Shobaleader One plays “Squarepusher Theme”

The year was 1997, when I first got in contact with the music of Tom Jenkinson, more precisely his then new Squarepusher album Hard Normal Daddy. And as it often goes, your first contact with something new (or very different) leaves a special mark in your musical life, and to this day I consider it my favourite of his albums. My favourite Squarepusher tune, however, has to be “Squarepusher Theme” from the 1996 EP “Squarepusher Plays…”, discovered by myself only several years later. Fast forward 20 years and here is a new live rendition of the said tune by Jenkinson’s band Shobaleader One, who will play a couple of dates in the UK and Germany in May. If you like what you hear (and see), find out more about the tour on the Warp website.

Meet Squarepusher

A short documentary by The Creators Project, who met up with Tom Jenkinson to talk about the sound of information, thinking of music in numbers, Chris Cunningham, his band Shobaleader One and their live shows.

(via Warp)

Squarepusher presents Shobaleader One – Megazine

I think I’ve only mentioned the preview on Twitter once. Now that d’Demonstrator was unleashed, Warp has unlocked a first video by Squarepusher‘s new band.

In this interview, Tom Jenkinson tells the story behind the project. The album is available now on 2xLP, CD and various download formats.