Lukid – Nine

Finally a sign of life from London-based producer Lukid, who we haven’t heard from since 2012’s Lonely At The Top album on Werkdisc (and what happened to those promised new Glum releases?) The new record is called “Crawlers” and will be out on September 29 on the Liberation Technologies label. First glimpse in that video by Nic Hamilton. Hungry for more!

Anthony Naples – Zipacón

Oh, and we have another one from The Trilogy Tapes we would like to announce today, for Anthony Naples releases his follow-up to last year’s El Portal on the label. You can stream all of the four tracks in the player above before making up your mind. The opener “Perro” has been a personal favourite ever since I heard it on the Hessle Audio show and I can’t wait to pick up my personal copy. Available from the TTT store and all good record stores as of July 20th.

Martyn – Vancouver (Head High Remix)

This is somewhat typical: you hear a tune several months before it comes out, but once it’s available you have already forgotten about it. There have been far more extreme examples than this new remix of Martyn 2008 track “Vancouver”, but it almost went off my radar. Fortunately, the Head High remix made a huge enough impression on me when I first heard it on the Hessle Audio radioshow in late November, still I only found out it’s already been waiting in record stores since January 20th. It’s probably hard by now to get a copy on vinyl, but 3024’s new distributor Clone still has some in stock.

Kelpe – Astrolomy (Mike Slott Remix)

I wonder whether it’s been such a great decision to use the Mike Slott remix as the opener for Kelpe‘s new record. If you’re like me and become that obsessive that you’re listening to a track on repeat for days, then the answer is probably “no”. Anyway, it’s one of those tracks that does that for me. Feel free disagree with me though, Fourth: The Golden Eagle Remixed offers 11 alternatives to choose from, including mixes from the likes of Débruit, Fulgeance, Dam Mantle, and Soosh. Not all of them made it on the vinyl release, but my favourite is among them. For the full package you’ll have to go for the digital release!

BINKBEATS Beats Unraveled

The Healer by Madlib/Erykah Badu

Dutch producer Binkbeats runs one of the most impressive YouTube channels I’ve ever come across. There he regularly covers contemporary beats with an array of (sometimes obscure) analogue equipment, an MPC and laptop.

Getting There by Flying Lotus

So far there is music from Erykah Badu, Flying Lotus and Lapalux reinterpreted. if he maintains the pattern, there will be a new track each month (hopefully!) Luckily, these invite you to repeated listens.

Without You by Lapalux

Simply. Brilliant. Stuff.

(via Rappcats)

Thundercat – Heartbreaks + Setbacks

We’re excited to hear that the follow-up to Thundercat’s brilliant The Golden Age of Apocalypse is only a couple of months away. Together with the track you can hear above, Brainfeeder shared the news with Pitchfork alongside a full tracklist and forthcoming live dates. Titled Apocalypse, the new record is once again produced by Flying Lotus and will be out on July 8th (July 9th in the U.S.)

And that doesn’t seem to be the end of the line, as Lotus announced working on a fusion album next.

Wiley – Scar/Money Man

Ouch, how long have we been waiting for Scar to finally come out? I actually did a quick search on Google and among the first hits was Benji B’s Best of 2009 show. Two thousand and nine!

As Mark Pritchard has uploaded this snippet on SoundCloud, the new Wiley album practically around the corner. Big Dada will release Evolve Or Be Extinct on January 19th -yes, that’s next Thursday- on triple vinyl, CD and digital download. According to Mark, there will be a Harmonic 313 remix of Money Man soon after.

I don’t like posting snippets, but you got to big up Mark Pritchard for the creative snippet. It serves its purpuse, but at the same time you can enjoy listening to it multiple times!

June 20, 2012 According to Berlin-based HHV both tracks will be out on vinyl in the last week of June!

emanative & Ahmed Abdullah – Lions of Judah (Four Tet Re-Edit)

Many will associate Lions of Judah with Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide, as it opened the show week after week for a period of time. So it’s maybe no surprise his own Brownswood imprint releases a new version as tribute to Steve Reid, the American drummer who passed away last year.

