Weekend Mixtapes #44

The latest Weekend Mixtapes largely consists of stuff we meant to post last week, but that should not worry you as there are some exceptionally good entries among them.

Funkineven‘s latest features about 60% music forthcoming on his own Apron Records label, including bits from Kyle Hall, Jay Daniel or Seven Davis Jr. Not to be missed!

The same goes for Theo Parrish and Dego, who took over the Do You show from the other day. Yup, that’s Theo Parrish and Dego McFarlane in one show!

Following the excellent FACT Mix by MGUN, London’s Fabric put out an exclusive Wild Oats mixtape by the Detroit producer.

You might have heard that Martyn is one of the many artists to have signed on Ninja Tune recently. And since he’s completed a new album for the label, Mixmag asked them to contribute a mixtape.

I might be late to the game, but the last Tom Trago album on Rush Hour has really grown on me in the last couple of weeks and months. A good reason to have an eye on the Amsterdam-based producer’s doings.

And lastly, let me add Daedelus‘ most recent Entropy Sessions for dublab!

Nidhogg (with music by Daedelus)

I think we might have our first video game post here. And while it might seem so, it’s only in part because of the soundtrack being delivered by Los Angeles dweller Daedelus. Looks like we have a truly cool game here, whether you’re into the Atari 2600-inspired graphics or not. The main concept of the game is dead-simple: to fight your opponent in a duel to the death. Those fights are far from the complexity of any Street Fighter II-clone, even the original International Karate game is far off–think of a fast-paced Bruce Lee clone. What makes this game really clever though, is its multiplayer mode. The winner of each duel decides the direction the game takes, by progressing to the next level. However, each player is moving into a different direction, so the possibilities to finish the game are seemingly endless, as the fun to get there inexplicably great.

Nidhogg scores a 83 on Metacritic and Game Trailers gave it a 9.0 rating. Available on Steam for the Windows platform.

Weekend Mixtapes

One of our 2011 favourites, Bristol’s Hyetal, has been this week’s guest on Solid Steel radio. Listen or download his mix on their SoundCloud page.

Seems London’s Bullion had to struggle a little with his Tom Ravenscroft remix. Haha, sorry!

Our latest podcast contributor Jay Scarlett recommended this Yosi Horikawa mix for Playground Mag, you might find it easy to agree on.

Here come the big sites: A Guy Called Gerald, Luke Vibert for Dazed, Daedalus for FACT Magazine, and Kowton for Dummy.

Lastly, you might want to check out the new BTS Radio guestmix by Toro Y Moi.

Daedelus – Live & Interview

Only a couple of days ago I featured One O’Clock’s interview with James Pants, today they posted a new one with LA’s Daedelus.

He talks about performing live, his new Archimedes audio-visual show, and running a label.

If you have the time, take a moment and check out other features by NWMA/One O’Clock on Vimeo. They are more interview sessions like the one above with Kelpe, Anti Pop Consortium or Slugabed, and live material of Taylor McFerrin or Actress.

Domu – Something Old (Daedelus’ Pacifically Juked)

2003’s Impending Doom saw a rather unlikely collaboration with broken beat veteran Dominic Stanton, and I say “unlikely” for I believe not many fans of Daedelus were familiar with the names of Domu or Umod. I guess requesting two remixes from an artist already shows a lot of appreciation, but today -nine years later- Daedelus pays back with a remix of one Something Old.

There’s a lot of regret in the liner notes for the track, I guess it really meant a lot to the Los Angeles-based Alfred Darlington to return the favour. And who knows, maybe this (once again) raises the awareness for a very underrated artist of the last decade.

Well, I like the outcome and I think it works really well. If you think so too, you can download the tune here or there.

Daedelus works with Students

During last year’s Incubate Festival, LA-based producer Daedelus sampled pieces of music made by students of the Fontys Rock Academy and the Conservatory in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

The results have been available for download for some time already. Take a listen if you haven’t yet.

Daedelus – Adjustments Made

Celebrating 50,000 followers on SoundCloud, Lord Darlington shares a his adjustments, a collection of “sort of chopped and screwed” remixes. Included are adjustments of artists such as Aphex Twin, Dntel, Mannequin Lung, New Order, Stardust, and a mash-up of UNKLE and Björk.

All of these are available for free download, if you like them I recommend getting them quick!

Daedelus – An Armada Approaches (James Pants Remix)

It’s been quite some time since Daedelus released Righteous Fists of Harmony on the Brainfeeder label. Only yesterday Stones Throw announced a limited 7-inch revisiting one of the tracks from the record and you can listen to it below.

