Red Light Beat Battles: Jameszoo vs Paul White

Amsterdam’s Rush Hour is one of the best record stores I’ve never been to (but ordered from countless times), and an excellent label. Unfortunately, their website isn’t anywhere near as good as their various doings and one of its more overlooked sections, because it’s easy to overlook, is their mixtape page. Here is a mix I came across the other day, and despite being two years old already, it’s worth checking out. It’s titled a beat battle between two of our favourites producers, Jameszoo and Paul White, runs for over two hours and features their own productions and records close to their heart. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did!

Jameszoo – Kreem Kund

As mentioned before, there’s a new EP from Dutch producer Jameszoo under way, in fact it will be in stores after the weekend. With a release date this close, James shared another teaser on his SoundCloud page, you can (and should) listen to it above. A comparison to Dimlite seems inevitable, and I don’t say this lightly or to downplay Jameszoo’s work, in contrary: here’s a genius at work. Can’t wait to pick this up, loving the artwork as well!

Jameszoo – The Clumtwins

Dutch producer Jameszoo returns to Amsterdam-based Rwina Records with a new EP, already his second on the label following last year’s Faaveelaa. Titled Jheronimus, it will see the light of day on July 1st, 2013. Above you get a first listen in the video directed by fellow Dutchman Niels de Haar.

Heartsparxx – Your love (Sotu the Traveller Remix)

We’ve been huge fans of Sotu the Traveller for a long time now, so we’re always happy to hear his soulful melodic touch whenever there’s the chance. There’s a new chance and it’s his remix for Turkish artist Heartsparxx. It’s a free download, but actually you can grab the entire EP over here.

Sotu the Traveller – Release & Rewind (Saux Remix)

Amsterdam’s Sotu the Traveller teamed up with singer Ninthe to work on the soundtrack for Nina Simone (A)Live, a tribute to Nina Simone. The outcome is the 7-track Eunice EP, which you can download for free on Bandcamp. One of my favourite tracks is the Saux remix you can hear above, also check out the video for the original version of the tune.

Full Crate – Dancing In The Douche

As he did with his previous Golden Glasses EP, Amsterdam’s Full Crate keeps exploring UK garage vibes on his latest tune. It comes as part of 22tracks‘ first 22Beats compilation, containing an overall of 22 tracks by 22 producers from the Netherlands.

You might also want to check out a fan-made video for Full Crate’s track.

Slices interviews Theo Parrish

It’s Theo Parrish taking us to Amsterdam’s Record Mania to buy some records and share his ideas about music formats and the art of DJing.

This interview is part of the latest Slices issue, which you can order on DVD.

Full Crate – Woofers & Dirt

Having played a number of festivals this summer, Amsterdam’s Full Crate decided to put together this 90 minutes mixtape, playing a wide selection of UK house and bass music. Just the kind of stuff we like, put together with much love and and nice cover by Punchdouble. You know why we love those Dutch guys.

01. Recloose – Electric Sunshine
02. Omar & Zed Bias – It’s So… (Zed Bias Remix)
03. Julio Bashmore – Um Bongo’s Revenge
04. Logo – La Vie Moderne (French Fries & Tony Senghore Remix)
05. Roska – I Need Love (ft. Anesha)
06. Julio Bashmore – Battle For Middle You
07. Outkast – Spottieottiedopalicious (Nacey Remix)
08. Omar & Zed Bias – Dancing
09. Zed Bias – Neighbourhood 09 (Roska Remix)
10. Platinum – Signals (Champion’s Gassed Up Dub Mix)
11. Katy B – Lights On Ft. Ms Dynamite
12. Lil Silva – Pulse vs Flex
13. Ms Dynamite – We Nuh Run (Sirenz Remix)
14. Breach – Fatherless (Doc Daneeka MRR SNRZZ Remix)
15. Mclean – Finally in love (Champion Remix)
16. MJ Cole & Wiley – From the Drop
17. Alex RD – Elites
18. Redlight – Stupid
19. Dark Sky – High Rise
20. Seiji – Buzzcut
21. Jameson – Urban Hero
22. Magnetic Man – Fire (Ft. Ms. Dynamite)
23. Donaeo – Where’s Da Mandem At
24. Silkie – Wonder
25. Hudson Mohawke – Thank You
26. Swindle – Mood Swings VIP (22Beats Mix)
27. Machinedrum – GBYE
28. Hudson Mohawke – Turn Me Off
29. Africa Hitech – Out In The Streets
30. D Double E – Flava
31. DJ Hazard & D Minds – Mr Happy

Of course you can download this mix for repeated listening pleasure, just make sure to leave a comment if you like it!

Parra: Short for Paranoid…

Chris Read made this mini-documentary on Parra, Amsterdam’s most famous street artist, who you might know for his crazy shirts, his artwork for Rednose Distrikt and Stones Throw or the books we’ve mentioned here and there.

