Ian O’Brien – I Was There 1995​-​2000

I vaguely remember writing about Ian O’Brien‘s plan to release both old and new music last year, but haven’t heard anything about that since. The thing is, that I don’t hang out on SoundCloud that often anymore, but then again, I haven’t read about it anywhere else. How can one not write about one finest techno producers of the late nineties? How can one not write about him when he has released four CDs, all in October 2013? Damn.

There’s new music to be found on Understanding is Everything and Shihen (which comes in two versions: mixed and unmixed.) But since I’m growing old and like to reminisce about the past, I decided to feature this compilation containing one of my all-time favourite tracks by the man: 1996’s Monkey Jazz, the b-side of the equally excellent Mad Mike Disease.01. The Sunlight On The Horizon
02. I Was There (unreleased mix)
03. Viv Woman (unreleased mix)
04. Monkey Jazz (unreleased mix)
05. That Was Now (unreleased mix)
06. It’s An Everyday World (with Andre Bonsor)
07. See Ya There!
08. Tattoo Jazz (unreleased mix)
09. Secret Agent
10. Tap Sketch
11. The Magician (unreleased)

You will find this and all other releases mentioned above on Ian O’Brien’s Bandcamp store, plus a new Rarities/Remixes compilation and everything else he released on album throughout his career.

Ian O’Brien at Fabric London

Going through his archive of old DAT recordings, Ian O’Brien already found enough tracks to release a new album. But he doesn’t stop there, so today he shares an old mix recorded at London’s Fabric club on August 28, 2003. Two thousand and three! Grab the download and follow Ian’s invitation to complete the tracklist.

Ian O’Brien – That Was Now (Unreleased Mix)

Only a couple of days ago, I listened to Promenade Eleven by Kirk Degiorgio & Ian O’Brien, a 2011 release that I didn’t know before. As you might have guessed, my interest in Ian O’Brien was relighted by that techno article which recommended Ian’s excellent Desert Scores. Ian O’Brien, where have you been all these years? Well, among other things he’s been dusting off some old DATs and one of them had an this mix of That Was Now.

“Listening to it now, I like it better than the original released version and can’t understand why we never used this mix in the first place.”

For now, you can download this version for free, but we’re not finished yet. Ian has announced a compilation of further unreleased mixes for this coming summer. On top of that, there will also be an album of new music – his first since 2001’s A History of Things to Come. Oh Ian, where have you been…?

Ian O'Brien – Kokoro

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

This week Japanese label Octave Lab released two albums from one of my favourite producers Ian O’Brien. The first, Desert Scores + 1, is a reissue of the 1996’s album of the same name. As the tracklist remains the same, I have no idea yet what the +1 is supposed to indicate.

The second release Kokoro (You Are Nothing Without Your Heart) is a collection of tracks that have previously been scattered on various EPs and on other people’s releases (like Jazzanova’s remix album). I have to say, I am most happy to see one of my all-time favourites “Monkey Jazz” is included in that selection.

1. Monkey Jazz
2. Put Your Color In Music (featuring Los Hermanos)
3. The Night Before
4. UMI
5. Night On The Promenade (featuring Kirk Degiorgio)
6. Daughters Of The Desert
7. Hipnotic – Naima (Ian O’Brien Remix)
8. Fabrice Lig – My 4 Stars (Ian O’Brien Remix)
9. Jazzanova – Days To Come (Ian O’Brien Remix)

You can already order both albums from HMV Japan, but I’m sure imports will be floating around in one or the other shop. Juno will ship an import of Kokoro on October 18, but Desert Scores + 1 appears to be sold out already. From my own experience I can recommend ordering directly from Japan, as the shipping is usually faster and also cheaper (depending on your location).