Teebs & Yuk – Estara

I could live inside any of Teebs‘ tracks, what more comfy place could there be? Above you can hear his collaboration with Yuk, one of the tracks from dublab’s Light from Los Angeles compilation. All songs and videos of that project are released under a Creative Commons license, so they can be downloaded and remixed under the same conditions.

I’m not quite sure when the project will be completed, but you can download the Teebs & Yuk track for the time being!

(via RBMA)

Vlek Guided Tour

Here’s a compilation you can’t buy or steal, but since we’ve been short on Vlek releases we’d like to take this opportunity and make up for that. Fifteen tracks from names you should have heard before: Cupp Cave, Wanda Group aka Dem Hunger, Ssaliva, Herrmutt Lobby and others.

You can stream this in full below, just hit play and sit back!

01. Cupp Cave – Thoughtograph
02. Sagat – ESC
03. Ssaliva – Hobo4030
04. Dem Hunger – Squint Fucker
05. Squeaky Lobster – Flying Rupees
06. Richard Colvaen – Polimetria
07. Cupp Cave – Hypersport
08. Sagat – Few Mysteries Solved in a Year of Contact
09. Cupp Cave – Mind Bones
10. Squeaky Lobster – Killing Eleven (Tailor Made for Dublab)
11. Herrmutt Lobby – Cosmonautes Funk for 2 Joysticks (Live Take)
12. Squeaky Lobster – Aarnivalkea
13. Ssaliva – SPA82 3.06 2161 plays
14. Cupp Cave – Pear Pressure (DICE POOL EP outtake)

While you can’t buy this, there is an option of getting the entire Vlek back-catalogue: 41 tracks for unbeatable €14.99, available on their Bandcamp page.

Brainfeeder Sampler 2012

Last year saw a number of stunning releases on LA’s Brainfeeder label, and it’s not much of a surprise they won the Worldwide Award for the best label of the year. To celebrate, Brainfeeder gives out a free sampler of their music.

Brainfeeder Sampler 201201. Jeremiah Jae – $easons
02. Lapalux – Gutter Glitter
03. Martyn – Viper
04. Matthewdavid – International feat. Dogbite
05. Mono/Poly – Needs Deodorant
06. Samiyam – Cushion
07. Taylor McFerrin – Place In My Heart feat. RYAT
08. Teebs – Jahara
09. Thundercat – For Love (I Come Your Friend)
10. TOKiMONSTA – Bright Shadows

As you can probably tell by the look at the tracklist, this is much better than most free compilations, more like a best of Brainfeeder selection. All it takes for the download is registering with you email. Enjoy!

The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume 2

One of the finest compilations in 2010, The Minmal Wave Tapes, finally gets to see a follow-up release in late February. Minimal Wave is a label run by Veronica Vasicka, specialised in the discovery, remastering and releasing obscure 1980s synth wave and proto-industrial.

01. Hard Corps – Dirty
02. In Trance 95 – Presidente
03. Philippe Laurent – Distorsion
04. Das Ding – H.S.T.A.
05. Subject – What Happened To You
06. Ohama – The Drum
07. Geneva Jacuzzi – The Sleep Room
08. Antonym – Cinammon Ai
09. Ruins – Fire
10. Ende Shneafliet – Animals From Outer Space
11. Felix Kubin – Japan Japan
12. Class Info – Out Of Line
13. In Aeternam Vale – Annie
14. Aural Indifference – Theme
It’s once again Stones Throw who has teamed up with Minimal Wave to bring a cross section of that music to a wider audience. The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 2 is available for pre-order and will be available on February 27, 2012.

(via Onda Sonora)

Update Here’s an interview with Veronica Vasicka, posted today in FACT Magazine



Cover Artwork

Adult Swim and Scion A/V have teamed up to bring you a free compilation sporting UK underground music from the likes of Kode9, SBTRKT, Lukid, Ikonika, Actress, Zomby and many more (including some US peers.) Here’s a look at the full trackslist.01. Ikonika – World On Mute
02. XXXY – Kerpow
03. Untold – Peaky
04. Geiom – Pure Bristle
05. Ginz – Chrome
06. Lukid – Running from the Demons
07. Geeneus – Knife & Gun (Dusk & Blackdown 2step Mix)
08. SBTRKT – Golddigger
09. Starkey – Eris
10. Actress – Murder Plaza
11. Zomby – Hexagons
12. Dauwd – Ikopol
13. Boxcutter – Waiting for the Lights
13. Babe Rainbow – Give You Time
14. Burial – Street Halo
15. Kode9 – Just Inside
16. Pinch – Blow Out The Candle
17. Cooly G – R U Listening

Go and get the download, but don’t be to hasty about it: there are also two video interviews with Actress and Pinch worth checking out on that website!

