Mixtape Monday #27

Good mixtapes have been scarce and while I’m not aware of too many, here are a few I’d like to share with you.

To celebrate the launch of the Hinge Finger label, Joy Orbison did a little mix that you can stream here or download there.

You might have heard about DJ Spinna’s The Best of MdCL mix by now, but there are some more Mark de Clive-Lowe related items. For once the Los Angeles based producer was invited to play at Low End Theory, and then there’s a new mixtape to promote his own night called Church.

Ahead of the TIEF new year’s party, Greymatter has done a mix for them. And you better be quick on that one, as they usually vanish after a few weeks.

If you’re looking for something more quiet, check out this one put together by Jon Hopkins.

For those remembering Sven Swift’s jazz mix from a while back, check out his latest for Find Magazine.

And as a little bonus, here’s a free download of AD Bourke‘s beat tape released back in 2008 on Domu’s TrebleO label.

December 20, 2011 Let me throw in two more mixes: Beat Dimension’s Danny Corn X ASG and another by Julien Dyne!

Here Comes Treble Podcasts

Back in 2008, when the Here Comes Treble compilation was set for a release on Domu’s label, there were six mixtapes from featured artists to set you in the mood.

HCT Minicast Volume 01 mixed By Rondenion
HCT Minicast Volume 02 mixed By Nu Era AKA Marc Mac
HCT Minicast Volume 03 mixed By Soulparlor
HCT Minicast Volume 04 mixed by Lukid
HCT Minicast Volume 05 The Domu Oddcast
HCT Minicast Christmas Mixtape Special – Domu live at OOFT!

As these mixes have disappeared together with TrebleO website, I decided to put them online again.

Domu Promo Mix April 09

TrebleO founder Dominic Stanton, musician of many disguises and extraordinary DJ, has posted another of his much sought-after mixtapes – and it’s a big one! A new Domu album will be out on Tru Thoughts real soon, so this is the perfect warm-up!

Domu Promo Mix April 09 (download)
01. Oriol – LW
02. Chris Barker – Space Helmet
03. Dujin Douglas – Zuid
04. Blackjoy – Apollo Funk
05. L’Aroye – Love Dub
06. Clyde – Roll Of The Beats (Atjazz Remix)
07. Yameen – Light Of Love (MdCL Mix)
08. Souled – Sweet Nothings
09. Seiji – Ravin A
10. EL-B – Express
11. Klic – Kerone Karaoke

Limited to only 100 downloads, better hurry up!

Should be up for a while now!

This Is Science Mixtape by AD Bourke

You have probably heard of Italian beatmaker AD Bourke from his TrebleO Beat Tape, released back in summer 2008. His latest mixtape was made for the new website This Is Science, brainchild of Dave Farlam, co-founder of TrebleO and one half of Yotoko.


Unfortunately, there is no tracklist available for this (might follow soon), but it features tracks from the mentioned beat tape and others from his upcoming album. If you like Dabrye, Lukid, Flying Lotus or anybody of the so-called Beat Generation, you should fall in love with this collection.

AD Bourke – Someseek

Also, here’s a free track from AD Bourke, who is currently looking for a label to put out his album. So, if you have a label and read this, you know what to do!

Domu's Remixes, Rarities and One Offs

Later this year, you can expect a new double CD from Domu on Tru Thoughts. Called Remixes, Rarities and One Offs, this compilation is what the name suggests. It will be preceded (“very, very soon”) by a 12-inch with the tracks Springbreak (a new mixdown of Something New) and the instrumental of his AC Lewis remix.

Domu – We Can Do It

Another release on Tru Thoughts will be the label’s 10th anniversary compilation, which is set for release in October. Domu’s contribution We Can Do It features Aisling Stephenson on vocals and was previously available on his Soundcloud page. The low-quality MP3 was taken from Domu’s blog.

Focus on Dorian Concept

The debut album When Planets Explode from Dorian Concept is set for release next week In fact Rush Hour has it on stock already! A lot has been written about the young Austrian producer, for whom 2008 was clearly a breakthrough in his musical career. His tracks have received massive airplay by the likes of Benji B, Jay Scarlett and of course Gilles Peterson, and in just one year his music got released through three different labels. Today, I want to take a look back and focus on the early material, hoping to give you a complete image.


