DJ Brainchild beats Dego

As Dego‘s new album A Wha’ Him Deh Pon? is coming within reach, DJ Brainchild is reminding us of the brilliant productions he’s been involved in: DKD, 4hero, 2000black, Silhouette Brown, Da One Away.. it’s all in the mix.

DJ Brainchild - It's all over the place01. Dego – Da Fuzz (feat. Matt Lord)
02. 4hero – Hold It Down (feat. Lady Alma)
03. Silhouette Brown – They Can’t Tell Us
04. DKD – Future Rage
05. Dego – DNP exclusive
06. Dego – Love & Hate You (feat. Obenewa)
07. Dego – Sparkling Minds (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
08. 4hero – Something In The Way (feat. Bembe Segue & Kaidi Tatham)
09. Silhouette Brown – Strawberries In Vinegar
10. 2000Black – Lose It (feat. Face)
11. DKD – Natty Head
12. Dego – They Never Know (feat. Sarina Leah)
13. Dego – We Are Virgo (feat. Kaidi Tatham)
14. Tek 9 – Interlude
15. Dego – Whatever (feat. The Luv Bugz)
16. Capitol A – Doing It Up
17. Dego – Valentines exclusive
18. Dego – Pushing You To Begin (feat. Ferraz)
19. 2000Black – So Right (feat. Ferraz)
20. MM Black – 2000 Black (feat. Roy Ayers)
21. 4hero – Universal Love (feat. Carol Cosby)
22. Tek 9 – You Got To Slow Down
23. Jacob’s Optical Stairway – Jacob’s Optical Illusion
24. Da One Away – Trash Da Junk
25. 2000Black – If You Got 3 Wishes
26. 2000Black – Forgot The Steel Pans
27. Focus – Having Your Fun (4hero Remix)
28. 2000Black – Got Me Puzzled (feat. Face, Dego & Kaidi)
29. Dego – Right From Wrong (feat. Tosin Tao)
30. Dego – Road Lessons exclusive

Whether you want to rediscover some of those classics or hear them because you weren’t around the first time, you got to download this!

June 17, 2011 Tracklist via Omar Ellis

Taylor McFerrin chats with Dego

Centric TV asked New York-born vocalist and beatboxer Taylor McFerrin to do an interview with Dego (4hero, 2000Black), who moved from his home-town London to New York a while back.

They chat about the differences between their cities and the effect that has on their music. Of course, they also talk about the new Silhouette Brown album and how that came about.

While we’re at it, here’s another video from Silhouette Brown’s recent concert in Washington, DC.

New 2000Black Website

Following the constant reminders on Twitter, Dego’s 2000Black label has finally launched its new website. That’s usually something happening every day somewhere in the world, but in the case of Dego and his decade of internet-denial this is quite some news.

You will not only find a large portion of his releases in one spot, but also a brief history of the label and of course the much sought-after t-shirts (which come in great quality!).


On top of that, Dego is also writing a blog in which he just mentioned working on a new solo album. And he posted snippets of all the tracks appearing on the forthcoming Silhouette Brown album Two.

Silhouette Brown – Two Album Sampler

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Preceding the release of the actual album, Especial Records will put out a sampler of Silhouette Brown’s upcoming record Two.

The 12-inch will feature four songs from the album, including the previously leaked Leave A Note with Lady Alma and a collaboration with Brand Nubian’s Sadat X. Both of the mentioned tracks also come in instrumental versions.A1. Leave A Note feat. Lady Alma
A2. Leave A Note (Instrumental)
A3. Strawberries In Vinegar
B1. Get With It feat. Sadat X
B2. Get With It (Instrumental)
B3. Casualties Of Honey
According to the Especial website, the sampler will be available in late January. You can already pre-order your copy from Juno, who list it with a release date of February 10, 2010.

Thanks to Beane for the heads up!

Silhouette Brown – Leave A Note

The news about the upcoming album from Silhouette Brown is still fresh and as of today there’s a first preview to listen to. Titled “Leave A Note”, the track features all trademark sounds fans of Dego and Kaidi have come to love, on the vocals it’s once again Philadelphia’s Lady Alma.

Wherever you look, you will come across a different release date. It seems the album will be out in Japan on January 15th, with the rest of the world following around the 9th of February.

(via Giant Step)

Silhouette Brown – Two

It’s only a picture, but it’s a picture that will get many people excited. It certainly got me excited and made me go to find some bits about it. Silhouette Brown is a project by former West London masterminds Dennis “Dego” McFarlane and Kaidi Tatham, whose first album involved Deborah Jordan on vocals.

Silhouette Brown - Two

First rumours on a second album were confirmed as a direct result to posting that DJ set from Dego the other week (don’t ask, it was removed). According to a blog post on Silhouette Brown’s MySpace page, “two” was written and produced by the trio of Bembe Segue, Dego and Kaidi. Support on the vocals comes from Lady Alma, who was already involved on the 2000Black album, some Blakai tracks and of course on Hold It Down (among others). I take it that Bembe will also be featured as a singer, apart from that Sadat X is having a guest spot.

Here’s a tracklist taken from HMV Japan:01. Bitter Pills & Butterflies
02. Casualties Of Honey
03. Constant Questions
04. Fools Gold
05. Get With It feat. Sadat X
06. Hear Them Often Say
07. Interlude
08. Leave A Note
09. Strawberries In Vinegar
10. We Used To Run Steady
The album will come out on Dego’s own 2000Black label in early 2010. I have a feeling that this follows the long tradition of early Japan releases, with the rest of the world waiting for several months. But I got my fingers crossed.

Dec 10, 2009 The track Leave A Note featuring Lady Alma can now be previewed on the Giant Step website. They also announced the release date for Two, it should be available outside of Japan on February 9, 2010!

Dec 24, 2009 Japanese label Especial will put out an album sampler with four tracks taken from the album

Jan 12, 2010 After week of reminders on Twitter, the new 2000black website went finally online with snippets of all the tracks appearing on the new album.

Feb 04, 2010
Looks like Phonica already got copies of the album in stock, you can order it here

Feb 08, 2010 Two is official out, buy your copy directly from 2000Black or from your favourite record store