Stylin’ with Underground Resistance

Those of you, who have been visiting this site for some years, will surely remember the Carl Craig special on the Stylin’ radioshow, as I was constantly promoting it as one of the best in its history. My opinion on that hasn’t changed, but here’s a new one that’s just as good and it features another legend from Detroit: Underground Resistance.

01. Timeline – Return of the Dragons
02. Mad Mike – Alpha UR-040
03. UR – Rainbows Over Paradise (The Rain)
04. Atlantis – Words from Atlantis
05. Underground Resistance – Transition
06. Funkadelic – One Nation Under a Groove
07. George Clinton – Man’s Best Friend
08. Sweat Band – Freak to Freak
09. George Clinton – Atomic Dog (Instrumental)
10. The Martians and Starchild – Starchild
11. Members of the House – Share this House
12. X-102 – Xanadu
13. Mad Mike – Hi-Tech Dreams
14. Underground Resistance – The Theory (Mind Mix)
15. X-102 – Tethys
16. Drexciya – Wavejumper
17. The Aquanauts – Relentless (Xpect no Mercy Mix)
18. Los Hermanos – Galaxy Traveler
19. Underground Resistance – Amazon
20. Final Cut – Now to that’s Funky
21. Underground Resistance – Eye of the Storm
22. Esteban Adame – Aztlan Reclaimed
23. Ican – Caminos del Niño
24. Thee Midniters – The Town I Live In
25. Ican – A Quien
26. Mantronix – Bassline (Instrumental)
27. War – Galaxy
28. The Aztec Mystic – Jaguar
29. DJ Skurge – k@r3ir (54m4r174n h4x0r)
30. DJ Skurge – Slide Skate
31. DJ Skurge feat Juan Atkins – Turn the Knob (demo)
32. Waajeed – Tron
33. Waajeed – Tetris
34. P-Gruv & DJ Dez – Grind
35. UR – Codebreaker (Side A)
36. The Martian – Meet the Red Planet
37. UR – Ma Ya Ya
38. Timeline – The Ghost of Greystone

Like on that other show, you can expect two hours of music from the label and host Ennio Styles talking to Mad Mike Banks, Cornelius Harris, Esteban Adame of Ican, and DJ Skurge. Probably the best history lesson in your life!

The download will be available for a week, so you better hurry up!

February 12, 2012 If you missed the download, there are still some ways to listen to the show!

CEO Carl Craig outlines his vision…

The arrival of the 69 box-set and the Carl Craig presents TRIBE concert got me listening to a lot of classic Planet E material. I didn’t know the label had a page on Vimeo, so here are some videos I found.

This video is a joke, of course. It was filmed after Planet E signed a deal with distributor Caroline. Carl Craig outlines his visions of how to take over the world and you get to see footage of Detroit with music from the label playing in the background. Makes me wonder how Carl managed not to laugh once in this!

Another video captures moments of his performance at Centre Pompidou in Paris. Carl was supported by Wendell Harrison of Tribe (saxophone & clarinet), Mad Mike of Underground Resistance (keyboards) and Kelvin Sholar (keyboards). Two tracks from that recording are available on 12-inch through Planet E.

Underground Resistance

A nine minutes video on Detroit’s Underground Resistance has been made available this week on Current TV. It features interviews with label founder Mike Banks, Cornelius “Atlantis” Harris and some of the label’s more recent signings like Nomadico or DJ Skurge.

Made me think, there really needs to be another documentation on the topic. High Tech Soul was a nice effort, but far too superficial for begin focused on just a small group of musicians.

Update here’s another interview taken from a Slices DVD from 2006