LA♥JPN♥LA Vol. 2

Compiled and produced by Hashim Bharoocha, the second LA loves Japan will be available starting tomorrow. Once again this compilation is meant as support for the victims of last March’s earthquake. For only $9.99 you get 26 tracks from the likes of TOKiMONSTA, Grooveman Spot, Free The Robots, MONKEY_sequence.19 and others from both sides of the pond.

01. Grooveman Spot – Promise
02. Omid Walizadeh – Gol Azeez
03. KK – op.311
04. Late Bloomers – Eenie Meanie
06. Labwaste – Collect All and Save
07. Conflict – Spacesuit
08. Jonwayne – 40 Winks
09. Keita Sano – Problem With Dub
10. ELOS – The Wired
11. MONKEY_sequence.19 – before computa
12. Free The Robots – Alpha Numeric
13. ZOOL.GEL – zoolaa
14. EmV – stop error
15. mabanua – Love Dub
16. The Life Force Trio – Bizarre Bazaar
17. repeat pattern – Bruce Lee Poster
18. Sacred – hope
19. mfp – here comes the lord
20. Languis – Chord
21. kazzzzz – plug_and_play
22. RLP – dukk
23. The Astronotes – wait a moment
24. TOKiMONSTA – Brugge
25. Subsequents(AZZURRO x DULO)- re-generation
26. Helado Negro – Con Suerte (Mezcla Adentro)

Make sure to visit the LA♥JPN♥LA blog to find artist profiles for each of the involved musicians.

Get yourself the download from Bandcamp or wait until tomorrow and find it on iTunes. In case you missed the first volume, it’s still available.

September 6, 2011 The Bandcamp player still isn’t working, but you can listen/buy the compilation at Boomkat or iTunes

Dorian Concept – Trilingual Dance Sexperience (Ogris Debris Relick)

Of course you remember Trilingual Dance Sexperience, but who would’ve thought it’s been two years since this Dorian Concept signature tune came out? His label mates Ogris Debris brought back the tune to our memories (did it ever leave?!) on Affine’s label compilation, now you can listen to the full track on SoundCloud.

If you want to keep this track, you should consider getting yourself a copy of this excellent compilation. I’d suggest you get it directly from Affine Records, otherwise you’ll find it at the usual places like Bleep, Amazon or iTunes.

Kompakt Benefit Compilation for Japan

From German label Kompakt comes another benefit compilation that is meant to help the victims of the recent Tsunami in Japan. It is filled with music from 30 labels, including prestigious names such as Raster-Noton, Dial Records, Bpitch Control, Ostgut Ton and -of course- Kompakt.

To get you convinced, a mere look at the tracklist might be enough. Otherwise you can stream the entire compilation below.

01. Marsen Jules Trio – OEillet Parfait
02. Ezekiel Honig – Past Tense Kitchen Movement
03. Jahcoozi – Lost In The Bass
04. Space System – Petik
05. Greie Gut Fraktion – Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt (Wolfgang Voigt Remix)
06. Manaboo – Unhuh
07. Efdemin – Time
08. Antonelli – Waiting For You
09. André Lodemann Feat. Nathalie Claude – Searchin’
10. Lawrence – Dwelling On The Drums
11. Michael Mayer – Picanha Frenesi
12. Nhar – Megumi
13. Xaver von Treyer – Lunar Rover (The Wolf Song)
14. Cosmic Kids – Reginald’s Groove
15. My Favorite Robot – The Future Will Judge Us
16. Kaito – Open My Window
17. Audision – Red Sky
18. Monkey Maffia – Yo Baby Yo
19. Nick Höppner – Makeover
20. Gowentgone – Love & Respect
21. Glitterbug – Parted
22. SCSI-9 – Electric Flowers
23. Dusty Kid – America
24. Tassilo – Petite Patate
25. Davenport & Deutschmann – Trump
26. Mr. Statik – Smoothest Cat On The Block!
27. Someone Else – Funny Day Elsewhere
28. Ana Helder – El Groove De Tu Corazón
29. Anne – James Chaton – Vendredi 26 Juin 2009 – Événement N°23
30. Borngräber & Strüver – People Crying
31. Metaboman – Stony
32. Maya Jane Coles – You
33. Dj Olive – Kokanee’s Drop
34. Out Of Plato’s Cave – Rainbow For Dawn Shane Berry’s Rainbow for Japan Mix

You can get yourself the download for only €7.99 over at Bandcamp or Other Music. And take a look at those two Nihon Kizuna compilations, Find Magazine’s The Sun Still Rises In The East and the forthcoming L.A. Loves Japan on Alpha Pup.

