2562 – The New Today

I have said it before and I will say it again: I do understand all the criticism about Spotify, Rdio and other streaming services, the payments models are far from ideal. Always having been the person to actually buy records, to me streaming services are a great way to try-before-buy. The new album released under Dave Huisman’s 2562 alias was released about a month ago and —like his other records— has not been available on Spotify ever since. I’m glad he decided to share the stream on his SoundCloud page, otherwise it might have slipped off my radar altogether.

“The New Today” is available limited edition LP from all good record stores, including Clone, Rush Hour and Boomkat. For digital options, you can also buy the record from Bleep or iTunes.

Pearson Sound’s Guide To The Music Of Dave Huismans

Before I head back to the beach, let me share this mixtape I’ve been enjoying lately. It’s meant as a rough guide to the music of Dave Huismans, better known as 2562 and A Made Up Sound, put together by Hessle Audio’s own Pearson Sound.

01. 2562 – Winamp Melodrama
02. 2562 – Jerash Hekwerken
03. A Made Up Sound – Here’s Your Cheese, Now Freeze
04. Dogdaze – 552 Blues
05. Commix – Change (A Made Up Sound Remix)
06. A Made Up Sound – Demons (Reprise)
07. 2562 – Intro
08. 2562 – Blackout
09. 2562 – Basin Dub
10. 2562 – Morvern
11. Pattie Blingh – Brother (2562 Remix)

Dave is playing live at London’s Fabric this Friday, make sure to catch him when you’re around. The mix above is available for download.

2562 – Benji B Mix

Late last year, Berlin resident 2562 was on Benji B‘s show to chat and play some records. Always good to hear him plays Oscar’s Shed and some Nubian Mindz, and that’s part of the reason why I want to share this mix with you!

01. Morgan Geist – Lullaby
02. DâM-FunK – Galactic Fun
03. Klic – Disco Music
04. John Roberts – Relate
05. Unknown – Unreleased
06. Nutmeg – Oscar’s Shed (Rima Remix)
07. Nubian Mindz – Into Another World
08. Unknown – Unknown
09. Altered Natives – Legendary Suffering
10. Peverelist – Salt Water

If you like it, you can download the mix as well. And I think there are still some older 2562 mixes available for grabs.

2562 – Wax Treatment Podcast

Originally released in January for Wax Treatment, Berlin based 2562 uploaded this podcast to his SoundCloud page. Some true classics on this one including one of my favourite dance records of the early millennium, the highly overlooked Off Key EP by Psyan (that’s Scott Clifford of Bugz in the Attic!)

01. Nu Era – The Moon Water Question
02. Psyan – Tha Norm
03. Shake – Psychotic Tango
04. Kenny Larkin – Third State (Carl Craig Mix)
05. Wax – Elemental Mix
06. A Made Up Sound – Rear Window (Shattered)
07. WK7 – The Avalanche
08. 2562 – Aquatic Family Affair
09. Mike Dehnert – Meck
10. A Made Up Sound – Crisis
11. Seldom Felt – Untitled
12. Point Blank – Meng’s Theme
13. As One – Undefeated

I got two download links for this one, you can get the mix from SoundCloud or Wax Treatment.

2562 – Fever

Following his dub/techno inspired debut Aerial, the more percussive follow-up Unbalance and several EPs under various disguises, Berlin based Dutchman 2562 has completed his third album Fever. It has been called his more disco and house flavoured album, and while it sounds nothing like that you can definitely the influences.

Fever will be released on his new label When In Doubt and you can expect it in a variety of formats, including CD, vinyl and digital download. We’ve spotted the LP for pre-order on Rush Hour and Juno, the store date is April 4th, 2011.

XLR8R Podcast by 2562

I’ve been a fan of 2562 for quite some time now, dating back to the Dogdaze he sold directly via the 4hero forum. His first two albums under his new moniker have been favourites, so we’re happy to hear a new mix from him.

XLR8R Podcast by 2562 (download)
01. Yoav B – Wisdom Bop
02. M. Pittman – East Side Story
03. Panash – Cheval
04. Domu – Quarantine
05. Kerri Chandler – Get Up
06. Blawan – Getting Me Down
07. Nutmeg – Oscar’s Shed
08. DJ Koze – Mi Cyaan Believe It
09. Julio Bashmore – Batty Knee Dance
10. Boddika – Rubba
11. 2562 – This is Hardcore
12. Nacho Patrol – Solomonic Dynasty
13. Paperclip People – Floor
14. Kirk Degiorgio – Nairobi

As diverse as his influences, the mix features some classics from Domu, Kirk Degiorgio, Paperclip People, my all-time favourite Oscar’s Shed, as well as new music from the new Julio Bashmore EP and the latest 2562 release.

