The Dark Side of the Moon

I guess I’m with Erykah Badu when it comes to picking my favourite record: Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. This goes as far that I’ve bought several copies of the record and enjoyed the documentary on the album more than once. Not to mention the Pompeii gig and, of course, Antonioni’s Zabriskie Point.

The one thing I admire about the British band is their pioneering work when it comes to adding a strong visual language to their performances. Below you get to see the final cut of the backdrop films used during their initial US, UK, and French tours for the album.

Let’s hope these are meant to stay online, otherwise you might want to head over to Matthew Fuggi’s Vimeo page where you can download the videos for the time being.

Endless Planets Release Party

Hanging out in Los Angeles and not sure what to do tonight? Well, it’s kind of last minute, but we just felt like we should recommend you the Austin Peralta album release party.

You might have heard his new album Endless Planets, which only came out this week on Brainfeeder. In any case check out the videos below.

The full band includes Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (viola), Sam Gendel (alto sax), Ryan McGillicuddy (bass), Zach Harmon (drums & tabla), Earnest Blount aka Ian Simon (laptop) and Austin Peralta himself on the piano.

Check out the events page on Facebook for details!

November 24, 2012 As of today, the entire concert is available for free download!

CEO Carl Craig outlines his vision…

The arrival of the 69 box-set and the Carl Craig presents TRIBE concert got me listening to a lot of classic Planet E material. I didn’t know the label had a page on Vimeo, so here are some videos I found.

This video is a joke, of course. It was filmed after Planet E signed a deal with distributor Caroline. Carl Craig outlines his visions of how to take over the world and you get to see footage of Detroit with music from the label playing in the background. Makes me wonder how Carl managed not to laugh once in this!

Another video captures moments of his performance at Centre Pompidou in Paris. Carl was supported by Wendell Harrison of Tribe (saxophone & clarinet), Mad Mike of Underground Resistance (keyboards) and Kelvin Sholar (keyboards). Two tracks from that recording are available on 12-inch through Planet E.

Roy Ayers Live in Cologne

At the age of 68, Roy Ayers feels anything but old when it comes to playing his music in front of an audience. Here’s a nice recording from his recent concert in Cologne, playing a 13 minutes long version of the 1982 classic Our Time Is Coming.

The track was re-recorded in 2001 by Masters at Work and received one of my favourite treatments by the guys of Jazzanova.

(via Ahjaa)