Pixelord – In The Mine (Mirror State Remix)

Only today, Russian label Hyperboloid released Pixelord Remixes, a compilation of ten tracks featuring remixers such as Naive Machine, Kuhn, NVG or Deft. I picked the Mirror State remix to listen to, it’s probably my favourite track on the compilation.

You can stream the rest of Pixelord Remixes in its entirety, and if you like it purchase the digital download for only $8.

NVG – First Trip

Russian label Hyperboloid somehow managed to sneak their latest EP past my music radar, but fortunately Pixelord was so kind to get me notified in time.

And I’m glad he did, as NVG‘s First Trip stands out from the lot of similar beats I get every day. Here’s not just another collection of 8-bit beats and bleeps, it’s a nice versatile EP with a vocal track and undeniable references to Richard D. James’ AFX moniker.

01. Intro
02. First Trip
03. 4 VWF
04. No More Now (feat. Sasha Vista)
05. Outro

You can put your fingers on this for only $3.50, just head over to Hyperboloid’s Bandcamp and sign the deal. More of NVG’s music can be found on his SoundCloud page.

Acid Mafia vs Pixelord

The fourth release on Russian label Hyperboloid Records is a split single by Acid Mafia from Uzbekistan and Moscow-based Pixelord, who also releases on Error Broadcast.

On the first tune, Acid Mafia provide an excellent rendition, reminiscent of AFX‘s Analord series. Their second tune is a bleepy uptempo track, with equal portions of reggae and eurodance in it. On the b-side, you get to hear two hiphop tracks, not as bleepy as usual, but still with Pixelord’s usual touch.

<a href="http://hyperboloid.bandcamp.com/album/acid-mafia-vs-pixelord" target="_blank">Kukundu by Hyperboloid Records</a>

You can get the digital release on Hyperboloid’s Bandcamp page or from Amazon. For those looking for something more exclusive, the label will sell tape edition of only 50 copies. Follow the label on Facebook for more news on that!