xxxy – I Know This Can’t Be Love

You might remember the track Everything from some months back, which will be out on a 12-inch of the same name through Well Rounded Records. Below you can watch Big Egg‘s video for the b-side of the same record.

The record will be out on April 16th, you can pre-order your copy from Juno.

Update Dummy Mag did an interview with the director of the video

xxxy – Everything

Years ago, this would’ve been filed under guilty pleasures, but thanks to the likes of Zomby, the love for ravey piano house has been liberated. So let’s talk about this new on from xxxy or rather listen to it.

You’ve probably heard this on his XLR8R mix before and the bad news is, it’s still not available. Release date unknown, but it should be out on Well Rounded Records anytime soon.

March 2, 2012 The Everything EP will be out on April 16th, snippets can be heard on SoundCloud