The new version was recorded by emanative and comes with a Four Tet re-edit on the flip. As you might know, Kieran Hebden had a special relationship with Steve Reid himself, the two recorded several albums together between 2006 and 2008, a live recording was released only recently.

Lions of Judah will be out on 12-inch on December 12th and you can pre-order your copy starting today. The release will be accompanied by a charity event in London two days after, keep your eyes open for details.

January 3, 2012 As mentioned on Twitter yesterday, the liner notes for the release are now online

Four Tet – Locked

With every release Kieran Hebden is putting out, he keeps amazing us. And it’s no different with the latest on his own Text Records label. Listen to the full track below!

This will be available on 12-inch sometime in September 2011. That’s just in time for Four Tet’s upcoming Fabriclive.59 mix-CD, which also includes this fine tune.

Arkist – Rendezvous / Fill Your Coffee

For the last three years, I have been calling Apple Pips my favourite label, as they manage not only maintaining a roster of highest standards, but also use a strong visual language on their releases.

Their 15th release is a 12-inch by Bristol man Arkist, who delivers a super deep title track alongside a slowed down funkster on the flip.

Arkist - Rendezvous / Fill Your Coffee

PIPS015 is out this week on vinyl and as digital, secure your copies on Bleep, Rush Hour or Boomkat.

Jamie xx – Far Nearer

Oh, we’ve been waiting for this one. In fact we didn’t even know what we were waiting for, but we must’ve heard it on one of Jamie xx‘s mixes (and there quite some lately.) So here it is, Glaswegian label Numbers released Jamies first official solo material, a 12-inch called Far Nearer.

As you can see, the record comes in a similiar design as We’re New Here, the inner of the sleeve actually fluorescent. It’s available now, get it directly from the Far Nearer website or Nmbrs own store.

Be quick, this will likely sell out very fast!

Hyetal – Beach Scene

How good is this video? And how good is the album? I have to say it’s one of the best things I heard all year. The video was probably made by another huge fan of Hyetal, but it fits the the overall vibe of the song (and the entire album) very well.

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to his album Broadcast yet, I urge you to do so. It is available now from Black Acre Records and you can choose from CD, 2xLP and digital download – whatever suits you best.

(via Gimme5)

SBTRKT – Living Like I Do

You probably remember this track from when it was aired as part of SBTRKT & Sampha’s live-session on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide show. It’s easily one of the best SBTRKT productions to date and it will finally get a release real soon.

No infos on which track will be on the flipside, but Young Turks is once again be the label pressing this on wax. Take a good look in your store when this hits the shelves on April 11, 2011.

Update You’ve heard it from the man himself, the flipside contains a Machinedrum remix of Look at Stars.

Some Record Covers… part 1

Always interested in the artwork that packages the music, I have collected some record covers I particularly liked in the first half of 2010. These are not necessarily records I listen to or write about, in fact I’ve included some I’m not even familiar with, stuff I came across through newsletters and some other websites. Most of them came out this year, with some exceptions from 2009.

As you can see, I’m fully backing current trends like triangles, pattern-based designs or symmetric compositions.

Some of the artists responsible for the artwork shown above: Andy Gilmore (Warp), Erosie (3024), GiveUpArt (Tempa, Rinse, Apple Pips), Optigram (Hyperdub), Donal Thornton (Onra), Future Classic Design (Future Classic), James Joyce and of course The Designers Republic. If you can help with those I missed, please leave a comment.

Watch out for the second part of this post, in which Dynooo (Mac Fly) and Nitzan Hermon (Fine Art Recordings) pick their favourites.

Afronaught – Transcend Me

When Bugz in the Attic‘s Orin Walters released “Transcend Me” in 2001, West London’s broken beat sound got one of its first, if not the anthem and probably the most important tune for the genre.

While borrowing heavily from Masters At Work’s When You Touch Me, Afronaught emancipated the track with a crazy percussive build-up, raising the tension with every bar, and Melissa Browne’s powerful vocals. “Transcend Me” has not been the first broken beat track, but it is considered the first by the many who first got to hear about that genre.

And now, soon ten years after its release, it is available as free download on SoundCloud!

May 24, 2015 The first version of this article used a SoundCloud embed