Thundercat – Tron Song

Taken from his 2013 album Apocalypse, watch this hilarious new video Thundercat video directed by Adult Swim’s Eric André. VHS, Mortal Kombat, cats and lots of love (and laughs) — what else do you need?

Julia Holter – Hello Stranger (live)

Not only my favourite tune on the last Julia Holter record, but also the track giving me the chills while hearing it live (and before the album release.) So, this one gives you a slight impression of that feeling, a live version of “Hello Stranger”, a cover of the 1963 Barbara Lewis hit single, recorded during rehearsals.

The album Loud City Song was released in 2013 on Domino Records.

patten – Winter strobing

Almost three months into the new year and I’ve found my first favourite of 2014. Released on Warp Records earlier this week, patten‘s debut on the label is titled “Estoile Naiant” and nothing short of amazing. The video above was directed by Jane Eastlight and already her second work for the producer. Get the record from Bleep or iTunes.

Fantastic Man – A Film About William Onyeabor

When Luaka Bop‘s reissued William Onyeabor’s musical work from the late seventies, they not only released on of last year’s finest records. They literally put his name on the map, since not too long ago, searching for “William Onyeabor” on YouTube resulted in absolutely nothing. The short film above documents the discovery of the Nigerian musican and the subsequent steps that became the answer to the question “Who is William Onyeabor?

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Thundercat – Evangelion / We’ll Die

Before people wasted their time one Facebook, they did so on a site called MySpace. And while Facebook is already on its own decline, Justin Timberlake is putting his money on the “new” MySpace. A year and a half after the MySpace relaunch, I actually ended up on the site for the first time to watch the new Thundercat video you can see above (unless you’re on a mobile device–how about that, Justin?)

Directed by Mochilla co-founder Brian Cross (aka B+) on California’s Bombay Beach, the music is taken from Thundercat’s 2013 album Apocalypse and spans over two of its wonderful songs.

Ian O’Brien – I Was There 1995​-​2000

I vaguely remember writing about Ian O’Brien‘s plan to release both old and new music last year, but haven’t heard anything about that since. The thing is, that I don’t hang out on SoundCloud that often anymore, but then again, I haven’t read about it anywhere else. How can one not write about one finest techno producers of the late nineties? How can one not write about him when he has released four CDs, all in October 2013? Damn.

There’s new music to be found on Understanding is Everything and Shihen (which comes in two versions: mixed and unmixed.) But since I’m growing old and like to reminisce about the past, I decided to feature this compilation containing one of my all-time favourite tracks by the man: 1996’s Monkey Jazz, the b-side of the equally excellent Mad Mike Disease.01. The Sunlight On The Horizon
02. I Was There (unreleased mix)
03. Viv Woman (unreleased mix)
04. Monkey Jazz (unreleased mix)
05. That Was Now (unreleased mix)
06. It’s An Everyday World (with Andre Bonsor)
07. See Ya There!
08. Tattoo Jazz (unreleased mix)
09. Secret Agent
10. Tap Sketch
11. The Magician (unreleased)

You will find this and all other releases mentioned above on Ian O’Brien’s Bandcamp store, plus a new Rarities/Remixes compilation and everything else he released on album throughout his career.

Shigeto live on KEXP

Before he played at this year’s Decibel Festival in Seattle, Zach Saginaw aka Shigeto payed KEXP radio a visit to perform a couple of tracks live, two of them taken from his latest album No Better Time Than Now. You can watch the entire session (including an interview) above or check out the individual tracks Ringleader, Perfect Crime, R Life and Ann Arbor part 3 & 4.

Oneohtrix Point Never – Boring Angel

John Michael Boling directed this simple, frame-by-frame hilarious video for Oneohtrix Point Never, employing nothing but the iPhone’s emoticons. The music is, of course, taken from the Warp-released album R Plus Seven, a record residing in the top-spots of many best-of lists I’ve seen this year.

Mndsgn – Breatharian

The fellow bloggers of Fresh Selects launched their record label this week with a new beat tape by Los Angeles producer Mndsgn. Titled “breatharian”, it’s available as limited edition cassette tape or digital download. You can listen to a full stream below.

To pick this up in a format of your liking, head over to the Fresh Select profile on Bandcamp. All orders will be completed with a download of Mndsgn’s Frugal Earth Vol. 2 mix, bonus edits and a digital booklet with liner notes.

