Bembé Ségué – Demo Album

Hold your horses, the title of this post might not be what you expected. It’s true though, Bembé Ségué, once known as “the first lady of broken beat”, released a 10 track demo album on her Bandcamp page. The music you’re about to hear is about a decade old and many of the tracks sound rough and unfinished – well, they’re demos.

This is the demo album – mostly created 10 years ago – and the shape of what was to become that much awaited debut record. Chopped samples, epic live band, bedroom productions and studio outings provide the setting for Bembé’s songs and explorations…

Unfortunately, there are no further liner notes about the involved musicians, but I guess some of the usual suspects are involved on this one. You can get the demo album in a variety of digital formats and for a price of your liking over here.

KJM – Mystery of Ages (Moonstarr Edits)

Careful, here are three names you haven’t heard in a while: Kyoto Jazz Massive, Bembé Segué, Moonstarr. If you just felt a pulse of warmth coming from your heart, you’re invited to continue reading.

Back in 1976, composer and saxophonist Carlos Garnett an album called Cosmos Nucleus which features the track Mystery of Ages, which was covered by many years later by Japanese outfit Kyoto Jazz Massive. Fast forward to 2011 and here are two remixes from Montreal’s Moonstarr, both available for your listening pleasures below.

Mystery of Ages (Moonstarr Edits)

A 7-inch is already available on Moonstarr’s own Public Transport label (get it from Dusty Groove or Juno) and the digital release will follow through iTunes on November 15, 2011.

Bembe Segue – Sense of Humor

A new track from longtime Mark de Clive-Lowe collaborator Bembe Segue is now available from her brand-new page on Bandcamp. On the track, Bembe is singing over loops sampled from the David Sancious LP “Just As I Thought“.

<a href="" target="_blank">Sense of Humor by Bembe Segue</a>

Listen or download it to listen some more, the track is available for free!

MashForce – Clear Thru U

Broken beats that don’t suck? Must be from 2004! In this case it’s true, as Mark de Clive-Lowe has uploaded some old demos recorded with Mark Force of Bugz in the Attic. The track below is my favourite, it has Bembe Segue on vocals, beats from G-Force and Mashi playing the keys.

The MashForce tracks were supposed to end up on 12-inch, but as this never happened, you can now download them on SoundCloud.

Mark de Clive-Lowe – Journey 2 the Light

I started this blog with a post about IG Culture’s Zen Badizm album and found Kaidi’s album In Search Of Hope a worthwhile start into 2009. Both were released on Japan’s Freedom School label, which started its seminal releases with another great album, “Journey 2 the Light” from Mark de Clive-Lowe.

There are two reasons, why you never read about this here. First, it was released long before this blog even existed. Secondly, and tragically, I never managed to get a copy of it on vinyl! So why mention it now?

Well, as you can see Mark decided to put the entire album on his SoundCloud page, so you can listen to it wherever you are whenever you want. Or, if you’re not as picky as I am, this should convince you to buy a copy of Journey 2 the Light on CD. You really should, because in my opinion it’s the best album Mark has ever put out!

Let me also share this video of Mark and Bembe at the album’s launch party, recorded at Yokohama’s Motion Blue club.

Update Mark mentions on his blog, that there will be a worldwide digital release later this year. However, it seems that will be a live-version of the album.

Silhouette Brown – Two

It’s only a picture, but it’s a picture that will get many people excited. It certainly got me excited and made me go to find some bits about it. Silhouette Brown is a project by former West London masterminds Dennis “Dego” McFarlane and Kaidi Tatham, whose first album involved Deborah Jordan on vocals.

Silhouette Brown - Two

First rumours on a second album were confirmed as a direct result to posting that DJ set from Dego the other week (don’t ask, it was removed). According to a blog post on Silhouette Brown’s MySpace page, “two” was written and produced by the trio of Bembe Segue, Dego and Kaidi. Support on the vocals comes from Lady Alma, who was already involved on the 2000Black album, some Blakai tracks and of course on Hold It Down (among others). I take it that Bembe will also be featured as a singer, apart from that Sadat X is having a guest spot.

Here’s a tracklist taken from HMV Japan:01. Bitter Pills & Butterflies
02. Casualties Of Honey
03. Constant Questions
04. Fools Gold
05. Get With It feat. Sadat X
06. Hear Them Often Say
07. Interlude
08. Leave A Note
09. Strawberries In Vinegar
10. We Used To Run Steady
The album will come out on Dego’s own 2000Black label in early 2010. I have a feeling that this follows the long tradition of early Japan releases, with the rest of the world waiting for several months. But I got my fingers crossed.

Dec 10, 2009 The track Leave A Note featuring Lady Alma can now be previewed on the Giant Step website. They also announced the release date for Two, it should be available outside of Japan on February 9, 2010!