It’s Stones Throw’s very own James Pants on remix duties and in return Daedelus puts his hands on his track Thin Moon. Titled The Sound of Symmetry, the 7-inch is a collaboration between Stones Throw and Dublab and it’s already available for purchase.

Room 205 with Daedelus

You might remember one of these from an earlier post, but I’ve only discovered Daedelus stars in two more videos of the Room 205 series.

Always a pleasure to watch him play the Monomes, don’t you think?

Ninja Tune will releases the new Daedelus single Overwhelmed on August 8th, until then you can re-listen to his mix for Mary Anne Hobbs.

Mixtape Monday #22

We klearly have to start with this one, the 267th FACT mix put together by Mancunian Krystal Klear. Mix of the week!

Russian radio Headz FM recorded Africa Hitech‘s Moscow live-set from some weeks back. Get the two-part download while you can and also take a look at this tribute by DJ Rasskazov. And if that’s not enough, give Africa Hitech’s set at Sónar 2011 another spin.

Russian beatmaker Damscray and Sunlike are playing a selection of instrumental hip hop for Ukrainian Sashiradioblog. Available for download or stream.

While we’re still waiting for his new album, Ben Westbeech is playing some summer tunes on his mixtape for Vice Magazine.

New York’s Brennan Green has been playing on Beats in Space numerous times and remember these shows as some of the most entertaining ones. Plus he’s always playing good music, so grab his latest.

Tectonic’s Jack Sparrow has made a minimix for his booking agency, Seiji promotes his new record with his Seiji4 Promo Mix, and Eva Be is playing some house records for you.

Like every week, there are plenty of Boiler Room recordings worth grabbing, but Ossie‘s mix deserves special mentioning.

Mary Anne Hobbs keeps uploading those guestmixes for her new show to her Mixcloud account. Check FaltyDL, Machinedrum, Daedelus or the latest show with Teebs and Blawan.

And lastly, here’s one I was sent when my computer was dead. You might have heard of IG Culture’s new labels Holy Roller and HR2. The first releases on the former is the Manz at Work mixtape and features several unreleases remixes.

Daedelus – One & Lonely (Lost Remix)

Recorded at Room 205, witness Alfred Darling performing a track from Bespoke, the new album just released on Ninja Tune.

Also new from Daedalus is the latest edition of the Ninja Tune Podcast, in which he plays a couple of his favourite records.

(via 92bpm)

Daedelus – We All Have Magical Properties

Los Angeles’ Daedelus, muscian, great live performer and now running his own label Magical Properties, put together this mixtape for International Tapes.01. James Pants – Seven Seals Theme
02. Siouxsie & the Banshees – Spellbound
03. Machinedrum – Nastyfuckk
04. Toro Y Moi – You Hid
05. Robot Koch – Threats
06. Ad Bourke – One For Me
07. Stagga – Timewarp
08. Teebs – Anchor Steam
09. Dj Rashad – Who Da Coldest
10. Rudi Zygadio – Filthy Logic
11. Jon Wayne – Tears pt. 2
12. Mustard Pimp – Pigeon Flu
13. Stagga – Genik Ridim
14. Daedelus – Fair Weather Friends
15. Animal Collective – Loch Raven
16. Trolley Snatcha – Circle K
17. Bjork – Joga (Strings& Vocal mix)
18. Drake – Fancy
19. AC Slater – Calm Down
20. The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever
21. LDFD – Outta Control
22. Lorn – Army of Fear
23. Untold – I Can’t Stop This Feeling
24. NastyNasty – The Reef
25. Captain Hands – Spell on U

Grab the download while available.

(via 92bpm)

Daedelus – Far From Home Session

Following their sessions with Teebs or Gaslamp Killer, the guys of Into the Woods met with Daedelus in an arcade to play some Street Fighter II. They also asked him to show his skills on the Monome and recorded the session.

Head over to the Into the Woods website and download an MP3 of the same session.

Daedelus – Tidal Waves Uprising

Following Stampede Me, here comes the second video off Daedelus’ Righteous Fists of Harmony mini-album.

Directed by Ben Olsen and Brainfeeder associate Dr. Strangeloop.

Update XLR8R simultaneously posted a new track by Daedelus, get it here!

Daedelus – Stampede Me

Taken from his mini-album Righteous Fists of Harmony, this is the official video for “Stampede Me” by Daedelus. The video was directed by Chris Shen.

The album has been out for a month now, you can get it on vinyl or as digital download. Don’t miss!

(via Brainfeeder)