Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid – Strings Of Life

Kieran Hebden’s own Text Records is about to release a much anticipated piece of music in collaboration with the late Steve Reid. The track in question is a rework of Derrick May’s seminal “Strings of Life”, released in 1987 (!) under his Rhythim is Rhythim moniker. Hebden and Reid performed their cover version almost 20 years later at the 2006 Green Man Festival.

A limited 12-inch will be “available soon” with hand-printed sleeves designed by Marta Dos Santos, and once again all proceeds will go to the Steve Reid Foundation.

Resident Advisor Podcast by Anthony Naples

RA.455 Anthony Naples

Anthony released his debut album Body Pill this week, a record I haven’t listened to enough to make up my mind yet. What I did enjoy tremendously is his guestmix for the Resident Advisor podcast series. Music from Led Zeppelin, Tim Hecker, Terry Riley, into a proper selection of house and techno.

Press play and read the interview on the RA website, where you can also grab the download.

Four Tet – Lion (Jamie xx Remix)

As much as I hate posting an article with hardly any information value at all, I do love a good track by Four Tet or Jamie xx. Or both, as in this lucky case of one remixing the other. It’s safe to assume that this remix will be out on Kieran’s Text label and in the past those releases followed relatively quick after the track was uploaded to SoundCloud. Keep your eyes open, it shouldn’t take too long!

November 29, 2012 You can now pick up the 12-inch at the Bleep store

Four Tet – Lion

As you must’ve heard by now, Four Tet released his new album Pink this week. It’s basically a collection of the last couple singles on his own Text label, with only two of them being previously unreleased, one of them is Lion below.

As promised earlier both tracks, Lion and Peach for Earth, will be out on 12-inch as well. The exact date isn’t yet known (“soon”), but the record will be TEXT019.

Four Tet – Pink

Four Tet - Pink

Cover Artwork

Over the course of the last year, Kieran Hebden released several Four Tet 12-inches on his own Text label. Time to think about those that own no record player and have been left out.

Today, it was announced on his website that there will be a new album called Pink that brings those tracks on CD and non-material formats. Let’s take a look at the tracklist.01. Locked
02. Lion
03. Jupiters
04. Ocoras
05. 128 Harps
06. Pyramid
07. Peace for Earth
08. Pinnacles

Pink will be out digitally on August 20, 2012 through Text Records and the Japan-exclusive CD will follow two days later through Hostess Entertainment. The two tracks that haven’t been out on vinyl yet, Lion and Peach for Earth, should follow sometime after the album release.

August 19, 2012 A day earlier than expected, Bleep now has the album available for purchase!

Four Tet – 128 Harps

Only last week, Four Tet declared TEXT016 as ready, now he’s giving us a preview to one of the tracks from the new 12-inch.

No release date or any further info along the announcement, but usually the Text releases follow shortly after. I’m guessing this month or maybe July, will keep you updated in any case!

Juk Juk – Winter Turn Spring

It’s good to see Four Tet‘s label Text Records growing the way it does. The latest addition is London’s Juk Juk with a track you might have heard on the latest Worldwide show.

I guess it’s no suprise this caught Kieran’s attention, fans of Four Tet should easily fall in love with this. As always, TEXT012 will be a vinyl exclusive release and you should find it in all good record stores from September 12, 2011!

Four Tet – Pinnacles

Kieran Hebden is readying a new release on his own label Text Records. As always when there’s a new Four Tet production, we’re quite excited. In fact this track became an instant favourite, reminds me of some early DFA records.

On the flipside, you will find the track Ye Ye by Daphni, otherwise known as Dan Snaith of Caribou. You might have heard it on his recent mix for Resident Advisor.

No infos on the release date yet, but usually Four Tet updates his website a couple of hours after uploading new material to SoundCloud. We’ll keep you updated!