverns 1991

You have no choice, you have to listen to this or don’t listen at all. No skipping, there’s a lot going on and you better don’t miss a single note. This is an early listen to Lone‘s forthcoming album Galaxy Gardens which won’t see a release until May 7, 2012.

Don’t worry, things aren’t as bad as they sound. Before R&S releases the album, an official teaser will be released on March 26. It borrows the name of the track you can hear above and comes with the b-side Vulcan Mill Acid.