Kelpe – Astrolomy (Mike Slott Remix)

I wonder whether it’s been such a great decision to use the Mike Slott remix as the opener for Kelpe‘s new record. If you’re like me and become that obsessive that you’re listening to a track on repeat for days, then the answer is probably “no”. Anyway, it’s one of those tracks that does that for me. Feel free disagree with me though, Fourth: The Golden Eagle Remixed offers 11 alternatives to choose from, including mixes from the likes of Débruit, Fulgeance, Dam Mantle, and Soosh. Not all of them made it on the vinyl release, but my favourite is among them. For the full package you’ll have to go for the digital release!

Julia Holter – Horns Surrounding Me

Based on a concept by Ramona Gonzales (aka Nite Jewel) and directed by Angus Borsos, this new video by Julia Holter reminds a lot of a David Lynch movie and its symbolisms. That said, fans of Mulholland Drive might recognize the balcony from the movie’s Silencio scene. “Horns Surrounding Me” is taken from Loud City Song, her album released last summer on Dominio.

In other Julia Holter news, you might want to check out this video of her performing “City Appearing” live on KEXP.

Mr Beatnick – The Synthetes Trilogy

Mr Beatnick - The Synthetes Trilogy

It’s been a great decision to bring together Mr Beatnick‘s last couple of EPs and release it on CD, because this music works in an album-context and deserves to be heard by many more people. The Synthetes Triology collects most of the vinyl tracks, adds some bonus tracks and new artwork by illustrator Emily Evans. We’ve talked about the music in detail before, so this one meant to be a reminder for all people that do not own a record player: go and buy this, even more so if you’ve been waiting the last ten years for a new Metro Area album to drop.01. Synthetes
02. Symbiosis
03. Beneath The Reef
04. Waning Moon *
05. Casio Romance
06. Shifting Sands
07. Yacht On The Nile *
08. Sun Goddess
09. Nuit Blanche *
10. Savannah
11. Parallax Scroll
12. Never Dies *

* previously unreleased

The album is available as of today and you get your copy from Boomkat, Kudos, iTunes and all good record stores. There will also be represses of the previous EPs and a release party taking place on November 1st.

October 22, 2013 Added stream for the bonus beats

Nils Petter Molvaer & Moritz von Oswald – 1/1

Nils Petter Molvaer & Moritz von Oswald - 1/1

Major label’s aren’t necessarily on my musical radar, so it was only by chance that I found about the new project by Moritz von Oswald (hat tip to Matthias!) In recent years, the dub techno veteran was involved in several collaborations, ranging from rather unlikely reworks of classical material to his fairly recent album with Juan Atkins. For his latest record, he teamed up with Norwegian jazz trumpeter Nils Petter Molvaer and the project was released on Universal earlier this month.

A few minutes into my first listen, and my mind already plays an updated version of Louie Malle’s 1958 movie Ascenseur pour l’échafaud, based in the cold concrete landscape of 21st century Berlin. The comparison is as simple and obvious as it might sound: Molvaer’s playing is taking the part of the original Miles Davis soundtrack, while von Oswald’s doings add a sense of reverbing urban night life. That said, one might argue whether the record would’ve worked better as an actual soundtrack, but in the end that depends on your listening habits or your willingness to submit yourself to an album of one kind of sound. To make up your mind, head over to German website Die Zeit for a full album stream.

1/1 was released earlier this month and is available on vinyl, CD and digital.

Om Unit – The Silence

Jim Cole’s debut album as Om Unit will be out at the end of the month and snippets from the record have been circulating. However, the first proper preview comes in form of this new video for the track “The Silence”, backed by the vocals of Simon Jinadu. (Despite a second Beauty Room LP, I don’t think that I have heard any new Jinadu material since his collaborations with Domu back in the day!)

If you like this, you can pre-order Threads from Civil Music, where it will drop on October 28, 2013!

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Machinedrum – Gunshotta

The wait for the new Machinedrum is virtually over, Pitchfork has the full stream of Vapor City before it hits stores five days later on October 30, 2013. On top of that, a second video (following Eyesdontlie) has been revealed today. “Gunshotta” will also be part of another second single, including remixes from AMIT and Fracture. And lastly, you can catch Machinedrum play in venues around the world.