Weekend Mixtapes

I have two mixtapes from New York outfit Sepalcure, that’s Machine Drum together with Percussion Lab‘s Praveen, to share with you. First up is their radio show presented by URB Magazine, the second is an older mix from the Little White Earbuds podcast.

Next up is a mix by Jacques Greene, whose new video we have featured earlier this week. The mix is once again available from URB Mag.

Not a mix, but a free track from the new Fabric 55 mix CD, put together by the one called Shackleton.

Bern’s Sassy J is one of Dimlite‘s closest peers and she has put together a truly great mixtape!

I have mentioned this video of IG Culture aka Son of Scientist interviewing his spiritual father Scientist on Twitter. Apparently, the two also recorded a radio show together.

Benji B showcased three new Photek tunes on his show this week, a fellow blogger recorded that segment and put it on his website.

Lastly, I got a mix by Caribou recorded from FM Brussels in late November.

Son of Scientist – Let’s Get Ready

I haven’t read the name Son of Scientist for a while, but that’s probably to blame on the lack of new music under that name. It’s one of the countless aliases used by legendary West London producer IG Culture.

This exclusive new track was posted by Spine Magazine, whose off-shoot Spine Radio is also the host of IG’s regular Holy Roller show. Spiced up with samples from Dennis Brown, Johnny Clark, Madlib and Dilla, the track can be downloaded for free!