Karriem Riggins & J Rocc in the Dungeon

Like every year in February, musicians and DJs around the world celebrate the work of the late J Dilla with special performances, mixtapes or live shows. Acclaimed drummer Karriem Riggins and J Rocc play a little live improvisation at the Stones Throw warehouse, also known as The Dungeon. Filmed on a 360° camera, you can literally turn your heads if you’re a lucky owner of an Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard or any other virtual reality head mounted display. Otherwise, flipping around your mouse will do just fine.

Also, Stones Throw will be releasing a 10th anniversary edition of J Dilla’s seminal final album Donuts.

Knxwledge – Flyinglizrds

I guess I liked quite a couple of bits on this new Knxwledge album on Stones Throw, and of course the album artwork is something I’m very drawn to. At the same time I often have troubles buying a record of beat tape proportions, with hardly a track extending the 2-minute mark — but that’s just me. Anyway, today Stones Throw unveiled this video by the ever amazing RUFFMERCY, so you know you’re in for a visual treat.

Mndsgn – Camelblues (In the dungeon)

Los Angeles’ Stones Throw label just shared this Dungeon Session by Mndsgn, Swarvy and, erm, Knxledge. The track is “Camelblues”, easily my favourite from Mndsgn album “Yawn Zen” and the video was shot by Ross Harris, who also did the official music video.

Also, please take a look at the In the dungeon website, where you will find a couple of similar videos by different performers.

Weekend Mixtapes #51

Lukid keeps the “old ivories tinkling”, with this piano music mixtape for Blowing Up The Workshop. Debussy, Ravel, Cage and everything you’ll be looking for on a Sunday.

Not only that the new Solid Steel website is nothing but a disaster in user experience, it appears their mixes are no longer available for download. Fortunately, there’s still the Mixcloud option to listen to their mixes, which makes it more bearable. This week, you can listen to mixes from Anthony Naples (above) and Four Tet.

Stones Throw also has a bit of a weird podcast policy, since there’s no way of listening without iTunes. However, I suggest you give latest episode a try, since it was compiled by the label’s very own Mndsgn.

And since we like to end the selection with and oldie, here’s a Kemistry & Storm mixtape, originally recorded in 1995.

Mndsgn – Camelblues

Los Angeles’ Ross Harris is a frequent collaborator with Stones Throw, having directed videos for Aloe Blacc or Mayer Hawthorne. His latest video is for Mndsgn’s “Camelblues”, a track taken from his Yawn Zen album released only a couple of weeks ago.

Mndsgn – Sheets

As mentioned before, Los Angeles’ beatsmith Mndsgn released his debut on Stones Throw following a series of beat tapes. I’m still undecided whether I’m going to grab myself a copy on vinyl or if the Spotify stream does it for me, but it’s certainly a record that deserves a couple of listens. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Yawn Zen, this new video by PBDY might be a good starting point.

Mndsgn – Yawn Zen

Not too long ago, Los Angeles-based producer Mndsgn released Breatharian on friendly blog and label Fresh Selects. Fast forward nine months and he landed a deal with Stones Throw to release his new album Yawn Zen. My first impression is, that it sounds an awful lot like an old Dimlite record, maybe even a bit too much at times. But then again, that’s not exactly an awful thing, especially while still waiting for the Dim Grimm “debut album” to arrive.

Well, you can listen to the Yawn Zen in full on Spotify. It’s available on all sorts of formats via Bleep, HHV and just about every other good record store on Planet Earth.

Lootpack – Loopdigga

Fifteen years after Lootpack’s classic Soundpieces album came out (not to mention The Lost Tapes), Stones Throw today announced the release of a new record by the trio consisting of Madlib, Wildchild and DJ Romes. But don’t get too enthusiastic now, as the Loopdigga EP merely collects some rare and out-of-print tracks from their back catalog (but why would you want to miss that?) The record is already available from the Stones Throw Store, where you can choose between vinyl and digital formats.

Ah, I’m always and forever in love with that Brian Benett sample!

Dâm-Funk – I Wanna Be With U

Los Angeles’ Dâm-Funk is at it again, posting old tracks like this cassette outtake recorded in 1992. Not the best quality, but too good to remain unmentioned. Also, first new post in 2014. “Keeping the funk alive”, or so they say.

