Mixtape Monday #6

My favourite mixtape from last week comes once again from Hotflush Recordings. For the fifth edition of their podcast, San Francisco based Jus Wan put together a nice selection of deep and dubby music. If you haven’t already, subscribe to the podcast!

Soulparlor, a trio of producers and DJs are also the hosts of Germany’s first address for broken beats and soulful vibes, the already legendary You Move Nothing If You Don’t Move Yourself night in Mainz. Only last Saturday, it was 2000black‘s Dego who blessed the place with his records. And following the recordings of Kaidi Tatham & Mark Force and Colonel Red, you can download two hours of Dego’s set.

Viral Radio’s latest show with Hudson Mohawke and Mamiko Motto just went online some minutes ago. Though I haven’t listened to it yet, I’m sure it’s one of the highlights this week. Make sure to check Viral Radio’s archive while you’re at it!  Hudson Mohawke’s mix from Benji B has also been spotted.

Another Dutch recording is the latest offering from The New Worck, who once again managed to get a mixtape from Rednose Distrikt’s very own Aardvarck (did you check his new album?)

One of the most interesting mixtapes was sent to me by Svetlana Industries, a new label based in Serbia. For an unusual and therefore exciting selection of dubstep and hip-hop beats, check out their first minimix.

Most fans of Theo Parrish certainly got his DJ set from The Do-Over already, otherwise I’m more than happy to mention it here.

For the jazz lovers I have one last mix today. Some of my Twitter followers called Blackclassical‘s anniversary mix the best jazz mix of all time. I will let you decide that for yourself.

Nov 12, 2009 Dego’s mix was recorded without permission and removed by request of the artist

Harmonic 313 on Viral Radio

Got to thank my man Creaminal for pointing out to me the latest show of Viral Radio. This week, Juha and Cinnaman have very special guest Mark Pritchard, who brought lots of new music from his new Africa Hitech (with Steve Spacek) project and some new Harmonic 313 bits as well.

01. Hudson Mohawke – Fuse
02. Noah D – Serious
03. Joker – Output one and two
04. Kode 9 – Time Patrol
05. Lorn – Until there is no end
06. Mala – Level nine
07. Drank Instrumental – Electrik Red
08. Harmonic 313 – LFO
09. Harmonic 313 – Dutty
10. Harmonic 313 – Lion
11. Africa Hitech – One two
12. Mark Pritchard | Wiley – Scar
13. Mark Pritchard – Elephant dub
14. Untold – Stop what your doing
15. Africa Hitech – Boingy
16. Africa Hitech – Step
17. Claus Speeed – Don’t Ever Antagonize The Horn
18. Eprom – Zoning (Instrumental)
19. Hudson Mohawke feat. Wednesday Nite – Paint The Stars
20. Hudson Mohawke – Acoustic Lady

All in all, this show is something you don’t want to miss. Fortunately, all Viral Radio shows are available for download on their SoundCloud page.