Dis|cover 2014… with Tetsuo

Remember 2014? Yes, that was last year! Nevertheless, I want to go back one more time and present my very own selection of favourite record covers of the previous year. Surprisingly, here are a bunch of record sleeves of music I never listened to, stuff that popped into my eyes while browsing shops and reading newsletters.

Antoni Maiovvi – Avrokosm (Not Not Fun)

Antoni Maiovvi - Avrokosm

A prime example of what a good record cover might do, I started listening to the music after seeing this beauty. It shares all the qualities of a poster advertising a seventies sci-fi movie, obscure imagery that makes one want to find out more. Notice the mismatching reflection on the lake. Designer unknown.

Update: Actually, this seems to be a take on Tangerine Dream’s Stratosfear sleeve.

Deejay Deer – Natur (Numbers)

Deejay Deer - Natur

Sometimes a good photo is all it takes, and someone at Numbers must have thought the same. The picture itself dates back to 1909 and I always had a sweet spot for portrays that show a person in a strong, dignified way. Photography by Underwood & Underwood.

Oberman Knocks – Dilankex EP (Aperture)

Oberman Knocks - Dilankex EP

Here’s a record I actually bought last year and I’m not ashamed to admit I bought it soleley for the design. Not that there’s anything about an Autechre remix or even Oberman Knocks himself. Bold design, high contrast and a clever die cut. What’s not to like? Designer unknown.

Clap Clap – Tayi Bebba (Black Acre)

Clap Clap - Tayi Bebba

I have to admit, I first saw this cover in high resolution while tracking down the image for this post. I always liked the colours and composition, but I was mildly disappointed about he clean, digital (?) look — the lack of texture. Still, a favourite of 2014! Designer unknown.

Caribou – Our Love (Cityslang)

Caribou - Our Love

Not exactly my favourite Caribou record, but longtime collaborator Matthew Cooper came up with this sleeve worthy to add. Reminds me of Carnovsky‘s RGB room and some of Erosie‘s work.

Rustie – Green Language (Warp)

Rustie - Green Language

Alright, I complained about the clean detail of the Clap! Clap! sleeve, but that’s exactly what makes the Rustie cover so great. And the unreal look of those flamingos, I still find it hard to believe it’s an actual photo. Artwork by LuckyMe’s Dominic Flannigan with photography by the amazing Simen Johan.

Roughlung – Untitled (Cleaning Tapes)

Roughlung - Untitled

Maybe a bit of random choice, but it represents a for a style that has become a favourite of mine in recent years. Grim, with an almost metallic quality. Designer unknown.

FaltyDL – ///I\II\\\\ (Ninja Tune)

FaltyDL - ///I\II\\\\

A bit too Instagram maybe, but let’s not pretend: this is why I use Instagram myself, and it’s probably why you either love or hate it yourself. Artwork by Thomas J. Simon, who was already responsible for several of FaltyDL‘s earlier sleeves.

Powell – 11-14 (Diagonal)

Powell - 11-14

Simple and cute. Powell had a series of covers in a similar fashion and it would nice to these go on for a bit, as Modeselektor have been doing over the years with their trademark monkey. Design by Guy Featherstone.

Future Islands – Singles (4AD)

Future Islands - Singles

Yet another band I never heard about, but the cover caught my attention. I like a collage now and then and there’s nothing more to say about this one. Artwork by Beth Hoeckel.

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Mixtape Monday #31

Haven’t done these in a while, but this week there are enough mixes worth a mention. Shall we start?

One-Handed‘s Dedication series is one of the more exciting podcasts, each episode being dedicated to just one artist. This time it’s Mr Beatnick who shares his love for Sun Ra on his eclectic mix (he wrote about him before!)

Next up is something I’ve mentioned before in a side-note, the second podcast by the Tempoclash crew. And it’s a special one as Danny Breaks doesn’t do many mixes these days.

There are many varieties of house music, here are four mixes representing four different styles: Joy Orbison for Resident Advisor, Recondite’s mix for Hush House, a new Linkwood podcast, and some deepness from Sven Weisemann.

LuckyMe‘s Dominic Flannigan and Claude Speeed provided the soundtrack for the The Goodhood Store‘s fifth anniversary, 100 minutes of ambient music.

If you always wanted to download Kelpe‘s Ping mix for oki-ni, you can now do so for a limited time!

The Blessings – Galaxy High

The Blessings - Galaxy High

Cover Artwork

While I’m always thankful to receive upfront releases, I prefer to write about them near the release-date. This way you can walk in a shop and actually get yourself a copy. Sometimes it’s me forgetting about them, no matter how good a release is. That’s exactly what happened in the case of Glasgow’s The Blessings.

But enough of the excuses, let’s talk about the music. The Blessings are Dominic Flannigan and Martyn Flynn, founding members of the LuckyMe label and collective, alongside Hudson Mohawke and Mike Slott. That said, you can picture the direction the sound is going.

A1. Ariseee Henson
A2. Faberge
A3. Moranis Riding Ants
B1. Keith Sweats
B2. Ibaseta
B3. Hot Song

The EP was released two weeks ago on Kindred Spirits sublabel Nod Navigators, you can buy it directly from the label or mailorders such as Juno or Boomkat.

If you really need more time to consider, head over to their SoundCloud profile where you can listen to four of the tracks in full length. Only today, they have uploaded their first of the many remixes to come.