If you have absolutely no idea about whom I’m talking here, you might want to start by watching some of the videos Dorian has recorded at his home, on which he is “fooling around” on various Korg synthesizers, the Alesis Micron or the toy-ish Casio SA-21. Dorian Concept is part of a new wave of electronic hip-hop producers, which is represented by the likes of Flying Lotus, Prefuse 73, Dabrye, Hudson Mohawke, Nosaj Thing or Dimlite. He took piano lessons from a very young age, and now, in his early twenties, masters synthesizers like no other.

His first official release dates back to 2004, on the small (now defunct) Viennese label Vitamine Source. What followed are the digital EPs Nouns and the Relevance of Wood (2005 on Project 168) and Seek When Is Her (2006 on Earstroke), both available as free downloads. It’s this latter release which gained wider attention and eventually lead to the TrebleO Beat Tape on Domu‘s then newly founded label.

Leave Before It’s To Early
Forced Laughter Might Save Your Life
Seek When Is Her
Korean Dubstep

Also in 2006, Dorian and the Italians Mickey Eats Plastic swap tracks to remix each other. The outcome are three remixes which are available for download. Not to forget the remix of Paradigm Shift, a track from the Soulhack album by SoundCloud founder Forss.

Paradigm Shift (Dorian Concept Remix)
Exactly as my identity my music is a hypothesis (Dorian Concept Restir)

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet experienced Dorian Concept in a concert, but there are multiple videos on YouTube and several live-recordings I can recommend. One of the more recent recordings is from the Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards, bits from the concert have been featured on both the radioshow and the podcast. I also want to mention the lovely Jazz to Spaz mixtape made for Mondayjazz, featuring tracks from Alice Coltrane, Miles Davis, Roy Ayers, Funkadelic, but also Squarepusher, Boards of Canada, Dabrye and Four Tet.

So, that’s a lot of stuff to go through already, and I don’t want to repeat myself on the remixes he made, the jazz session or the outcome from the RBMA. I want to finish this article with a recollection of the physical releases from Dorian so far. Back in August 2008, there was a 7-inch with Sam Irl on Bonzzaj Records, followed by an EP on Affine Records, and the teaser to his debut album. Single tracks are also available on Here Comes Treble and Jay Scarlett‘s Circulations compilation, remixes have been made for Fulgeance and Waxolutionists. For Swedish singer Kissey Asplund, Dorian has produced her Silverlake EP.

Apart from the debut album on Nod Navigators, the first release under the Fyrd alias is also expected this year on Aber Records.

Two goodies from Domu

Today, Domu has posted two new mixtapes on his blog. I certainly prefer the first one (labeled “made for Nikki”), which starts with some pretty hefty beats and other twisted sounds, and ends with a selection of boogie and disco. The second mix picks up where the first ended, making it a more typical oldschool set in the fashion of what Domu played earlier last summer. As both mixtapes are hosted on Sendspace, you better hurry up with the downloads.

Lukid – Foma

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Just when I reported about Luke Blair’s mixtape, I found out that he got his new album out on Werk Discs. The follow-up to 2007’s Onandon is Foma, and it proves Lukid is the first artist of the year you can’t afford to sleep on.

If trip-hop had further evolved since the nineties, or if it still had some relevance in contemporary underground music, this is what it would sound like! It all comes from a kid heavily influenced by Autechre and Boards of Canada, but who produces tracks with the freshness of Flying Lotus or Rustie, Appleblim or Dabrye, Theo Parrish and the late J Dilla.

Foma is a deep dark journey through dubstep, hip hop and IDM, with a consistent mood lurking beneath all tracks. Beautifully wrapped into a design by Davin and Paul Camo, a first masterpiece in 2009!01. Ice Nine
02. Raise High The Roof Beam
03. Veto
04. Slow Hand Slap
05. Saddlebags
06. Chord
07. Foma
08. Fall Apart
09. Laughin’
10. Ski Fly
11. Time Doing So Mean
The album is currently available on CD and as digital download, you can buy a copy at Juno (currently the download only!), Boomkat, iTunes or even Amazon.

While writing this article, I stumbled upon this video on the TrebleO website and this worthwile review on Resident Advisor.

