Dâm-Funk – Tunnels

My love for Dâm-Funk is largely based on LAtrik, the first part of his Toeachizown album. That one came with the track Tunnels, which is probably unheard by the many out there who still buy CDs – until now!

Obviously, Damon didn’t want to leave out anybody who who doesn’t have the chance play vinyl records and decided to give it away as a free download. Enjoy and say thanks!

Dâm-Funk – Hood Pass Intact (Instrumental Re-Freak)

Despite being over two years already, there’s nothing coming close to Dâm-Funk‘s pre-album release Let’s Take Off (Far Away) – if you ask me. It had the strongest album tracks in one place and sold for a more reasonable price than the Toeachizown box set.

When I saw this 2011 rework popping up on my SoundCloud dashboard I had to give it a try. It’s quite a raw version of the track, but I’m still falling for its impeccable groove. It’s a free download and it even comes as an uncompressed WAV file.

Dâm-Funk – Show Me The Way

Straight from the City of Roses comes this modern funk tune courtesy of Dâm-Funk. You might have heard this one on Master Blazter mix CD Blazt Off, but this is the full unmixed version of the same track.

If you think this is a keeper, you can download it while the supplies last and tell Damon what you think of it.