@Peace and the Plutonian Noise Symphony – Where I Come From

Auckland’s hip-hop collective @Peace and the Plutonian Noise Symphony released their brilliantly odd/oddly brilliant debut album back in March this year. Good things come to those that wait and six months from the digital album, the group releases its self-titled record on vinyl. I’m not sure whether to trust that “sold out” badge on their Bandcamp page, you sometimes get to see that with items that aren’t yet available. But then again, you lot surprise me all the time with your disinterest in vinyl, so maybe you just want to listen to the stream or buy the digital album. In any case you should download this free track you can hear above!

Oh, and should you be in New Zealand in October, why not check one of their live gigs while there?

Stacking Blocks Made Of Real Life Happenings

New Zealander Christoph El’ Truento is one of the very few musicians whose genius I am confident to compare to the likes of Dimlite and Jameszoo. If you think that’s a bold claim, just listen to his album a series of oopsie daisies and various other flora released in October last year, a brilliant record (and criminally overlooked!) Since then, he released another album with hip hop group @Peace and a new solo EP. The latter was just released some weeks ago and deserves to gain him some listeners.

You can stream the EP in full in the player above or buy the digital release on Christoph’s Bandcamp store.

Julien Dyne at Red Bull Studio

Recorded at the Red Bull Studio Auckland back in summer 2009, Julien Dyne performs live together with singer Parks, Lewis McCallum and Butterfingas.

And here’s another one from the same session:

You can find all these tracks on Julien’s Pins & Digits EP on BBE, there’s also a Mitsu The Beats remix out on Wonderful Noise.

More videos from that live-session can be found here.