Crate Diggers: The Gaslamp Killer

In the latest episode of Crate Diggers, Fuse TV visits The Gaslamp Killer at his Californian home. I’ve enjoyed many episodes before, but there’s something special about this one I can’t nail down. Maybe it’s the personal touch, maybe it’s just my sympathy for GLK. Or the music he showcases.

Adrian Younge’s Vinyl Collection

With his impressive soundtrack for Black Dynamite, composer Adrian Younge has made himself a name among lovers of vintage sounds, a reputation the Los Angeles-based musician manifested with Something about April. More recently, he worked with The Delfonics and Ghostface Killah. In their latest episode of Crate Diggers, Fuse TV talked to him about his love for music and what it means to collect old vinyl records.

Jonti – Christmas Worm

Californian Stones Throw and Serato teamed up for the second time to release two limited edition timecode records. Also featured on those are eight exclusive tracks from the label roster, including the one above: Jonti‘s Christmas Worm. One of my favourite artists on the label and, well, it’s Christmas time so why not post this tune?

The vinyl bundle is probably a pricey option for non-Serato owners, but if you can’t resist, you can buy this from Rush Hour or HHV. Release date is December 21, 2012.

Dust & Grooves Photo Book

New York-based photographer Eilon Paz has been documenting vinyl collectors from around the world for quite some time, long enough to think seriously about making a photography book. So far, he’s been running the Dust & Grooves website as a platform for his work, the next step is collecting enough money to make the book happen.

So far there have been enough people to back the project with almost half of the money required. On its Kickstarter page you can choose how to support the project, depending on what you want to get in return. Looks certainly interesting!

Philpot Records 50

Stuttgart’s Philpot Records celebrates its 50th release with tracks from Move D, Juju & Jordash, The Reboot Joy Confession, Roman Rauch & Bartellow, Ike and Tim Toh.

A1. Tim Toh – Floral
A2. Ike – Throwbackmusic ’94
B1. Roman Rauch – Lemme Get There (feat. Bartellow)
B2. Tom Ellis – New Mode
C1. The Reboot Joy Confession – O
C2. Juju & Jordash – Tanglefoot
D1. Move D – Untitled Detroit

Vinyl-only and limited to only 250 copies, you better be quick on this one. I’ve spotted copies over at Juno, Rush Hour and Clone.

Architeq x Chopsy – Into the Cosmos

And not just because we’re in video mode today, but because it’s another dope video: Watch this collaboration between Tirk signed Architeq and director Darren Robbie of Chopsy Animation, a stop-motion film with a lot of records involved.

Read more about the video on its Vimeo page!

Wallifornia Soul

The guys behind LDBK Radio and the Laid Back blog outclassed themselves with their latest project. Wallifornia Soul is a documentary about Jean Roger, a crate digger from Wallonia talking about his life – a journey around the globe driven by his love for music.

Once watched, I’m sure you also want to listen to JR’s set recorded for LDBK.

The Archive

New York based director Sean Dunne filmed a documentary about Paul Mawhinne, owner of the biggest record collection in the world. Paul has been collecting and trading records for the last 40 years, now owning a total of 1M albums and another 1.5M singles. To give you some more impressing numbers, his oldest record dates back to 1881. The Library of Congress estimated, that only 17% of the music on these records (from between 1948 to 1966) is available to buy on a CD today. Unfortunately, Paul’s health condition forces him to let go of his collection, which is believed to be worth about $50M. In resignation he is willing to give it away for about $3M – which still hasn’t attracted any serious buyer.

If it hadn’t been Daz (from Bugz in the Attic) visiting Paul’s shop Record-Rama in Pittsburgh (and writing about it on Facebook), I would’ve probably missed this documentary, which was already all over the media a couple of months ago.