Andrea Parker and Daz Quayle live at The Roundhouse

2008 not only marked the fifth year after the passing of composer and electronic music pioneer Daphne Oram, but also the 50th anniversary of The BBC Radiophonic Workshop. On the occasion, a tribute event took place that year at London’s The Royal Festival Hall. Among the performers were DJ-Kicks contributor Andrea Parker and Daz Quayle, who were invited to perform a live concert incorporating some of Oram’s sounds. The concert eventually lead up to the making of Private Dreams and Public Nightmares (reviewed in The Quietus), a full album of reworks and reinterpretations based on Oram’s music, and released in 2011 on Parker’s own Aperture Records.

Also featured on the record is a live recording made at The Roundhouse, which you can hear and watch in the video above.

Daphne Oram has been nicknamed one of the “Radiophonic Ladies”, alongside Delia Derbyshire and Maddalena Fagandini, who were known for their early use of electronic instruments and tape recorders. For further information, visit the Daphne Oram Collection and listen to this Radio 3 documentary.

Roll The Dice – Calling All Workers

To me as a music-lover, there’s hardly any greater joy than stumbling across a record I haven’t heard of before, a record that instantly captivates and puts you under its spell. Yes, it’s the ultimate confirmation, that it’s always worth it to keep your eyes and ears peeled, your mind open. Don’t ever stop looking!

I probably wouldn’t have heard about Roll The Dice, if I hadn’t discovered them through biblo’s wonderful guestmix. And while I still haven’t checked out any their other music (yet), I had to share this video as it fits my more recent listening habits shaped by I Am The Center or SMM: Opiate. The video was directed by Frode Fjerdingstad and it’s full of beautiful imagery (though the editing could be better, IMHO), and the music is taken from the band’s second album In Dust, released in 2011 on Leaf.

Hyetal – Beach Scene

How good is this video? And how good is the album? I have to say it’s one of the best things I heard all year. The video was probably made by another huge fan of Hyetal, but it fits the the overall vibe of the song (and the entire album) very well.

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to his album Broadcast yet, I urge you to do so. It is available now from Black Acre Records and you can choose from CD, 2xLP and digital download – whatever suits you best.

(via Gimme5)