Beyondjazz Vol. 4

Alright, not much time for blogging lately, but here’s one I had to get off my mind before I forget about it – and I better not. Four years have passed since the release of the last Beyondjazz compilation, back then still a forum for like-minded musicmakers and listeners.

In the eighth year of their existance, they’re still around running a blog and of course their regular radioshow. And they’ve just released a new compilation, featuring a wide selection of styles as you can hear below.

Unlike previous installments, this is a digital only release and you can get it for €7 from their shop on Bandcamp. Don’t sleep!

Mixtape Monday #7

Just when I finished last week’s post, Sonic Router posted an interview with Tokimonsta, accompanied by a nice mixtape. As you might know, she is currently touring through Europe, check out her MySpace for dates.

Speaking of dates, I want to make sure my London based readers don’t miss this Thursday’s concert of Build an Ark at Cargo. The lovely Beyondjazz crew dedicated their latest radio show to the Ark’s very own Carlos Niño, so don’t sleep on this.

More fresh beats out of Los Angeles come from Take aka Sweatson Klank (via YSK) and the Low End Theory podcast makes a return with Daddy Kev and Diabase on the decks.

Kirk Degiorgio, the man behind countless monikers including As One, The Beauty Room and Offworld, has put together a minimal set for Little White Earbuds. It contains many of Kirk’s more recent productions like ART-8 and Isomer Shift.

To give José James upcoming album some more spin, Gilles Peterson has put together a brand new podcast. You probably haven’t heard the latest 12-inch yet.

Hyperdub’s LV has mixed a selection of dubstep, hip-hop and even jazz for French magazine TSUGi.

Musique Large has two new treats for you, La Mixette 13 was mixed by Paul Pre and Vol 14. by Swede:art (hint).

As last, I give you two unusual mixes. First is the 100th FACT podcast put together by Norwegian disco-krautrocker Lindstrøm. Bodytonic invited Sven Weisemann to do a “classical-meats-electronic” mix for their podcast.

Weekly Bits 26/2009

Zero” is offering a free mixtape for you to download, coming from Berlin beatmaker Robot Koch. All you need is an account on the website and that code from the wristband you received at the release party.

Another mixtape is taken from the XLR8R Podcast, who present a set full of electro-funk put together my Berlin’s DJ T.

With one of the most exciting editions of the Sónar festival being over, Radio 1 host Mary Anne Hobbs has filled her YouTube page with lots of new videos. Apart from an overall impression, there are features of Martyn, Joker and The Gaslamp Killer.

Germany’s Sonar Kollektiv made a dream come true. For every vinyl purchased on the webshop, you will get the MP3s for free. That’s the way to go!

If all goes well, the new Beyondjazz website will be online later today. I’ve seen a preview and I can tell you it’s a sleek design.

At last, have you seen this Marvin Gaye inspired poster-design yet?

Kaidi Tatham Genius Selekshan

There were a lot of Kaidi Tatham related posts recently, and as the release-date to the new album approaches, Beyondjazz dug out some gems for their latest radio show.01. Likwid Biskit – Sound Orgy (1998)
02. Kaidi Tatham – Armz R Deh (1999)
03. Stateless – Bringin’ Me Down (Agent K Remix) (2003)
04. Down To The Bone – The Flow (Agent K Instrumental Mix) (2004)
05. Cousin Cockroach & Shox – King Tut Fool! (2004)
06. Agent K – Mark I (2004)
07. Izzi Dunn – Out Of My Hands (Kaidi Tatham Mix) (2004)
08. DKD – No Time (2004)
09. Ivana Santilli – Breathe Inn (2004)
10. Silhouette Brown – Monday’s Coming (Instrumental) (2004)
11. Isoul8 – A Silent Force (feat. Kaidi Tatham) (2006)
12. Innerdaze – Supa7 (2006)
13. Kaidi Tatham – Demo Unnins (2006)
14. 2000Black – Lose It (2008)
15. Kaidi Tatham – These Things Will Pass (2008)

It contains a bit of everything, tracks from the past and the upcoming album, remixes and some unreleased tracks, like the demo track Demo Unnins (posted earlier on his MySpace page).

There are also some news about the album itself, the release date has been pushed back to December 13. 2000black fellow Dego also posted some words on the album.

The dynamic moods the tension the soul the groove and pace all are felt on an lp that the world of jazz,funk and soul needs.what is great for us listeners is KAIDI has only just begun

Freedom School, who will be releasing the album, has posted some pictures of the vinyl cutting on their website (and some more pictures here).