Tom Trago – Voyage Direct Live Takes

Record Sleeve

Record Sleeve

Almost a year ago, I wrote about Tom Trago‘s album Voyage Direct. It was succeeded by two EPs with remixes from Actress, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Aardvarck or Sotu the Traveller.

On Live Takes, Tom Trago revisits the album one more time. As the title suggests, it features outtakes from his live performances. My favourite has to be the “Use Me Again”, which constantly blends between the original track and the Trago version from the album. Voyage Direct wasn’t exactly a shy attempt getting people on the dancefloor, but the bangers on this EP will show no mercy and drag you there.

A. Over & Edit
B. Use Me Again

You can get a vinyl copy directly from Rush Hour or buy the digital release on places like Juno Download.

Tom Trago's Voyage Direct Video

A music video to featured album Voyage Direct by Tom Trago has been produced by Circus Family. It was directed by Vincent van de Waal and Wouter Westen and was first played at the release party at Trouw Amsterdam.

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Tom Trago – Voyage Direct

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Oh, how those Dutch producers keep amazing me. Whether it’s Rednose Distrikt, Meikbar, Benny Sings, Harco Pront, Sotu the Traveller or HayZee, some of the freshest producers are coming from Holland! Many call Rush Hour and Kindred Spirits their home, and champion various types of music.

Amsterdam’s Tom Trago is one of those many talents. He’s part of the Parra Soundsystem and already released several records. One of his last was the Fluor Green EP on Nod Navigators, a hip hop flavoured record in the fashion of the Beat Dimensions. His new album Voyage Direct in contrast is an uncompromising house record.

In a way, the album is quite old-fashioned, but please don’t let this disturb you. If you heard Meikbar or Aardvarck‘s Cult Copy, you will know what I mean. It’s raw, it’s fresh and at times gets deep. Despite its overall nineties-reminiscent club feeling through filters and female vocals, Voyage Direct is a contemporary production. You maybe just forgot about this type of music or haven’t heard it in a while!01. Passion
02. The New 3000
03. Use Me
04. Voyage Direct
05. Lost In The Streets Of NYC
06. Brothers Of String
07. On The Side
My favourites are the tracks On The Side, with its We-Fade-To-Grey feeling, and the title track Voyage Direct. The opener Passion was previously available on the promo 12-inch and can now be downloaded on this mini-site.

Voyage Direct is already available as download, the Vinyl and CD versions will follow later this month. Both will come with a download-code for a mixed version of the album, the CD will feature both tracks from the Live with the BBQ 12-inch as bonus.

At last, I want mention this mixtape from Tom Trago, which was recorded a while ago at Amsterdam’s 08Bar.

Apr 15, 2009 A video for the title track is available here