Dimlite – Abscission

When Grimm Reality came out last year, it was clear he delivered a masterpiece. We probably haven’t figured it out completely, but its genius can’t be denied. It’s not an easy record, but it’s worth taking the challenge.

After many, many listens, I certainly haven’t figured it out. I love it, but that’s only a feeling. In the meantime, Dimlite is at least one step ahead as he plans the release of Abscission, a digital-only release of Grimm Reality outtakes. It’s the first release on Ripl (doesn’t that sound like it could be his label?) and will be out in June 2012.

June 19, 2012 Listen to a first track form the mini-album over here!

December 12, 2012 Vinyl copies are available as of today!

Dimlite – One Of Uh Infinity’s Countless Uh Tiny Cycles

Oh Dimlite, you know you’re my hero. Your music is in a league of its own and I love how the humour in your track titles is always trying to play it down. Or take this video, utterly brilliant and responsible for the smile on my face.

This one is taken from the Grimm Reality released late last year on Egon’s Now-Again label. Needless to say I recommend it!

Dimlite – Grimm Reality

Dimlite - Grimm Reality

Cover Artwork

When I posted the video a bit more than a week ago, the new album by Dimlite still seemed so far away. Maybe I was expecting more teasing, maybe the Prismic Valuta Rising situation was still too present – I didn’t see this coming so soon.

As of today, you can order Grimm Reality on CD, triple 10-inch or get the digital download exclusively from Stones Throw. Both physical releases were wrapped up into a beautiful packaging by Swiss designer Anneka Beatty, some pictures are available on the Now-Again website. The vinyl also comes with a download code and a special 7-inch record exclusive to the format.01. You Very Rich Believer.
02. Pour Some Blood, We Got This.
03. Blur, Blur, Blur, Blur.
04. Healing A Random Tyrant.
05. New, Better Pain
06. Yes, Welcome
07. XY
08. Through The Grimms/Stars Down
09. Than Them
10. Fridge Note
11. One Of Uh Infinity’s Uh Countless Uh Tiny Cycles
12. Heroine Roof

Lastly, you can download the track New, Better Pain as a free teaser. Most Dimlite fans, like myself, will not need this but order the record immediately.

February 4, 2012 Digital buyers get get their copies directly from Dimlite’s Bandcamp page

Dimlite – Fridge Note

If you followed Dimlite‘s releases so far, you know the man never repeats himself. Today, he’s given another outlook to his forthcoming album Grimm Reality and it’s quite a shift from his previous sounds.

The album will be out on November 2nd, 2011 and it’s Stones Throw sidekick Now-Again releasing it. Some excerpts are available on Dimlite’s website.