Esoterische Klangmixtur assembled by Andrew Pekler

I haven’t done much today except sitting on my bed, listening to some old Can longplayers. Suddenly, I was thinking about Andrew Pekler, maybe it was something in Damo‘s voice – I don’t know. Anyway, I looked up old Andrew on the internet and eventually came across this mixtape which perfectly fit into my mood today.

01. Kurt Schwitters – Sonate In Urlauten
02. Karl Berger – With Silence
03. Ursula Bogner – Or Dor Melanor
04. Paul Wirkus & Mapstation – Distant Kit
05. Steinbrüchel – D
06. Peter Michael Hamel – Song Of The Dolphins
07. Ernst Jandl – Im Reich Der Toten
08. Moebius & Plank – News
09. Black To Comm – Eggchess 3
10. A.R. & Machines – Cosmic Vibrations
11. Faruk Green – Makes Me Nuts
12. Kreidler – Desto
13. Workshop – Simply What I Want To Do
14. Konrad Sprenger – TRPS
15. Genf – VIP Schaukel
16. Gerhard Rühm – Komplex 10
17. Wolfgang Dauner – Brazing The Sky High Full
18. Black To Comm – The Male Garden
19. Can – The Empress And The Ukraine King
20. Cluster – Marzipan
21. Niobe – Maracas & Vocales

Regular Dublab listeners might be familiar with this one, Andrew Pekler has been a frequent contributor to the site. Unfortunately, there’s no download for this one, but maybe you take this as a starting point to discover Andrew’s music on his SoundCloud page.