Nihon Kizuna Bonus

As mentioned yesterday, there is now a follow-up to the recent Nihon Kizuna charity compilation. Nihon Kizuna Bonus adds another 34 tracks to the previously released 50, enough good music to get you through for some time.

01. +Verb – Hard Fought Sleep
02. Beggars Jargon – Indian Rope Man
03. Blue Daisy – Beneath The Fall
04. Chiba Chemist – 10 Pacez
05. Control Freak – Drop your guns
06. Damage is Done feat. Shuanise – Elements
07. Daniel Savio – Rivers
08. Demokracy – EON
09. Dizz1 – Drastic Measures
10. Geir Helgi Birgisson – Cats
11. Ghost Mutt – Nightly
12. Ike Release – Rendez Vous
13. Jay Scarlett – East
14. Kan Sano – Circle Dancing
15. Kelpe – Ryan Larkin’s Walking
16. Lambent – SRC
17. Machinedrum – Let It (Broken Haze Remix)
18. Mesak – Azeridjavulen
19. Moa Pillar – Ursula
20. Mr Beatnick – Rainbow Road
21. Mweslee – Variations Pour Cx Pallas
22. Myown – 3words
23. Nocow – Abandoned Intent
24. Powell – Da Sun Will Always Shine
25. Professor Ojo – Pass The Map
26. Red Richards feat. Nana Chica – Sakura
27. Rekordah – Burger Sauce
28. RQM – Atomic Fusion
29. Save Slaves – Revolver Juggling
30. Sert One – Morning Rise (Alarm)
31. V.C. – Walk vs Run
32. XLII – Chara-Chara!!
33. YoggyOne – Grey’s Back
34. Young Montana? – Atlas

Though it feels a bit like being put together in a hurry (alphabetical tracklist), you will still get another batch of great music – and more importantly do some good with your money.

You can get buy this for a price of your liking over at Bandcamp.

Beyondjazz Vol. 4

Alright, not much time for blogging lately, but here’s one I had to get off my mind before I forget about it – and I better not. Four years have passed since the release of the last Beyondjazz compilation, back then still a forum for like-minded musicmakers and listeners.

In the eighth year of their existance, they’re still around running a blog and of course their regular radioshow. And they’ve just released a new compilation, featuring a wide selection of styles as you can hear below.

Unlike previous installments, this is a digital only release and you can get it for €7 from their shop on Bandcamp. Don’t sleep!

Nihon Kizuna

Waited all day for the download to become available, now it’s here. Fifty tracks from artists such as Kode9, Om Unit, Paul White, Illum Sphere, Jay Scarlett, Onra and 44 others, available for a tenner for immediate download.

If you feel like doing something good for the people in Japan or just want your hands on this load of good music, don’t think too much about it, it’s worth every penny of it.

01. Kode 9 – 9 Samurai
02. Don Leisure – Trio of Desserts
03. Kuedo – Zap
04. Himuro Yoshiteru – Missing Links
05. Onra – High Hopes
06. Tatsuki – Mirror in Bologna
07. Om Unit – Lavender
08. Danny Drive Thru – Prescience
09. Slugabed – Rockin U
10. Ken-One – Mindrain
11. Paul White – Grimy Light
12. Darkhouse Family – Lemon Drizzle
13. Illum Sphere – Sweat The Descent
14. A Taut Line – Azul
15. Fink – See It All
16. Mus.sck – Happiness Is The Best Face Lift
17. Rudi Zygadlo – Perdu
18. Broken Haze – Move Forward
19. BD1982 – Aluminium Riddim
20. Nightwave – Hokusai Dream
21. The Electric feat. Yarah Bravo – Beautiful (Memory9 Remix)
22. Ernest Gonzales – Beneath The Surface
23. Jono McCleery – Garden
24. Ido Tavori – Haunted Top Hats
25. Jay Scarlett – The Rising Sun
26. Paper Tiger – Lunar Notes
27. Kid Kanevil – One For Tokyo
28. Takuma Kanaiwa – Senpo World
29. B-Ju – Philly Run (Mux Mool remix)
30. Primus Luta & Lonesome D – Lockdown (Instrumental)
31. 2phast – Japan
32. Doshy – Space Attack
33. Sesped – Too High To Drive
34. Yosi Horikawa – Passion
35. Audace – Indestructible Soul
36. Scrimshire feat. Inga Lill Aker – Warm Sound
37. Kan Sano – Bless
38. Elliott Yorke – Wormhole Squirm
39. Daisuke Tanabe – Artificial Sweetener
40. Super Smoky Soul feat. Guilty Simpson – Knockout Kings
41. Emika – Count Backwards
42. Eccy – EFH
43. Throwing Snow – The Luck Without
44. XLII – Standuptall Nippon
45. Pete SasQwax – Aggro A Go Go
46. Virtual Boy – Thrust (Turnsteak Remix)
47. F.A.M.E – Real Surreal
48. re:ill – We Are Possible
49. The Qemists – Stompbox
50. Kper – Chotto

Let’s skip the talking, go visit the Nihon Kizuna website for more details or go straight for the download over at Bandcamp.

