SoundCloud Blog of the Week

The folks at SoundCloud figured I’m using their player widgets quite frequently and asked me what that’s all about. So, for their very first Blog of the Week feature they did a little interview with me. Feels a bit awkward to be asked questions for a change, I guess I feel more comfortable being the interviewer myself. But of course I’m also very proud to be part of this, so my thanks go to Michelle and the entire SoundCloud team!

Send me your track

And while we’re at it, you can always send me your music to my DropBox (click above). I am perfectly aware that I should integrate it better into the site, as it’s actually the prefered way to send me new tunes. Working on it!

Sbtrkt – Rekorda

This track from Sbtrkt was posted on Annie Mac’s blog a couple of weeks ago and I forgot about it since. Luckily, he has uploaded it to his SoundCloud page today, so I took the chance to mention it here.

You can download Rekorda and leave a comment on SoundCloud. Another new track is One In A Million, which can be streamed from SoundCloud.

Domu on SoundCloud

I’ve been kinda sloppy with yesterday’s Weekly Bits. Not only did I forget to mention the Seasons Change mixtape from Stee Downes, I also wanted to mention Domu‘s recent activity on SoundCloud.

The track above is taken from the second Domu record, which was released ten years ago on Archive Records. However, there’s much more to discover, including a re-edit of Love Unlimited Orchestra, a demo of a remix for Tortured Soul and some early sketches for the upcoming album. Go and listen already!

Jazzanova Remix Contest Finalists

In the last few weeks, the guys from Jazzanova were busy going through more than 400 submissions to their remix contest. There is no winner yet, but the remixers have been narrowed down to 10 finalists. You can listen to them on Soundcloud.

“We were virtually blown away by the general quality of the remixes submitted. It was absolutely thrilling for all of us to listen to the variety of different approaches these remixers took to our music. And it took quite some time to sort out our personal favorites […] Besides, we agreed on releasing digitally on our label Sonar Kollektiv not only one but at least three of these remixes.” – Jürgen von Knoblauch/Jazzanova

If you haven’t had enough yet, you can still listen to the 410 remaining submissions over here.

Mar 3, 2009 The winners have been chosen, the other tracks have been removed from the player

The many Mixtapes of Jonny Miller

Dubspot resident DJ Jonny Miller has made 15 (fifteen!) of his sets from various occasions available for download via his SoundCloud page. Covers a lot of different styles, soulful house, dubstep, broken beat, including those soundtrack-meets-underground-beats mixes for Nuwave Radio. Just so you know!

Jazzanova Remix Contest

Jazzanova and Verve invite all the producers out there to participate in a remix contest to their upcoming single I Can See with Ben Westbeech on vocals. The winning entry will not only make it onto a digital release, but also receive a copy of Ableton Live and a SoundCloud pro account for a year – both companies being partners to the contest. If you are interested, download the track and its samples from SoundCloud (you will need an account!). Unfortunately neither deadline or legal modalities are mentioned anywhere.

Nov 18, 2008 Deadline appears to be December 15, 2008.