The Orb – Moonbuilding 2703 AD (Teebs Moon Grotto Remix)

With “Moonbuilding 2073 AD”, legendary The Orb released one of the biggest surprises of the year (as in surprisingly good) on Cologne’s Kompakt label. If you haven’t given it a try before, please do so, it’s among my favourites for the year. There will be more surprises. The smaller one the mere fact that there will be a remix EP, the bigger one that one the remixes is coming out of sunny Los Angeles, courtesy of Brainfeeder-signed and long-time favourite Teebs.

No other remixers have been revealed as of now, neither the name of the remix EP. What we do know though is the release date and that’s on October 2nd, 2015. Keep your eyes peeled!

Teebs – Wobble Trap

Just don’t you worry, there are no wobbling basslines or trap music involved in the following. The photo for Teebs‘ latest show on dublab depicts the Chino Hills-based artist holding The Free Design’s folk album Heaven/Earth and that’s far closer to what you can expect in his 52-minutes show. A couple of funk and soul records, some hip hop beats. Just the perfect soundtrack for the beginning of Spring!

And since we’re talking about Teebs already, let me make sure you took a listen to his new Brainfeeder-released album Estara by now!

Teebs – Holiday (feat. Jonti)

I wasn’t too convinced after hearing the first track from Mtendere Mandowa’s new album on Brainfeeder, but this new one featuring Jonti I like much better. Looking forward to hear what Teebs has come up with on the entire record. Titled “Estara”, the album is available for pre-order and will be in stores worldwide on April 7, 2014.

Sons of the Morning – Sundays Buzzabout (Kelpe Remix)

Look at that, our dear friend Kelpe is back with a remix for Los Angeles’ Sons of the Morning, the duo compromised of Prefuse 73 and Teebs. The original is taken from their Speak Soon (Volume One) EP, released only a couple of months ago. And as there’s no description coming with the remix above, we can only speculate whether it’s going to be part of a second volume. However, you might also want to check out a second remix, courtesy of LA beatmaker Co.fee:

Sons of the Morning – Speak Soon (Volume One)

Just like the NSA, we’ve been monitoring every little step of Guillermo Scott Herren’s new Yellow Year label, eagerly awaiting the release of their first record. It turns out to be as wonderful as one would expect from either Prefuse 73 or Teebs, so we cannot but recommend picking up a copy. “Speak Soon (Volume One)“ is available now and you can choose between vinyl, CD and digital download. All of them are available directly from the label, Bleep, or your favourite record store!

Mixtape Monday #32

Just a quick fix of mixtapes I enjoyed over the last couple of weeks.

Following Prefuse73’s XLR8R podcast, he and his Sons of the Morning-partner Teebs put together another one for Self-Titled magazine.

When I’m not listening to the Hessle Audio radio show on, I’m more than happy to track down other mixes by Ben UFO and company. The Essential Mix is still a big deal and—annoying as Pete Tong’s flat introductions are—you might want to grab this new one featuring Ben.

Safe House USA added the fourth edition of their Stay the Night series and it’s been nicely put together by Night Slug’s Girl Unit. Meanwhile, Fantastic Mr Fox did that for oki-ni.

If you heard that new track by Burial and Four Tet, you might want to download the Rinse show were the rip is taken from.

With all the hype about yet-another Grand Theft Auto, I’m sure you listened to Flylo FM already. Otherwise, here you go!

And lastly, I’d like to sneak my revised version of last year’s Colectivo Futuro podcast. Music for autumn!

Sons of the Morning – Speak Soon Volume One

We don’t think that any fans of Prefuse73 or Teebs will truly need a reminder of the forthcoming Sons of the Morning EP, but if you do, we will gladly provide that service. Titled Speak Soon Volume One, the 7-track record is only about a week from release on the Prefuse73-founded Yellow Year label. Following an earlier teaser, the label shared this 11-minute video with further snippets from the EP. Again, that will be out next week or October 1st, 2013. And while we’re at it, we would like to remind you of the duo’s Boiler Room appearance from last year!

