Deadbeat LPs 2002-2005

While dub techno is often, almost synonymously, associated with the many aliases of Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus, there are many other players active in the genre. One of them is Canadian-born and Berlin resident Scott Monteith, better known under his Deadbeat moniker. He recently set up an Indiegogo campaign to reissue three out of print albums released on ~scape between 2002 and 2005. The idea is to raise half of the money required to cover the cost for the remaster and the re-release of the albums Wild Life Documentaries, Something Borrowed, Something Blue and New World Observer. There are several perks to choose from, starting with digital versions and a six record vinyl box set, up to a personal remix or a private show. For the next four weeks, you can stream all the full albums via his SoundCloud page and make up your mind whether you want to support him.

November 10, 2014 The box set is out now and you get it from selected record stores such as Bleep!

Neu! Vinyl Box

Neu! - Vinyl Box

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It’s hard to imagine that ten years from today, the three albums from legendary Krautrock outfit (and short-time Kraftwerk members) Neu! were impossible to get – or only on poor quality bootlegs. Luckily, German label Grönland put out remastered versions of Neu!, Neu! 2 and Neu! ’75 in 2001, making them available to a new generation of listeners.

Fast forward to 2010 and the same label brings an unmissable Vinyl Box including the three LPs, a previously unreleased live-recording called Neu! ’72 and for the first time, an official release of their last album Neu! ’86 (the bootleg was known as Neu! 4.) Apart from that, there are some more goodies included: a book, a t-shirt and a download code for the music.

If you never had the chance to get copies of these masterpieces on vinyl, this box-set is a fairly priced way to make up for it. You can get it for €119 directly from the label or from other stores like Bleep or Juno. The live-recording and t-shirts are also available seperately from the Neu! shop.

Update: Since my first revision of this post, the box-set got listed as unavailable on the official shop and the Bleep link is now leading to an error page.  Unless you’re willing to spend half-devilish $333 at Amazon, I suggest you check your local record store. However, I take it the box-set might just be delayed – it happens all the time!