Jonwayne – The Marion Morrison Mixtape

LA’s Jonwayne completes his trilogy of mixtapes for Stones Throw with The Marion Morrison Mixtape, 11 tracks of beats and raps (yes!) by the man himself plus features with the likes of Flying Lotus alter ego Captain Murphy or newly signed Warp artist Jeremiah Jae. As for the name of the release, Marion Morrison is the legal name of cowboy actor John Wayne, while Jonwayne actually goes by the name Jon Wayne (in case you wondered.)

Unlike the first two cassette-only mixtapes, the new one comes as a free download – unless you want to get your fingers on the actual thing.

(via YSK)

Weekly Bits 20/2013

Twenty weeks into the year and here comes the first edition of our weekly bits and we only noticed how we missed them.

Two years before the Sex Pistols formed, a year before The Ramones got together, three brothers from Detroit formed Death, arguably one of the first punk bands in the world. There is an interesting looking documentary coming to movie theaters (and iTunes) that you might want to check out!

Read an interview with Jeff Jank, creative directory for Stones Throw and illustrator behind the Quasimoto character.

Hard Wax is Berlin’s legendary record store founded in 1989 by Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus, the duo also known for their work as Basic Channel and Rhythm & Sound. This interview tells about the early days of Hard Wax.

Domino Records reissued Four Tet’s 2003 album Rounds with a live bonus disc. Out now!

The music video for Kendrick Lamar’s seminal Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe premiered earlier this week, time to revisit the Dr. Dre-produced, Boomclap Bachelors-sampling hit single.

Next up we got two mixtapes worth checking out. The first one comes from Gerry Read ahead of his DJ set at London’s Fabric club, the second from Night Slug’s Girl Unit.

And lastly – it is finally out!

Madlib Medicine Show: Pill Jar

Madlib Medicine Show: Pill Jar

First of all – if you call yourself proud owner of Madlib‘s entire Medicine Show series, there’s nothing new for you here. On the occasion Japan tour, he has put together a free compilation of eight tracks taken from the 12 volumes.01. Static Invazion [#5: History Of The Loop Digga, 1990-2000]
02. Episode XVI [#5: History Of The Loop Digga, 1990-2000]
03. The Paper feat. Guilty Simpson [#1: Before The Verdict]
04. What Can U Tell Me feat. Frank Nitt & MED [#9: Channel 85 Presents Nittyville]
05. The Frontline (Liberation) [#3: Beat Konducta In Africa]
06. African Voodoo Queen (Drama) [#3: Beat Konducta In Africa]
07. Interview #4080 feat. Karriem Riggins [#11: Low Budget Hi Fi Music]
08. Funky Butt, Part 1 w/ James Poyser & Karriem Riggins [#7: High Jazz]

You can download the entire batch over here!

Knx. – Sadnis (Matthewdavid Magic Vox Demo)

This week was a true blessing regarding new releases, but one that almost slipped off my radar is Dual Forms, a joint compilation of Californian labels Stones Throw and Leaving Music. I haven’t been able to give it a proper listen yet, but a look at the tracklist was enough to get me excited. The track above is part of that very compilation as an instrumental, but Leaving Records founder Matthewdavid just uploaded this vocal demo to his SoundCloud.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a 7-inch of this fine track, but for now you and I have to stick to the compilation. You can already buy a copy on cassette or 2-LP/CD/digital directly from the label, most other online retailers only offer pre-orders so far.

Jonti – Daytrotter Session

Jonti - Daytrotter Session

South Africa’s Jonti played a five track session for Daytrotter, the same website that previously brought us live sets from Mount Kimbie and Com Truise (and a bunch of indie rock bands.) His session includes two tracks from his excellent debut Twirligig (Stones Throw, 2011), the more recent Christmas Worm and two previously unheard tunes, possibly from a new album.

To listen to his Daytrotter Session, you need to register with your email on your website. Registering comes with a free trial month allowing you to download the tracks as well. However, as the download requires you to install Java, proceed with caution.

Jonti – Christmas Worm

Californian Stones Throw and Serato teamed up for the second time to release two limited edition timecode records. Also featured on those are eight exclusive tracks from the label roster, including the one above: Jonti‘s Christmas Worm. One of my favourite artists on the label and, well, it’s Christmas time so why not post this tune?

The vinyl bundle is probably a pricey option for non-Serato owners, but if you can’t resist, you can buy this from Rush Hour or HHV. Release date is December 21, 2012.