September 27, 2013 You can stream the entire EP over at Noisey

Raffertie – Rain (Teebs Remix)

More than a month ahead of its release, Ninja Tune shares the Teebs from the forthcoming new Raffertie single. Rain is taken Sleep Of Reason, Raffertie’s debut album on the label released earlier this month, it will be out in stores on October 6, 2013. Pre-order from the NinjaShop and iTunes.

Sons of the Morning – The Way Winter Passed Us

More than a year after first hearing about Sons of the Morning, a collaborative project by Prefuse73 and Teebs, things are finally starting to move. Besides giving some insights to what their project sounds like, the video above gives a vague release date for it. The vagueness leaves it open whether we can expect a full album, but whatever it is, it’s going to be released on Prefuse’s newly founded label Yellow Year. So little info, so much excitement!

(thanks to Sven!)

Teebs – Gratitude

Almost unnoticed by myself, the third and final Road Kill compilation was released a couple of days ago. All of them came out in the last 6 months, all of them are worth checking out and a must-have for fans of the Los Angeles scene (though there are non-LA artists on it as well!) It might seem a bit predictable that I have picked the Teebs track, but you know how much I love his music.

Other artists on the compilation include Kutmah, fLako, Sonnymoon, devonwho, and DJ Nuts. You can buy Road Kill Vol. 3 directly from Hit+Run as limited CD or digital download.

Teebs & Yuk – Estara

I could live inside any of Teebs‘ tracks, what more comfy place could there be? Above you can hear his collaboration with Yuk, one of the tracks from dublab’s Light from Los Angeles compilation. All songs and videos of that project are released under a Creative Commons license, so they can be downloaded and remixed under the same conditions.

I’m not quite sure when the project will be completed, but you can download the Teebs & Yuk track for the time being!

(via RBMA)

Teebs Live at 10 Days Off

I’ve actually been to Belgium’s 10 Days Off back in 2003 and I have nothing but good memories of the festival and the lovely town of Ghent. Last Thursday, it was Brainfeeder’s Teebs playing there and much to my joy a recording has been made available on SoundCloud.

For repeated listen on your device of choice, grab the download while it’s available!

(via 92bpm)

Sons Of The Morning Live at Boiler Room

The guys behind Boiler Room have done it again, for the third appearance in Los Angeles they invited the Sons Of The Morning, the latest project by Prefuse 73 and Brainfeeder’s Teebs.

A video recording is also available on YouTube, or you can download the set after subscribing to the Boiler Room podcast!

Shlohmo – wen uuu (Teebs Remix)

Unfortunately, the Teebs remix didn’t quite make it on the forthcoming Shlohmo EP. But the good people at Friends of Friends decided to give it away as a free bonus, so it’s not so bad after all.

Downloading the remix should also make the wait for the Vacation EP more pleasant. The 12-inch will be out on March 6th, 2012 and it comes with three originals and remixes by Nicolas Jaar, Salva, Airhead and Groundislava.

Update Apparently, the digital releases is available as of today!

Teebs, Sonnymoon & Time Wharp – North American Tour Promo Mix

As they’re taking on the United States and Canada for a joint live tour, the trio of Teebs, Sonnymoon and Time Wharp have collectively put together the most dreamy mixtape of the year as yet.

01. Sonnymoon – Near Me
02. Teebs – Pretty Poly
03. Time Wharp – mdat (feat. Divine Interface)
04. Stereolab – Diagonals
05. Kuhn – Slime Beach (The Range Remix)
06. Avila Santo – Punic Wars
07. Sir Froderick – kungfu
08. Arthur Russell – I Like You!
09. Teebs – Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent (New House Version)
10. Four Tet, Burial, & Thom Yorke – Ego
11. Time Wharp – BLK (Obey City Remix)

To catch one of their shows, check out the tour schedule on SoundCloud, where you can also download a copy of this mix.