Georgia Anne Muldrow remixes Suite for Ma Dukes

LA’s Georgia Anne Muldrow steps up to record a remix of Miguel Atwood-Ferguson’s Suite for Ma Dukes.

Remixing Suite for Ma Dukes is a brave undertaking. Several producers and MCs at first accepted and then declined the job. In the end we think we got the right person. It is with great pleasure on the week of Mothers Day to release this remix. Done while mothering by none other than Georgia Anne Muldrow.

You have to visit the VTech website for the fullscreen version, there you can also download an MP3 of that remix.

Suite For Ma Dukes DVD

You might have heard about the upcoming DVDs from Mochilla, one of them featuring the legendary Suite for Ma Dukes concert arranged by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. Following previous excerpts from both the concert and the rehearsals, VTech has posted this brand new video.

For some reason, you have to follow a different link for a fullscreen version of the video. Also make sure to grab yourself the MP3 of that song.

Weekly Bits 9/2009

As the album Prismic Valuta Rising might not be released, Dimlite has uploaded some of its tracks to his Myspace page, including the previously featured Kalimba Lifeswamp.

Two videos made the rounds this week, the more prominent being the Suite for Ma Dukes concert on YouTube. The second comes the Bristol soundsystem Wild Bunch and is accompanied by a 72 minutes long mix from 1987 (!), dubbed Wild Bunch vs Soul II Soul (original post on Test Pressing).

The Phlash & Friends album Deep Electronic Sound is now also available as digital download. Note that there are two editions circling around, one on Traxsource and another on Juno, each containing different bonus tracks. Phil Asher has also uploaded a video from last week’s release party.