Crate Diggers: The Gaslamp Killer

In the latest episode of Crate Diggers, Fuse TV visits The Gaslamp Killer at his Californian home. I’ve enjoyed many episodes before, but there’s something special about this one I can’t nail down. Maybe it’s the personal touch, maybe it’s just my sympathy for GLK. Or the music he showcases.

The Gaslamp Killer – Seven Years of Bad Luck for Fun

The collaboration between The Gaslamp Killer and Dimlite is one of the highlights on Breakthrough, the debut album from the LA-native and Brainfeeder-affiliate. Watch the Twin Peaks-inspired video for the track directed by Phil Nisco.

In other Dimlite related news, you might want to check his new video for Peg, a track taken from his Abscission EP and (probably) the follow-up to this video.

The Gaslamp Killer – Flange Face

The Gaslamp Killer - Flange Face

Cover Artwork

When I first heard about the forthcoming album from The Gaslamp Killer, I wasn’t sure what to expect or whether I was looking forward to it. As much as I loved his production work on A Sufi And A Killer, it was clear another album mostly sampling Turkish psych-rock records (and the likes) wouldn’t do. A look at the tracklist was all it took to change my mind: Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Adrian Younge, Shigeto, Dimlite, Amir Yaghmai, Daedelus, Computer Jay(and others.) No doubt, there are some potent musicians involved in the making of the record!

01. Flange Face (with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
02. Flange Face (Low End Theory Edit)
03. Seven Years of Bad Luck for Fun (with Dimlite)
As of today, you can get yourself a taste of the record as Brainfeeder released the single Flange Face containing two of the album tracks plus a Low End Theory edit of the title track. You can listen to all of the tracks on the Bleep website, where you can also buy the digital-only single.

Expect the full album Breakthrough to follow on September 17, 2012.

A Decade of Flying Lotus

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Another nice Christmas present comes from Brainfeeder, who celebrate Flying Lotus‘ first decade of making music. Put together by The Gaslamp Killer, the mix features both old and new music, but most importantly some rare and unreleased material.

In a side note it was also revealed, that the new album from Flying Lotus will be out in April 2010 and goes by the name of “Cosmogramma”. Like the previous, it will be released through Warp Records.

Until then, you should download A Decade of Flying Lotus (direct link). Needless to mention, that the cover art was made by Brainfeeder’s own Ques.

Happy Birthday, Flying Lotus

Last week, the mighty Flying Lotus celebrated his birthday. What better way to celebrate is there, but invite some friends in and play some music with them.

That’s what the the people at ArtDontSleep must have thought, so they invited Exile, Shafiq Husayn, Stephen Thundercat Bruner, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Computer Jay, Isaac Smith, Jim Lang, Alla Koi, Andres Renteria, Matthew David and The Gaslamp Killer to get together for a jam session.

Echo Park Jam Sessions © Grace Oh

Luckily, this Birthday Jam was recorded and properly mixed. You can listen to 33 minutes from that in the player above or download it to your iPod.

I also want to remember you of similar jam sessions, that I mentioned here before: the Love Supreme LA Jam with Mark de Clive-Lowe and the Skid Row AM Session.