FACT Mix by Lukid

This one is a bit older. Already back in November, British FACT Magazine published a mixtape by Lukid, whom you might remember from his appearance on the Here Comes Treble compilation. It is certainly a mixtape to keep, Lukid mashed up all styles to create this beat-monster!


So tell us about the mix you’ve done for us…
It’s a selection of music that I’ve been into recently. I’ve included a track I made in Barcelona with the help of Tony Nwachakwu, Mark Pritchard and Dorian Concept.

Lukid Mix for FACT Magazine
01. Samoyed – Fuck
02. Autechre – Drane
03. Actress – Redit 124
04. Fluent – Crazy
05. Ssuave – Scotty’s Pikachu Beat
06. James Pants – She’s Out of My Life (Dub)
07. Jana Hunter – The New Sane Scramble
08. Agape – Rejoice
09. Orchestre PolyRhythmo De Cotonou Dahomey – Minsato Le, Mi Dayihome
10. Panda Bear – Young Prayer
11. Lukid – Untitled
12. Theo Parrish – Love Triumphant
13. Fuzz Face – Brainswapper
14. Dabrye – Get Dirty (Instrumental)
15. Dorian Concept – Chocolate Milk
16. Lukid – Chord

Along the mixtape comes an interview with the man, where he talks about his music, his influences and his label.

Dorian Concept at Elevate Festival

Austrian beatmaker Dorian Concept has been featured heavily this year by the likes of Benji B or Gilles Peterson. There was a digital EP on Domu’s TrebleO label, a first vinyl record has been released recently on Affine Records, and another is going to follow on the new Kindred Spirits sublabel Nod Navigators.

You’ve probably seen the videos of Dorian performing live or even had the pleasure to be there. Today I’ve got a recording of him performing Live At Elevate Festival in Austria. He keeps touring constantly (mostly in Europe), hope you got a chance to catch him live!

Here Comes Treble

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

It’s been one of my favourite compilations of the year and I’m late on my review duties – but in fact this blog didn’t even exist when everybody else was loving it already. Today we’re talking about Here Comes Treble, the first compilation from Domu‘s young TrebleO label. And it’s a great debut, way too fresh to be put in this blog’s classics category! Dominic has proven great taste putting together such diverse collection of styles and artists, even the cover artwork is an outstanding piece of work, designed by Mr. The Beef.

So, being the last blogger on the planet to review this, let’s make it a proper one. Here Comes Treble was preceded by two download-only samplers (via ithinkmusic) and accompanied by mixtapes from Nu Era, Soulparlor, Rondenion, Lukid and Domu himself.

Personally, I’m always a bit sceptical when it comes to compilations of different styles of music. TrebleO on the other hand manages to fuse all these genres, broken beat, hip hop, soul, drum and bass, house and what not in an exceptional sensitive way. The opener Twice is a jazzy-smooth track with soft hip-hop beats, rich of strings and brass. It comes from Lukid, a young London based producer with a nice portfolio on his MySpace page. Next up is Probe DMS, one of half of NYC’s Spymusic. It’s the track Voodoo Magic I didn’t like when first listening to it. But it has grown on me since, it’s a fresh hip-hop tune with raps (from Probe himself?) that has an oldskool Ummah feel to it.

A fantastic sound clash of genre-bending underground music! Simply needs to be heard!
Mark De Clive Lowe (Antipodean)

The music is then makes a twist towards laid back house with Breakin Bread from Chris Barker, followed by the soulful Ben Mi Duck. They already had an EP Stepping Back Patterns on TrebleO, but Pointless Dreams is exclusive to the compilation. Lush strings and soulful vocals with a 4hero feel, that already got some airplay on Gilles Peterson‘s radio show. It is 4hero’s Marc Mac in his Nu Era disguise who contributed Robot Moves, a personal favourite.

When Domu asked me to do a track for the album he used those magic words “you can do anything you want” and that’s how ‘Robot Moves’ came to life. You can clearly hear across the album that everyone involved had the same instructions and the result is a solid compilation of great diverse self indulgence. And that’s not a bad thing…
Marc Mac (4 Hero)

Domu’s first out of three tracks is Izittobe, the first output since the massive Dangerous Minds EP and it goes into a similiar direction. It gets even darker from here with Soulparlor’s Gee, moving between dubstep and broken beat territories. Let’s talk about my favourite track on the compilation, it’s a remix of an old Sonar Circle tune, remixed by Bassclef. I’m not sure if the original of Cry had a proper release on vinyl or if it first appeared on TrebleO’s recent collection of old material from Domu’s drum and bass oriented moniker. Another track from Domu is in the cue, So Move is probably the weakest track on the compilation. Bruk sound with sweet vocals that sound like Nicola Kramer, though it might not be her.