Like all XLR8R podcasts, this is available as MP3 or MPEG-4. Head over to the XLR8R website to choose your preferred download.

Little White Earbuds Podcast by 2562

The latest Little White Earbuds podcast features one of our favourite Dutch producers: The Hague’s 2562 also known as A Made Up Sound (and formerly Dogdaze). As with his own productions, his last album Unbalance came out a year ago, 2562 plays a mixture of dubstep, garage, techno and everything in between.

Little White Earbuds #57: 2562 vs A Made Up Sound
01. WNCL – Mrs Fingers (Quantec Remix)
02. Instra:mental – Rubba
03. Martyn vs Mike Slott – Untitled
04. T.Williams – Chop & Screw
05. Cosmin TRG – Bijoux
06. Breach – Fatherless
07. A Made Up Sound – Rear Window
08. Skudge – Overture
09. Will Saul & Mike Monday – Sequence 1? (Scuba Remix)
10. F – Slowdown
11. Boddika – You Tell Me
12. Lone – Pineapple Crush
13. D-Bridge – ZX81? (Shed Remix)
14. Ramadanman – Space Dance
15. Wax – No-20002? (Pinch Remix)
16. Basic Soul Unit – Jak’d Freq (A Made Up Sound Acid Bonus)
17. Studio 1 – Rosa 1?
18. D.I.E. – Detroit Technobass
19. Addison Groove – Sexual
20. A Made Up Sound – Extra Time

Read an interview and download the mix over at Little White Earbuds.

2562 – Unbalance

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

It was only this summer, that I first listened to Dave Huismans’ debut under his 2562 moniker, 2008’s Aerial. As I didn’t want to make that mistake again, I followed all news about its successor and eventually got hold of a promo copy of the new album Unbalance.

Back in 2006, I first ran into Dave’s work through his self-distributed album In Dog We Trust, which he released under the Dogdaze moniker. At times it sounded like Mr. Oizo making hip-hop beats, but it also sported a rough broken beat style somewhere between Son of Scientist and fellow Dutchmen Rednose Distrikt. On the first 2562 album, Dave adopted the style that is often referred to as Bristol dubstep, fusing dubby techno with garage beats, a style that got wide attention through Martyn’s Great Lengths album. It’s maybe no surprise that Martyn’s label 3024 previously released some of Dave’s music on 12-inch.

Well, it’s 2009 and the all new album Unbalance, which is the subject of this post, is about to get released. Its artwork struck me the moment I saw it, but the true masterpiece is pressed on the disc. Dave Huismans managed to put together all of his influences on this record, scattered snares, deep moody synths and dubby basslines. The record will (and can) still be labelled “dubstep”, but when you listen to the pieces the music is made of, you will hear more than just that.

2562 doesn’t follow the minimal approach of many other dubstep producers, the beats are plentiful and appear in many shapes. Some broken beat influences can be heard on tracks like Flashback or my very favourite, the title track Unbalance. Lost can easily be confused with a Martyn production, while the keys on Dinosaur are evocative of classic Domu or Rednose Distrikt material . Another favourite on the record, Who Are You Fooling, features keys mellow enough, they could as well be taken from a Moodymann or Theo Parrish record.01. Intro
02. Flashback
03. Lost
04. Like A Dream
05. Dinosaur
06. Unbalance
07. Superflight *
08. Yes/No
09. Who Are You Fooling?
10. Narita
11. Love In Outer Space *
12. Escape Velocity *

* CD exclusive tracks Who would have thought that after Silkie’s City Limits and the already mentioned Great Lengths, another dubstep album claims a spot among the best albums of the year. Albums like these not only prove the genre’s versatility, but can also help to improve its reputation and acceptance among the remaining sceptics. If by the end of 2009 the genre hasn’t grown on you, it probably never will.

Most mail orders seem to have the record in stock starting today. I’ve spotted both CD and triple LP on Rush Hour, but Juno and Boomkat both have it in stock as well. A digital release was spotted on Juno Download.