Awanto 3 – Opel Mantra pt. 1

Steven de Peven has always been the somewhat quiet partner in Rednose Distrikt, maybe simply overshadowed by the solo work of his colleagues Aardvarck and Kid Sublime. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago, that he started putting his own name on the musical map, most notably through collaborations with fellow Dutchmen Tom Trago and San Proper. That is about to change with his first solo album under his Awanto 3 alias, forthcoming on the renowned Rush Hour label.

The vinyl version of “Opel Mantra” will be split over three discs, the first part seeing the light of day on next Monday, February 24th, and featuring a remix from Jameszoo. Pre-order from the label’s own store or Clone.

Loopnose Distrikt Vol. 1

Rednose Distrikt

Our favourite Dutch combo Rednose Distrikt was diggin in their friend’s record collection and ended up with this exquisite blend of jazz, soul and some obscurities.

This selection of loops & edits are taken from the old record collection of Stevendepeven’s old neighbour Jan Beckman (R.I.P) He was a big dixie, blues & jazzlover/collector and died on the age of 85 because of the deadly motherf*cker called cancer. However this bad ending, Jan had an amazing beautifull life.
Just before he died he invited Steven for digging in his crates and donated the chosen pieces to him. And so decided Steven to go deeper in this selection. He started to loop and edit the songs he discovered on the wax. A selection was ready…but not without the spirit of close friend & partner in crime DJ Aardvarck. The pig tuned in and dropped the final injection of loops into the area of this dusty deep collection.

This mix is an raw piece, not focused on skills and orders. Just food for all the listeners and original breaks for beatmakers. find the right piece and get inspired to create new music. Which is the true purpose of Jazz.

Dedicated to Jan Beckman.

If you’re more of the possessive kind, here’s a download for you!

(via Crazy Birds)

Rednose Distrikt Interview

Just came across this video interview with my favourite Dutch outfit Rednose Distrikt. It’s quite old, but you probably didn’t know this yet.

The interviewer is Hepcat Radio hostess Mamiko Motto.