April 13, 2011 Also available now is the Nihon Kizuna Bonus compilation, adding another 34 tracks to the batch.

Affine presents What A Fine Mess We Made

Oh my, the tracklist looks so good but it sounds even better. We’re talking about the first compilation from Affine Records, the Austrian label that broght us Dorian Concept, The Clonious, Ogris Debris and most recently Cid Rim.

The 14 tracks were all previously unreleased and among them you’ll find a couple of new tracks, even some new artists and some of those old tracks, but all remixed in one way or the other.

01. JSBL – Big Kariba
02. Sixtus Preiss & The Clonious – Specimen From Springbing
03. Ogris Debris – Sexy Chair
04. Dorian Concept – Tropical Hands (The Clonious Remix)
05. Ogris Debris – Light Aery (Cosmin TRG Remix)
06. The Clonious – Alter-Ego-Cate
07. Dorian Concept – Trilingual Dance Sexperience (Ogris Debris Relick)
08. Cid Rim – Dark Cide Rymbal
09. Dorian Concept – Harpoon Love
10. Zanshin – Drowm
11. The Clonious – Earringer (Cid Rim’s ReRinger)
12. JSBL – Project Mayham Sandwich
13. The Clonious feat. Paul Randolph – Truth (Krts Remix)
14. Dorian Concept – Row Out

The whole thing will be out in about four weeks on April 11th, 2011. Get yourself a limited copy on CD or at your favourite download store. Don’t sleep!

Mar 25, 2011 For a free download of track 6, head over to XLR8R

Mad-Hop Vol. 1

Mad-Hop Vol. 1

Cover Artwork

Started as a group on last.fm in 2009, Mad-Hop has finished their first release. Simply titled “Mad-Hop Vol. 1”, the compilation features music from some familiar names such as Hit and Hope’s Naive Machine, Svetlana Industries’ Filtercutter, Robox Neotech founder Doshy or Bitesize Beats.01. Jimbo Matsumoto – Tight Production
02. B$Q – Anyone else disturbed
03. Kixnare – Dreamin’
04. Doshy – 3ws
05. Appleyard – Combinator
06. Bitesize Beats – Moonboots
07. Naive Machine – Juump
08. Homeless Inc. – How Human Are You
09. Mählib – Walla
10. Burguez – Homework 3D
11. Mad Steve – Dvolp
12. Filtercutter – Eastern Sham
13. Polyklinik – Rollover
14. Some1Else – Social combing r2
15. GETEYE – (EYE)HerLevel
16. Teielte – Joymos
17. Dnte – Video game
18. B$Q – Prisoner of debt
19. BeFP – After Life (ressurection)
20. Depakote – Mr.Holtzman
21. Minoo – Just close

All 21 tracks are available in various digital formats and for a price of your liking. Head over to Bandcamp to listen and download your copy!

Musique Large 2007-2010

It’s the first compilation by Musique Large, it’s full of good music and to make it extra large it comes for free. Featuring music from the last three years, including artists such as dÉbruit, Fulgeance, Ghislain Poirier, Charles Trees, Dorian Concept and Huess.

01. Charles Trees – The Dream (Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez Remix)
02. Débruit – Gros
03. Fulgeance – I Luv U
04. Ghislain Poirier – Slow Fat
05. Charles Trees – Majhongg
06. Fulgeance – Chopped & Screwed
07. Fulgeance – Chico (Dorian Concept Remix)
08. Débruit – Roi TV
09. Fulgeance – I Luv U (Huess Remix)

Download this brilliant compilation over at Bandcamp and subscribe to the La Mixette podcast series if you haven’t already!

(via YSK)

Philpot Records 50

Stuttgart’s Philpot Records celebrates its 50th release with tracks from Move D, Juju & Jordash, The Reboot Joy Confession, Roman Rauch & Bartellow, Ike and Tim Toh.

A1. Tim Toh – Floral
A2. Ike – Throwbackmusic ’94
B1. Roman Rauch – Lemme Get There (feat. Bartellow)
B2. Tom Ellis – New Mode
C1. The Reboot Joy Confession – O
C2. Juju & Jordash – Tanglefoot
D1. Move D – Untitled Detroit

Vinyl-only and limited to only 250 copies, you better be quick on this one. I’ve spotted copies over at Juno, Rush Hour and Clone.