Roedelius – Remixes

So it turns out those Laraaji Remixes were only part of a bigger series by All Saints Records, the British independent label known for its ambient recordings by the Eno brothers, John Cale and Jon Hassell. In fact, the entire series is so good, you simply have to give it a try. Two patten versions included, Bandshell, Bee Mask – need I say more?

As for the latest Remixes, you get two reworks of Cluster co-founder Hans-Joachim Roedelius‘ music. Above you can listen to Hieroglyphic Being‘s take, but my favourite is the Peaking Lights version for its nod to 1980’s UK reggae.

Roedelius Remixes is out now on All Saints, get your copy from Bleep, HHV or Boomkat!

Laraaji – Kalimba (Ela Orleans version)

It was only last year that London’s All Saints label put American ambient musician and Eno-collaborator Laraaji Nanananda on my musical map with their two compilations and album reissues. Apparently, these have been in such high demand, that there will be another vinyl re-run of those next week. This week, however, the label put out a 12-inch of remixes from those, consisting of new interpretations by Bee Mask, Ela Orleans, Sun Araw and a previously unreleased original. Out now in all good record stores, at Bleep and Spotify!

Oh, and while writing about this, I also came across Chris Hall’s mini-documentary about Laraaji, well worth a watch.