(via Crazy Birds)

Presk – Minimix

This one’s quite an oldie, but it’s a good one nevertheless. Amsterdam’s Presk is the man responsible for this mix, which was recorded for the DUBieus Podcast back in October 2009!

01. Presk – Untitled
02. Presk – Little Control
03. Presk – Gone in two weeks
04. Presk – So Sweet
05. Presk – Untitled

If you like what this sounds like, grab the download and check this more recent mix by him.

Full Crate & Mar – Conversations With Her EP

Here’s the video for the track She Was Fly, a production from Amsterdam’s Full Crate and singer Mar. You might actually have seen this before, it has been floating around for about half a year already.

So what’s the news? Melting Pot Music is going to release a 5-track EP in mid-January and this track is going to be a part of it. Also contained is their track Aftersexin’ and a collaboration with Eric “Erro” Roberson. Here’s a look at the full tracklist:A1. She Was Fly
A2. Aftersexin’
A3. I Said
B1. Surreal Moments
B2. She Was Fly with Eric Roberson
The exact release date for “Conversations With Her” is January 15, 2010. It will be available on 12-inch and as digital download.

Jan 16, 2010 You can pre-order the EP from Juno, it should be available from all good recordshops on Monday

Beat Pharmacy at Voltt Loves Summer

Brendon Moeller aka Beat Pharmacy has put out another fantastic DJ-set via his SoundCloud page.

This was recorded at this year’s Voltt Loves Summer festival in Amsterdam. If you love deep house and dubby 313 techno, click on the download link.

In my opinion the best house mix since Lawrence‘s RA podcast.

Machine, the Design of Kindred Spirits

Dutch label Kindred Spirits has been among my favourite labels ever since the first Rednose Disktrikt longplayer came out. It’s not only their versatile catalogue making them special, but also the beautiful artwork that comes with each and every of their releases. Responsible for these are Machine, two designers hailing from Amsterdam. If you call yourself owner of the records by Build an Ark, Jackson Conti, Kid Sublime, Legends of the Underground or  Dorian Concept, you already have a Machine design in your shelf.

Today, Machine answered the questions I sent them the night before, this is what they wrote:

Who is behind Machine?
Machine is Mark Klaverstijn (Amsterdam, 1973) & Paul du Bois-Reymond (Berlin, 1974). We started working together during our studies at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. We did a lot of stuff outside of school, our first flyers and shirts but also web and video experiments. Our first company was called DEPT, and since 2001 we work under the name ‘Machine’

What’s your relation with Kindred Spirits?
It has always been about the Love so to speak. It is to small a label to get involved for anything other than the love of music and design. We see KS as our very own Bluenote. We are in it for the long haul-it should be a constant that is very open to change, to experimentation. Working on the marriage of sound and visuals on album covers doesn’t get old somehow.

What’s your usual approach to making a cover?
The first decision is obviously the Music. Thats were it starts. That music, artist, atmosphere leads to the designs. Sometimes the artist or someone from the label has a certain angle or approach in mind. When this is workable we use it. Otherwise we lead the way.

Usually this works out. Sometimes it leads to drama. But we do claim a lot of freedom. We feel that an artist has to trust us on the visual side of the release. The guys at KS respect this, it’s even in the contract an artist signs. If it weren’t for this trust, we wouldn’t do the project. It has to remain a platform. It has to become an entity of it’s own. You put on the album, maybe roll a joint and listen to the tunes while disecting the artwork and track info. The whole thing becomes 4 dimensional. Thats more or less what we envision when doing the work.

Anything to look out for?
Yes. Next to some covers we just did for Dorian Concept and Carlos Nino, KS is sitting on something secret and new, so watch out for that at your local dealer. We just finished our book ‘Designed By Machine’, which is an overview of our studio and our history. Published by Black Cat, ISBN nr 978-90-810418-6-7 Check it out. Machine says Bye!

Designed by Machine

The book mentioned above will be available from Black Cat Publishing for 27,50 Euros. I’m conviced that Rush Hour will have copies once it’s available.

Mar 27, 2009 At last, the book is now available!

Parra – The Of Best Book

Amsterdam’s Parra is known for his unique illustrations, especially his use of color and typography. You have most likely seen his t-shirts for Rockwell and Stones Throw, his cover designs for Rednose Distrikt, or maybe his skateboards.

The Of Best Book

An underground star in Amsterdam where kids search the streets to tear down his club posters, Parra’s work is treasured by a generation of design fanatics. Living with his painter/sculptor father, he grew up surrounded by colours, oil paint, wood, weird looking pictures & Rubenesque paintings. Almost entirely self taught, Parra’s minimal colour palette, beautiful hand-drawn typography & esoteric character creation are reminiscent of screen printed poster designs of the 1960s & ’70s. –

Well, there is now a small book available with some of his best designs, you can pre-order your copy at Turntable Lab.

via Nalden

Update Streetwear Today has an interview with Parra in their last issue of 2008!