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Kidsuke - Kidsuke

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If you are one of our more regular readers, you likely heard about the name Kidsuke by now. The project is the brainchild of Tokyo’s Daisuke Tanabe and UK producer Gerard Roberts, better known as Kidkanevil, an admirer of the Japanese culture and member of the Ninja Tune affiliated Stateless. Both are also alumni of 2010’s Red Bull Music Academy in London, where they met for the first time in person and where the idea for a collaboration sparked. Two years later, following many file transfers and two meetups in Tokyo and London, Berlin’s Project Mooncircle has released the album.

Listening to Kidsuke takes you to your old room at your parents’ house, one of the dearest places of your childhood. Through the first 10 minutes, you see yourself stepping through a hallway of memories, unfade images of your stuffed animals, happily remember melodies from that old music box. It’s a sound most familiar to you, yet the melodies are unknown. There is Aphex Twin’s precision, the quirkiness of Mouse on Mars, Dim Dim’s playful moments, or Teebs doing his chimes. But are these really happy childhood memories, or does the music edge towards the dark and the cynic? An old nightmare of yours?, a future noir-fairytale?, some weird anime plot? It’s not evidently a dark mood on the record, but it made me wonder about the musicians’ intentions at times. Kidsuke has its melancholic moments, yet there are optimistic tones as in both Harmonic parts (probably my favourites, too), sweet seductivons in Frogs In A Well or Ghostboy, the uplifting MoOoOoOn. Versatile yet consistent record, an album to that you can’t avoid listening on repeat. My verdict is you should buy this!01. IntroOoOoO
02. Nanotrees (Out In The Woods)
03. Frogs In A Well
04. School Chimes
05. SGstep
06. MoOoOoOn
07. Sine Flowers
08. Ghostboy
09. Tiny Concrete Block
10. The Other Day We Thought Of Our Friends…
11. Cherry Chimes
12. Ghostgirl
13. Harmonics pt. 1
14. Harmonics pt. 2
15. Super Deformed
16. The Last Train
You can get this fine record on limited orange vinyl 2-LP and several digital formats. Also available from retailers such as Bleep or iTunes, and there’s the full album stream on Spotify.

Kidsuke – Tiny Concrete Block

The Kidsuke album, a collaboration between Kid Kanevil and Daisuke Tanabe, is still over a month away from release. With no intention to tease you, let me say it’s one of the most exciting records I have heard all year and you should be looking forward to hearing it. The good folks at Brownswood serve a full track from the album on their new electr*c 3 compilation and you guessed right, it’s the track you can listen to above!

The compilation is available as of today and can buy the CD or digital from their Greedbag store or from iTunes.

Kidkanevil – Basho Basho Remixed Remixed

Kid Kanevil - Basho Basho Remixed Remixed

Cover Artwork

The anticipated follow-up to Kidkanevil’s Basho Basho from earlier this year, a remix album titled Basho Basho Remixed Remixed is finally available on his Bandcamp page.

Almost half of the tracks are reworks of his RBMA 2010 fellows, including well established beatsmiths such as LA’s Tokimonsta, Manchester Illum Sphere or Germany’s Swede:art. But there are more favourites among the cast, take Daedelus, Blue Daisy, Daisuke Tanabe or Throwing Snow.01. Lantern 1 (Daisuke Tanabe Remix)
02. Megajoy (TOKiMONSTA’s Unsound Bliss Mix)
03. Setsuko (BUG Remix)
04. Land Of Plenty (Throwing Snow Remix)
05. Drunken Master (Swede:art’s Mind Gone Remix)
06. Tintinnabuli (Om Unit’s Drexciyan Meditation Remix)
07. Minjo (Blue Daisy Remix)
08. The Floating World (Eliphino Remix)
09. When Doves Bounce (Illum Sphere’s Rebounce)
10. Lantern 2 (Cherry Chan + Kiat Remix)
11. Yokai (Daedelus Looks For That Remix)

If you think it’s gonna be hard to pick a favourite, you’re guess is right. I’ve chose Blue Daisy’s remix, to which you can listen below.

You can get the digital release of Basho Basho Remixed Remixed directly from Kidkanevil‘s Bandpage. Four of the mixes are also available on a limited 12-inch release, and its name suggests there’s going to be a second one.

If you’re not conviced yet, grab the Daedelus remix for free or listen to the album in full.

Kidkanevil – When Doves Bounce (Illum Sphere’s Rebounce)

Oh my goodness, just heard this new remix by Illum Sphere and it blew my mind. The original is taken from the Bashō Bashō album by Kidkanevil which was released earlier this year.

I wish I could tell you a release date for this one, it should be “coming soooooon”. Watch out and don’t forget!