Dec 24, 2009 Japanese label Especial will put out an album sampler with four tracks taken from the album

Jan 12, 2010 After week of reminders on Twitter, the new 2000black website went finally online with snippets of all the tracks appearing on the new album.

Feb 04, 2010
Looks like Phonica already got copies of the album in stock, you can order it here

Feb 08, 2010 Two is official out, buy your copy directly from 2000Black or from your favourite record store

Seiji vs Bembe Segue – Get it Together

This is what many have waited for in the last years: A new track with Bembe Segue on vocals, produced by Seiji in a fashion that many know (and love) him for. Or as Seiji put it himself: West London is Back!

If you ask me, this is the best of all Seiji Goodies so far. Giving broken beat another try is not a step back in this case, the outcome sounds very fresh to me. Sweet vocals, tight beats. You can download it on Seiji’s blog.

The Politik Competition Winners

In January 2008, Mark de Clive-Lowe announced a remix competition for tracks from the self-titled album by The Politik. With much delay, the judges Phil Asher, Orin “Afronaught” Walters, Benji B and The Politik themselves announced the winners some minutes ago.

Head over to Mark’s blog to read about the winners, the remixers who were close and listen to the tracks!

The remix album should be out this summer with a new exclusive track called Dreams, remixes from Zed Bias, Maddslinky (yes, that’s also Zed Bias!) and C Swing Black Einstein. The Japanese edition will  come with a bonus mix from Jazzy Sport‘s DJ Mitsu The Beats.

New bits from Bembe Segue

Oh right, wasn’t there talk about a solo-album from Bembe Segue a long time ago? I forgot myself and was only reminded when she uploaded some new tracks on her MySpace page.

I’ll find a myriad of excuses why not to add new tunes….”its not ready”, “its not mixed”, ” arrangement still needs work”, “hmmm not sure about the lyric in verse 3”, “its too jazz, certain peeps wont like it”, “it’s not jazz enough- certain peeps wont like it”, “its too broken”..”.its not broken enough”,”i like it but is it ‘bembe’?” […] I have a confession – over 1,000 tunes sit on various hard drives all mentally listed with one of the above excuses

I don’t want to claim that Bembe has a creative block, but she doesn’t sound too sure about her work. Go and read the full blog entry to see what I mean, and send her some love and encouragement. Just in case that she really deleted the post in the meantime, as she said she might, I got a screenshot of that entry.

Freesoul Session Photography

The Freesoul Sessions London Finale was taking place on November 9, the last concert in the UK before Mark de Clive-Lowe moves to his new home Los Angeles. It featured an all-star line-up of Bembe Segue, Vanessa Freeman, Tawiah, Sharlene Hector, Mystro, Richard Spaven and guest appearances from Michelle Escoffery and MC Dynamite.

Austrian photographer Jan T. Sott (aka Idleberg) was there to take pictures, which are now online on his Flickr page. They are a bit on the experimental tip, but as these aren’t his first photos of a Freesoul Sessions he felt like trying a different approach. Hopefully, some of these will make it into his small edition book by the end of the year.

Sleep Walker – Into The Sun

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

French label Jazzmin has released a new album from Sleep Walker. Well, one might say it’s not a new album, but a collection of their previous 12-inches – either way, for the first time these tracks are officially available outside of Japan and in a digital format.

Sleep Walker are a jazz quartet around Hajime Yoshizawa, that already released two albums in Japan (Sleep Walker in 2004 and The Voyage in 2006) through Especial Records. Into The Sun mixes tracks from both albums and their more recent 12-inch singles.01. Brotherhood
02. Into The Sun (feat. Bembe Segue)
03. Resurrection (Tokyo Night mix)
04. River Of Love (feat. Bembe Segue)
05. Ai-no-tabi
06. Wind (feat. Yukimi Nagano)
07. Eclipse
08. The Voyage (feat. Pharoah Sanders)
The more prominent tracks are certainly River Of Love with Bembe Segue, longtime partner of Mark de Clive-Lowe, and Eclipse, cover of an early Kyoto Jazz Massive track. Wind features Yukimi Nagano on the vocals and gained some attention through Sonar Kollektiv’s Neujazz compilation, released earlier in 2008. Lastly I want to mention the track The Voyage, which features Pharoah Sanders on tenor sax. The group got involved with Sanders on their first European tour, on which both played at London’s Jazz Café for four consecutive nights – which eventually led to their collaboration.

Speaking of touring, Sleep Walker are currently playing live all over Europe, including dates in London, Paris, Basel, Zagreb, Bratislava and Yekaterinburg. Check their events page on for details (and all dates). The album can be purchased at Juno Download, People’s Music, iTunes and the likes.