B-Ju – Merianplatz

Before I forget once and for all, let me spread the word that our podcast contributor B-Ju has a new record out Comonostro. On his Merianplatz EP, the German producer continues his departure from his more hip-hop side you might remember from his early records on Error Broadcast. Instead, all four tracks aim at getting you move over the dancefloor. What I always appreciated about B-Ju’s club-oriented output is his ability to get you there without relying on all-too-obvious 4×4 beats. Instead: Playful synth stabs, chopped r&b samples and enough personality to set him apart from all those dull UK copycats out there.

Merianplatz is available now on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Helena Hauff – Reaktion

If you had a close eye on recent Werk Discs doings, this mixtape is old news for you. As for myself, I haven’t been so lucky and I’m thankful that Ninja Tune, a close partner to the label, notified me of its existence. I did hear about Helena Hauff being signed to the label and I’m eager to hear her debut EP in full. Besides producing music that excites the likes of Actress, she also works as resident DJ at Hamburg’s renowned Golden Pudel. That said, it should’t surprise you she chose a mixtape to get you excited about her EP. No tracklist or download, but a fine treat for lovers of raw techno music. Enough talking, just listen!

Harmonic 313 at Golden Pudel

The first mixtape we’re posting in a while is a DJ-set from Harmonic 313 recorded last July at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel club. Below you can listen to the second part of that set, which I prefer for its selection of jungle and footwork records (but there’s more to it as you can see!)

01. Subnation – Scottie
02. New Blood – Worries in the dance
03. King of the Jungle – Loveable
04. Roni Size and DJ Die – Music Box
05. LTJ Bukem – Horizons (Phillip D Kick Remix)
06. Ballistic Brothers – I’ll Fly away (Junior Boys own)
07. Traxman – All I Feel (REMIXX 2012)
08. Rashad Manny Spinn – Do It Again12
09. Traxman – Blow Your Shit (DA OUT OF HERE REMIXX)
10. Hudson Mohawke – Costas
11. Harmonic 313 – You Don’t know me (Version 1)
12. TNGHT – Higher Ground
13. Lumo – R U Ready
14. 32 Seconds
15. Dorian Concept – Toothbrush Portamento
16. Fumio Hayasaka – Seven Samurai
17. Dub Phizix feat. Mr Fox – Never Been
18. Loxy & Resound – Anomaly
19. Photek – Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu
20. Vertigo – The Drained
21. Burial – Night Bus
22. Aphex Twin – 942937
23. Sugar Minott – Sheriff John Brown (John Brown Version)
24. Twinkle Brothers – Magnetic Enforcer
25. Nicolette – Dove Song
26. Hudson Mohawke – Scud Books
27. Moondog – All Is Loneliness

You can download both parts from Mark Pritchard’s SoundCloud page.

Volume 14 – mixed by B-Ju

Much has happened since we gave away B-Ju’s Dog Day EP in 2010, the first vinyl to come out on the Italo-German Error Broadcast label. Since the young producer from Hamburg released Prozac People last year (also on Error Broadcast), there has been a notable shift from electronic hip-hop beats to London-flavoured house sounds. The latest examples of his sound can be found on releases from Squelch & Clap and No Brainer.

So who is this B-Ju guy?
I’m a producer and DJ of electronic music, currently living in Hamburg, Germany. Besides music I work as a copywriter for advertising which is as boring as it sounds. I also read poets and hug trees.

What’s your first memory of music and how did you end up making music yourself?
The first thing I remember was the full music video of Thriller by Michael Jackson. I guess this memory had more to do with the fact that I was shitting myself than enjoying the music. When I first saw Mr. Len juggling his coloured records in Co-Flows „End to End Burners“ I wanted to become a DJ. Sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale, huh?!

More recently, there has been a change in your sound. Just one of the many sides of B-Ju?
I always heard and made music of different genres. My Dancing in your head record by Ornette Coleman is next to Ludacris’ What’s your fantasy, which isn’t contradictory to me. Even if the intellectual range is monolithic.

There is now a generation of producers that was influenced by videogame sounds, do you feel like a part of that?
I’m a kid of the 8-bit generation too, but I always were a ousider when it came to videogames. All of my friends owned Nintendo consoles, I was the only one with a Sega Mega Drive. But I wouldn’t say that sounds of the videogames influenced my music a lot even if you can hear some of them on my Dog Day EP. I think that most producers build on 8-bit sounds too much. That’s the reason why I never could relate to a genre that is defined by that specific sound.

You don’t see it often that producers release different styles under the same name. Was that a conscious decision?
Yes, it was a decision out of laziness. Promo-wise it’s probably not the best thing to release different styles of music under the same name. I still get messages from promoters like „Oh, I didn’t know that you doing club music now“. But I also start to realize that it seems to be to exhausting for people to stick to one genre. You are not a weirdo anymore if you like artists like Blawan and Shlohmo at the same. I think people are more honest about their own taste nowadays.

What are you up to next?
I’m doing some remixes and I want to release this strange record I’m working on right now. Don’t know when or where. Collabs are also planned, but I can’t say much about that right now. Playing live is a big issue for me, since a lot of people asked me about that. The thing is: I don’t want to be one of those „I trigger my tracks in Ableton, press the play button and add some random lazer effects“-musicians. That’s the reason why I want to take my time to build a live-routine.

How did you choose tracks for the mix?
When I record a mix I mostly try to choose tracks that I wouldn’t play in a club. For this particular mix I mainly took slow and deep house tracks that have a slight Hip-Hop twist. I like the idea of doing a coherent mix that listeners of all kind of genres could relate to.

Can you name some current favourites from your record bag?
Still like the latest release by 123mrk, Refined Madness, and Kidnap Kid’s Alphaville EP. Urulu’s Sincerely 91 is a bomb! I also like Thundercat’s album a lot.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. Darling Farah – Fortune
02. Cosmin TRG – Liebe Suende
03. AppleBottom – Diamondz
04. 813 – Monogamous
05. XI – Nightlife
06. B-Ju – Cry Wolf
07. VVV – Traverse
08. aKido – Epoch (Get High)
09. Jimmy Edgar – New Touch
10. Scratcha DVA – Just Vybe (Soule:Power Mix)
11. LOL Boys – Changes (Shlohmo Remix)

As B-Ju knows his way around the internet, you can find him on SoundCloud, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube and Facebook. If you want to hear more of his mixtapes, you can find them on Mixcloud!

B-Ju – Cry Wolf

When we gave away that Dog Day EP some years ago, B-Ju was known for his instrumental beats at hip-hop pace. But Prozac People on Error Broadcast already signalled the Hamburg-based producer is capable of more, and his latest release was another confirmation of that.

Early next month, B-Ju will release more bass-driven house music on Birmingham’s Squelch & Clap label. The track above is a first taste of what that one has in store, expect to hear the rest when it drops on July 2nd (or maybe the week after!)

B-Ju – Prozac People

It took us three attempts, but the other week I finally met Error Broadcast co-founder Sven Swift. Needless to say we talked a lot about music, but on top of that I’ve received a wonderful bundle of records released on the label.

Error Broadcast Gift

Among the records was their 16th release from Hamburg-based beatsmith B-Ju. Titled Prozac People it was released in a limited bundle with t-shirt. There are only a few left, so if you like those tracks above you better be quick. No such hassle for digital buyers, you can pick up the release on Bandcamp, Boomkat or iTunes.