Harmonia – Complete Works

Harmonia - Complete Works

News about a Harmonia box-set spread soon after the passing of Dieter Moebius. The short-lived German band, has often been called a “krautrock supergroup”, with it’s members borrowed from Cluster (Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius) and Neu! (Michael Rother), and admirers from the ranks of Brian Eno and David Bowie. The box-set consisting of 5 LPs, one of them unreleased, is now available from Grönland Records, the same label that put out the Neu! Vinyl Box years ago.Harmonia – Musik von Harmonia
Harmonia – Deluxe
Harmonia -Live 1974
Harmonia & Eno ’76 – Tracks And Traces
Harmonia – Documents 1975

Apart from the music, the box-set contains a 36-page booklet, poster and download codes. You can buy it directly from the Grönland store, Amazon (UK / US), or HHV. However, unless you’re a huge fan or collector with the necessary budget, I recommend seeking out the individual records on record fairs or online.

Neu! Vinyl Box

Neu! - Vinyl Box

Cover Artworks

It’s hard to imagine that ten years from today, the three albums from legendary Krautrock outfit (and short-time Kraftwerk members) Neu! were impossible to get – or only on poor quality bootlegs. Luckily, German label Grönland put out remastered versions of Neu!, Neu! 2 and Neu! ’75 in 2001, making them available to a new generation of listeners.

Fast forward to 2010 and the same label brings an unmissable Vinyl Box including the three LPs, a previously unreleased live-recording called Neu! ’72 and for the first time, an official release of their last album Neu! ’86 (the bootleg was known as Neu! 4.) Apart from that, there are some more goodies included: a book, a t-shirt and a download code for the music.

If you never had the chance to get copies of these masterpieces on vinyl, this box-set is a fairly priced way to make up for it. You can get it for €119 directly from the label or from other stores like Bleep or Juno. The live-recording and t-shirts are also available seperately from the Neu! shop.

Update: Since my first revision of this post, the box-set got listed as unavailable on the official shop and the Bleep link is now leading to an error page.  Unless you’re willing to spend half-devilish $333 at Amazon, I suggest you check your local record store. However, I take it the box-set might just be delayed – it happens all the time!

A Guide to 12345678

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Düsseldorf’s electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk released their eight albums from 1974’s Autobahn to 2003’s Tour de France in a box-set. While some fans will be sad that early albums Kraftwerk, Kraftwerk 2 and Ralf & Florian are not included in the selection, the ones included were remastered for the first time by today’s standards. If you’re not sure what this means or what you can expect, I recommend having a read on 5 against 4 for an in-depth comparison.

Another question for die-hard fans is the language of this 8-CD box set. Kraftwerk originally recorded albums with both German titles and lyrics. For the English speaking part of the world, however, the quartet chose to re-record the albums. Many got to learn Kraftwerk from these “translations” and may want to stick to that. On the other hand it’s not only the orthodox fans that want to get their hand on the “original” versions, but it’s also a chance to discover something slightly different.

So, here’s an overview on the different options available to you. In Germany, Kraftwerk’s own Kling Klang imprint releases both versions of 1234568, otherwise identifiable by the cover saying “Der Katalog” or “The Catalogue”. In the UK it’s Mute putting out the English box set, in the States it’s Astralwerks.

Der Katalog / The Catalogue
Radioaktivität / Radio-Activity
Trans Europa Express / Trans Europe Express
Die Mensch-Maschine / The Man-Machine
Computerwelt / Computer World
Techno Pop
The Mix
Tour De France

Apart from the CD-only box set, all of the included albums are available seperately on remastered LPs. To spot the right version for you, it is recommend to take a closer look. Amazon sells the vinyl versions in  Germany, United Kingdom and the United States. The former is the only one with both versions available. However, if you spot a version at your favourite record-dealer, you better ask staff or listen to the record before buying.

It also seems that U.S. buyers still have to wait for the box to be released.

69 – The Legendary Adventures of a Filter King

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Following last year’s Sessions compilation, Detroit’s Planet E founder Carl Craig prepares to release a limited edition box-set of his 69 releases.

To be released on August 26, this specially designed vinyl package features the out-of-print 12-inches 4 Jazz Funk Classics (1991, PE69-1), Sound on Sound (1993, PE69170), Lite Music (1995, PE69339) and Pungtang (2006, PE 65284). On top of that comes a fifth disc with previously unreleased mixes.

Disc One: 4 Jazz Funk Classics
A1. Ladies & Gentlemen
A2. If Mojo was A.M.
B1. My Machines
B2. Frequency Finale

Disc Two: Sound on Sound
A1. Rushed
A2. Sub Seducer
A3. Sound on Sound
B1. Pois et pas (original)
B2. Filter King

Disc Three: Lite Music
A1. Jam the box
A2. Desire
B1. Microlovr
B2. Jam the box 2

Disc Four: Pungtang
A1. Puntang
A2. Puntang 2
B1. Sub Seducer (Long Mix)
B2. Poi Beats

Disc Five
A1. Poi Et Pas (Unreleased Version)
B1. If Mojo Was A.M. (Extended Version)

Please note that this special edition is limited to only 500 copies worldwide, 100 of them contain an exclusive t-shirt. Pre-orders can be made at Rush Hour, Clone Records or Juno.

I remember reading somewhere, that Carl Craig wants to maintain a very careful policy on which of the label’s classic records will be re-released. Consequentially, The Legendary Adventures of a Filter King should be regarded as an exception for a few lucky ones.

Update Planet E’s Facebook page has some more images of the artwork made by Machine

Sep 1, 2009 This fine boxset is now available for purchase, try the links above!

Sep 11, 2009 Got my boxset today, the design of the box is very beautiful and each of the discs comes in a different color. I’m happy I got me this! However, the t-shirt doesn’t look great at all and the printing quality isn’t the best either.

Warp20 Box Set

Warp20 Box Set

Warp20 Box Set

For the last couple of months, everybody could vote for the all-time top 10 tracks from Warp Records. Now that the voting is over, Warp finally revealed the plans for their anniversary release, which is supposed to drop on September 25th.

The highlight is certainly the Warp20 Box Set, a deluxe special-edition that has to be the collector’s item of the year. It not only contains the double CD with all tracks voted into the top 10 (plus co-founder Steve Beckett’s top 10), but also another double CD with cover versions of Warp artists by Warp artists. On top of that comes a 10″ book showcasing the label’s rich design history, five 10″ records containing rarities, loops and previously unheard tracks. Oh, and there’s another CD by Osymyso made from sections, samples, and fragments of Warp music from the last 20 years.

Let’s sum it up again, just to be sure there’s no confusion:

-Warp20 (1989-2009) The Complete Catalogue
-Warp20 (Chosen) 2xCD
-Warp20 (Recreated) 2xCD
-Warp20 (Unheard) 3×10″
-Warp20 (Elemental) CD
-Warp20 (Infinite) 2×10″

If you’re interested, you better place a pre-order now, the box set should be much sought after and of course will be available in a (yet undisclosed) limited edition only. Although not explicitly mentioned on the Warp website, I take it the before-mentioned double CD will be available seperately. Same could apply to the book, but the rest is definitely exclusive to this box set.

Also, you can now download the first 20 Warp releases in lossless quality from Bleep, a Warp20 t-shirt is also available now.