It represents brilliantly everything going on in the house, soul and jazz scenes at the moment.
Aaron Jerome (BBE/If Music)

Before the music makes another twist, Planet Zero from Cartridge is the last and probably darkest tune of the rougher side of the compilation. We go soulful from there! It’s the Baker Brothers with What You Do Is Right. I don’t know who they are or where the come from, but it’s a bright tune, it must have a full band behind the acid jazz flavoured vocals, very rich sounding! More positive sounds are delivered by Bedford’s DJ Marin (Bakura!), the Rondenion mix of Love Fantasy is an atmospheric deephouse track with soulful vocals. Sub Ensemble deliver 22 21, picking up the jazzy sounds of Dalindeo or japanese nujazz, you get the picture.

An interlude comes from Simbad, who teams up with Philadelphia’s spoken word artist Rich Medina for a short Momentum. Wise words, wise words. Everybody keeps talking about Austrian wunderkind Dorian Concept recently. Being heavily featured by Benji B, TrebleO released his Beat Tape and now he contributes Thank Capital Letters. You like Prefuse 73? You like Dimlite? I’m sure you will like Dorian Concept. I should mention he has a free album on Earstroke and another download from TrebleO. Just as we continue, it’s already the last track and it’s Ninja Tunes’ Daedalus. Drummery Jam is pure fun in the sense of Pizzicato Five or Wagon Christ, a bit like a song for children.

Want to listen again?01. Lukid – Twice
02. Probe Dms – Voodoo Magic
03. Chris Barker – Breakin Bread
04. Ben Mi Duck – Pointless Dreams
05. Nu Era – Robot Moves
06. Domu Feat Aina – Izittobe
07. Soulparlor – Gee
08. Sonar Circle – Cry (Bass Clef Mix)
09. Domu – So Move
10. Cartridge – Planet Zero
11. Baker Brothers – What You Do Is Right
12. DJ Marin – Love Fantasy (Rondenion Mix)
13. Sub Ensemble – 22 21
14. Simbad – Momentum
15. Dorian Concept – Thank Capital Letters
16. Daedelus – Drummery Jam
Now where can you get this? Being a young label and this being theig first longplayer, it’s suprising how widespread it is. You can get it on CD from Juno or Fat City, but also from iTunes, HMV or Amazon. To support the artists best, I recommend ordering a copy directly from the label. The CD sells for ₤10, the MP3s for just ₤5.99.

Some Domu Mixtapes

Domu has posted some mixtapes on his blog, which can be downloaded as long as SendSpace can offer the files.

Dominic Stanton

I am going to include a couple of treats in this one though, in the vain hope that the net nerdy among you will spread it around the message boards and forums I know nothing about these days, and generate some new traffic onto the site. Some of you may remember the old Dom-unique site from which I gave free monthly mixes, many years ago, pre dating many DJs, clubs and fan web sites giving out podcasts. They were popular mixes, often being downloaded in there thousands, which led to the start of Treble O. Myself and Shifty thought thus: if 4000 people look at these pages a month to get a free mix, would a quarter of them pay for it? Or would all those that had received free mixes every month for two or three years feel obliged to start buying music from the people that had provided that service? The answer was of course no, but it was a reasonably painless experiment. In any case Treble O is still here, and after a stressful year and with more big changes to come, I thought I would give all those that have stayed in to support us some free mixes. One of the files is big and I did it on sendspace so you may have to try a few times to get it. So here is a two and a half hour live set from Osaka, Japan, recorded at Freedom Time with Yoshihiro Okino from Kyoto Jazz Massive, and a recent radio mix I did for Kev Beadle on Solar Radio. Also included separately is another radio mix, this time for the Future Boogie crew, which aired on Kiss (for the West of England only) last Sunday, the 24th of August 2008.

So far I only peeped two of the mixes, which are more on a house-tip.