Soulparlor Promo Mix

Soulparlor are a DJ and production collective based in Mainz, Germany. Apart from having produced an album, several EPs and a track for last year’s Here Comes Treble compilation, they also run the clubnight You Move Nothing If You Don’t Move Yourself. They previously struck me with their beautiful flyer designs for that night, and today they blew my mind with their latest mixtape.


I’ve got to say, I don’t remember the last time I heard such a fresh set of broken beats! Unfortunately, there’s no tracklist and I’m of no help either.  It contains many tunes I haven’t heard before, but I guess that’s not a bad thing.

You know nothing, if you don’t hear it yourself!

Soulparlor Flyers

Hailing from Mainz in Germany, DJs and production collective Soulparlor has been hosting its You Move Nothing If You Don’t Move Yourself night for the past eight years already, taking place at the city’s longest running club. Their impressive line-ups consist of an all-star selection from broken beat, soulful house and twisted jazz. Today, I want to feature a selection of their most beautiful flyers.

You will find a lot more flyers on their website, or you can listen to their own productions and learn about party dates. Soulparlor are also in charge of the Coopr8 Radio Germany, which is broadcasted on a local station and streamed live on the internet!