Flying Lotus – Phantasm

When there’s a new video for a song from an album released two years ago, that can only mean one thing: the next Flying Lotus album can’t be too far away! And while I’m sure we all have reason to be excited about that, I don’t mean to speak any low of Markus Hofko‘s masterpiece for “Phantasm”, a song featuring Laura Darlington and taken from Until The Quiet Comes. Having been a film student himself, Flying Lotus has always proven a good hand and choosing collaborators to work with, and I’m sure Hofko’s video for Mega Wagna by Débruit played some part in it.

So, this all may or may not be one part to get the PR machine rolling. If the outcome looks as great as this video, I’m willing to take it (alongside a possible new record!)

Flying Lotus – Tiny Tortures

As if the unmasking of Captain Murphy hasn’t been enough Flying Lotus news for a day, Warp has unveiled the second video off Until The Quiet Comes. It was directed by David Lewandowski, who has previously worked with some bigger artists and did the opening titles for Tron Legacy, and stars actor Elijah Wood. Probably inspired by my namesake’s mutation in the movie Akira?

November 30, 2012 If you’re interested in how this was done, take a look behind the scenes. This also confirms that the video was inspired by Akira!

Flying Lotus – Until the Colours Come (KRTS Recoloured)

There are those days when you don’t really know how to start them, you’re having troubles getting out of bed to begin with, major headaches and no coffee in sight. I guess this has been such a day for me, until I stumbled across this little edit of Flying LotusUntil the Colours Come. Nothing spectacular really, but I probably needed something fluffy like this to make it a better day. The remix is courtesy of Brooklyn’s KRTS, whose other remixes you might be familiar with, and he gives it away as a limited download.

Flying Lotus – Putty Boy Strut

The new Flying Lotus video is easily the best since the Beeple-directed Kill Your Co-workers came out two years ago (leaving aside the recent short film!) The new one was done by British animator Cyriak Harris (aka Mutated Monty) and it’s needless to mention it’s taken from the forthcoming album Until The Quiet Comes. You might also want to check out the mini-website that came with the video.

Until The Quiet Comes

While I liked the concept of those three accompanying EPs to Flying Lotus’ Los Angeles album, I completely understand when an artists decides against upfront singles or remixes, in hope to get people to listen to the whole undiluted album. FlyLo kept it that way with Cosmogramma (there were Alt Takes though) and the new album Until The Quiet Comes will be treated equally – though that doesn’t mean there aren’t any teasers. Maybe it was his own past as a film student that lead to the making of this short film directed by Kahlil Joseph, featuring music from the album.

Until The Quiet Comes will be out on all formats on October 2, 2012. It’s available for pre-order from Bleep.

January 23, 2013 Congrats to Kahlil on winning the Sundance Jury Award for this short film

Flying Lotus at Sónar São Paulo

This is not the average live-video, not that kind of stuff recorded by a devoted fan with terrible sound and shaky visuals. This is a properly recorded concert and it’s the full show you get to see here.

All of this was filmed at the Brazilian edition of Sónar, which took place only three days ago in my hometown São Paulo. What’s probably most interesting about this, are the music bits taken from the forthcoming Flying Lotus album Until The Quiet Comes. It currently looks like it has been pushed back to October, so enjoy the listening of the live versions!

May 16, 2012 Looks like Warp wasn’t too pleased seeing the video and took it down. Watch snippets (meh) from Flying Lotus’ Coachella gig instead.