CDR Berlin Workshop: Dego

There’s a lot to talk about when you got a man Dego on sitting on the CDR couch and there aren’t many people more qualified to lead such an interview than Tony Nwachukwu. So here’s a little journey from Dego’s beginnings in sounds-systems, running Reinforced records back in the day, releasing early music from Goldie or Seiji, meeting and learning from Kaidi Tatham – all that. switching from sampling music to making your own.

If you want to take the time to listen to the music featured in the video, here’s the complete list of tracks:

Tek 9 – We’re Getting Down
4hero – 9 by 9
4hero – Hold It Down
Kaidi Tatham & Dego – Got Me Puzzled
Cousin Cockroach – This Ain’t Tom And Jerry
Dego & Kaidi – Acting Up (On Sh​i​t That Don’t Count)

Quote that made my day: “It’s boring this money shit”. Big up, Dego!

CDR Berlin Workshop: Theo Parrish

I was gonna write about the forthcoming CDR Knowledge event in December, but then I stumbled across an even nicer video: Theo Parrish in conversation with Tony Nwachukwu recorded in early October at CDR Berlin.

There are more talks like this with Henrik Schwarz, Gerd Janson, Basic Soul Unit or SoundCloud founder Eric “Forss” Walforss.

And if you’re in London and interested in production, mobile production in particular, check out the CDR Knowledge website for their upcoming event.

CDR Knowledge with Simbad

Here’s a nice little interview with London based producer Simbad. It includes bits from a CDR session, in which he explains some of his production techniques used on his track Soul Fever.

I should also mention that the last CDR session of this decade is taking place at London’s Plastic People tonight. For more infos visit the Burntprogress website!

(via Simbad)

CDR: Late at Tate

The Tate Britain hosted Tony Nwachukwu’s CDR event Late at Tate in late March. Taking “the concept of remixing to the gallery with DJing from CDR”, the likes of Soundspecies and Dorian Concept played their music to an audience at the “most surreal place” (Dorian).

Interviews, footage from the event (I spotted Domu in the crowd) and some insight on how the venue contributes to such a night